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Best Metroidvania Games on Steam

Perhaps you are curious about what constitutes a true Metroidvania, or perhaps you have never played a game of this genre. By and large, a Metroidvania game is one with a connected open-ended landscape that you must explore and collect permanent powerups to advance in a nonlinear way.

Because they’re so much fun, best Metroidvania Games on Steam are currently some of the most played titles on Steam. Two games’ respective designs are where the term “Metroidvania” originated. The games are Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In recent years, this genre’s appeal has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to locate the ideal game that suits your preferences because there are so many different games available and more are being made every day.

But if you share our love for these games, you might also be interested in the list we put up of the finest Metroidvania games available on Steam. In the independent scene, where it feels like a new title is published every other month to varied degrees of hoopla, this is particularly true. Below, we have mentioned the best metroidvania games on steam.

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Hollow Knight

The Metroidvania subgenre is presented in a spooky, fashionable, and frantic manner in Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight. This game usually feels novel because to a great art design and distinctive creatures, despite the fact that its gameplay isn’t really innovative. It also boasts one of the top video game soundtracks. Excellent platformer Hollow Knight constantly delights gamers with its flawless gameplay and visual appeal. Overall, this is one of the best metroidvania games on steam that you can download.

We haven’t played a game in a while that is as great to play as Hollow Knight. Every element of the animation appears to have been meticulously handcrafted in every frame. Nothing in Hollow Knight has a stale or recycled vibe. Because of its gameplay, players find the game to be tough while also feeling powerful by their new skills.

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch

You take control of Rayton, an anthropomorphic rabbit, in F.I.S.T. : Forged In Shadow Torch. The game is set in Torch City, a dystopia with a steampunk aesthetic where the Machine Legion’s tyranny is oppressing its animal residents.

Rayton is need to team up with a squad of resistance fighters in order to secure their freedom. Rayton is equipped with an upgradeable power armour that features a giant robot fist. It’s a good thing he used to be a soldier since he’ll need to draw on that knowledge if he wants to lead the rebellion to success. This is the best metroidvania games on steam.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori is so beautiful. like a playable version of a Studio Ghibli painting. In terms of its imaginative environment and character creation, it is virtually as original. While the game begins a little bit slowly, it quickly picks up speed and fluidity, allowing you to perform double and triple jumps as well as sections where you can grab hold of adversaries and projectiles while they are in midair and blast them off in the other direction like a furry little rocket. For now, this is one of the best metroidvania games on steam.

Dead Cells

There is much debate about this game’s metroidvania aspects, but it is unquestionably among the best roguelike titles available on PS5 and Steam. Over six million copies of Dead Cells have been sold and garnered numerous favorable reviews. It distinguishes itself as a side scrolling roguelite with some Metroidvania and RPG components. If you enjoy 2D action games, this is unquestionably one of the most thrilling independent games available on Steam. Overall, this is the best metroidvania games on steam you can consider.

Players are continuously required to decide how they want to play Dead Cells. They can take things slowly and attempt to be safe, but they can also act quickly to reap more benefits. Despite the fact that the game is skill-based, which may put some players off, it becomes simpler as you unlock permanent rewards.


This is the game for you if you enjoy Metroid games but want one that’s challenging. It has all the exploring and upgrade-hunting features, but it also has a steep learning curve that will put your mettle to the test. Bonus points go to the game’s art, which purposefully makes it appear to be an MS-X release. a break from the typical NES knockoffs. This is one of the best metroidvania games on steam you can install now.


A Mexican luchador in a fantasy realm with elements of traditional Mexican culture is the subject of the video game Guacamelee! Juan can vanquish his opponents using a variety of exceptional abilities and fighting methods when equipped with his magic luchador mask. Overall, this is the best metroidvania games on steam you can consider.

There are several enjoyable platforming puzzles and clever fight techniques in this game. Because there are so many various types of adversaries and levels, the game always feels new. Although this is a Metroidvania like many others, it stands out because it combines carefully thought-out gameplay features with a Mexican-inspired art aesthetic.


You can pretty much guess what to anticipate from Team 17’s violent 2D Metroidvania with a name like Blasphemous. Despite its religious overtones, the game captures the essential components of the subgenre. These include its emphasis on progressive exploration through an ever-expanding world and combat that is comparable to that of Dark Souls and earlier games in the genre. Still, it is one of the best metroidvania games on steam you can consider you can consider.

All of these elements are presented in an almost painterly pixel art style that successfully brings the game’s dark fantasy setting to life. Wounds of Eventide, a free update for the game, also came out and added new regions, equipment, and bosses. This is one of the best metroidvania games on steam you can download.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

This title demonstrates the fact that Metroidvanias don’t always have to be pixelated side-scrolling platformers. There are boss characters in each lair, upgrades that enable you to overcome obstacles, and an open environment. It fits just right. Along with some of the greatest Batman video game moments ever, it also features fist battles with goons, puzzles, and crime scenes to unravel.


The pixel art in Owlboy is some of the most exquisite I’ve ever seen in a platform game. This game’s imagery is incredibly consistent, endearing, and expertly animated, which is why I say that. You have a great game to play if you combine that with original gameplay, a main character with high mobility, and some imaginative reinterpretations of classic Metroidvania features. The main character in this game cannot handle all of the threats in the outside world by himself.

Some regions require you to transport allies who will have the necessary skills in order to advance. This is a novel interpretation of the new tools and skills included in best metroidvania games on steam. You also have a new ability: flying. After all, gaining movement abilities is a mainstay of the genre, so having a character that can move about a lot right away feels unique. Owlboy is a fantastic Metroidvania game because of its exquisitely drawn locations, inventive boss battles, and peaceful exploring.

SteamWorld Dig 2

Although the SteamWorld games have experimented with a variety of genres over the years, they are still best regarded as shining instances of Metroidvanias. This is partly because SteamWorld Dig and its even more adored immediate successor, SteamWorld Dig 2, have had an impact. This is one of the best metroidvania games on steam.

In the latter, players take control of a robot named Dorothy who is searching for her friend Rusty in the mines of an old Western town. You are rewarded with gems for each mining exploration that you make, which you may spend to improve your skills, stats, and weaponry. A satisfying gaming loop is then created, allowing you to explore more of the mines in following excursions.


Have you heard of the best metroidvania games on steam and are curious what it entails? You may be curious about what defines a true Metroidvania or have never played a game in this genre. A Metroidvania game, broadly speaking, is one that has an interconnected, open-ended landscape that you must explore and gather permanent powerups to advance in a non-linear way.

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