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ArticleListsBest Note Taking Apps 2023: stay organized On-the-Go

Best Note Taking Apps 2023: stay organized On-the-Go

Apps for taking notes are digital tools that help users take, organize, and keep track of their notes.

Having best note-taking apps is like having your own personal internet, where you can look up anything you might need to know about your work or personal life, no matter where you are. What books and shows do my friends suggest? When did the client say in that meeting last month that they needed approval? Where is a copy of the prescription for my glasses? Apps that let you take notes can help you stay more organized and get more done.

With the right app, you can make notes about anything and sync them to all your devices. You can keep a daily diary, take pictures of whiteboards with meeting notes, save screenshots from virtual meetings, and record classes while also writing down the most important ideas in the same place. You can make to-do lists, save recipes and make notes on them, keep track of who you should send a thank-you card to, save copies of your kids’ immunization records, and so on. There are a lot of possible uses.

Finding a top-notch note-taking app is essential for recording the following stages and formulating the overall strategy while taking notes digitally. You can genuinely start working during meetings when you can write down your next actions using one of the numerous excellent note-taking applications available today, and ideally distribute them to other participants. One of the most effective strategies to increase meeting productivity is to avoid having follow-up meetings when everyone is perplexed and no one knows what they were in charge of. Below we have mentioned Best Note Taking Apps.

What is Note Taking Apps ?

The act of taking notes involves gathering data from a source or event. Usually, this involves taking notes, writing them down, summarising them, drawing them out, labelling them, outlining them, and annotating them. Users may type, write, and draw on mobile devices just like they would on paper thanks to note-taking programmes. The user is responsible for choosing the note-taking application that best suits their needs from among the many available options. Each application has its own special features, storage options, organisational tools, and sharing options.

Advantages of Best Note Taking Apps

The relatively low cost of using note-taking software is one of its benefits. The majority of applications are either free or have a low monthly fee, which could reduce the cost of purchasing paper or notebooks for each course. However, in order to utilise the programmes, the user needs already have a computer or tablet, which might be expensive to purchase separately.

Best Note Taking Apps Comparison Table

Note-Taking AppPlatformsSync Across DevicesCollaboration FeaturesOrganization FeaturesPricing
Hive NotesWeb, iOS, AndroidYesYesTags, FoldersFree, Paid Plans
Microsoft OneNoteWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYesYesNotebooks, SectionsFree
EvernoteWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYesYesTags, NotebooksFree, Paid Plans
SimplenoteWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYesNoTagsFree
ProofHubWeb, iOS, AndroidYesYesTasks, LabelsPaid Plans
Google KeepWeb, Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYesYesLabels, RemindersFree
HugoWeb, iOS, AndroidYesYesTags, BoardsFree, Paid Plans

Hive Notes

Best Note Taking Apps

If you use Hive, Hive Notes is a fantastic tool for combining your meeting notes with your to-do list and elevating them to a whole new level. You can really link a note in Hive Notes to a meeting on your Google or Outlook calendar, provide attendees next instructions, and quickly share the meeting note with everyone after the event has ended, regardless of whether they were present or not.

Hive Notes will send you a reminder in Hive five minutes before your meeting to remind you to take notes because it syncs with your calendar. Hive also provides a “notebook” setup if the meeting is recurring, allowing you to add numerous items to a single note. Use Hive Notes to collaborate in real-time throughout the meeting so that many individuals can submit remarks at once. Overall, this is one of the Best Note Taking Apps you can suggest your friends.

Microsoft OneNote

Best Note Taking Apps

The finest note-taking programme that is both free and in strong competition for overall best note-taking app is Microsoft OneNote. It’s the first programme that most users should test, unless they are certain that they need a particular set of functionality that it is missing. When it comes to taking notes, OneNote is highly flexible, allowing it to adjust to whatever your unique needs are. Each Notebook is structured like a ringbinder, with parts that are further divided into pages. Currently, this is one of the Best Note Taking Apps.

Additionally, each page serves as a blank canvas on which you are free to write any kind of comment in any location. Add some photographs, click anywhere to add written notes, then, if your computer supports a stylus, draw moustaches on all of the people in the picture. (Alternately, you could sketch one on using your trackpad, although that would be less fashionable.) It seems like a solution intended more for folks who need to take lengthy, discursive notes about something or doodle a few schematics than for those searching for a digital notepad to collect brief notes and unrelated thoughts.


Best Note Taking Apps

Evernote is a useful tool that can be used for many things, from taking notes for yourself to working with a team. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features, so it’s not surprising that it’s still one of the most popular apps for taking notes. Evernote is also a great way for teams to work together because you can share notes and work at the same time. The app also has a lot of features that make it easy to connect to other apps and services you use every day.

The Evernote Premium plan offers interfaces with Slack, Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce in addition to an AI that offers content suggestions based on information from media websites as well as similar content in previous notes you’ve produced. A great approach to make sure those who couldn’t attend the meeting will still be informed is to capture the audio from your meetings and link it to the meeting note. You can download Evernote from its Official Website.


Best Note Taking Apps

The selling point of Simplenote is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to manage notes. It has automated data syncing and is accessible for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. If a client cannot be downloaded, there is also a web application. Users can locate what they’re searching for thanks to tags and search capabilities, and they may share or publish notes with others on their team or on a project. Simplenote saves former iterations of documents so that you can always go back to a previous version.

Despite having few sophisticated features, Simplenote is the best option for taking straightforward notes. It has decent collaboration and synchronizing capabilities, but best of all, it’s free. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails. For now, this is the Best Note Taking Apps.


Best Note Taking Apps

ProofHub has an amazing list of clients, including Disney, Nike, and even NASA. We can also see why: it’s a powerful, flexible tool that does a lot of things right. ProofHub also added support for a few more languages, which makes it easier for people who speak different languages to use the app. You can now choose Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese Mandarin, or Turkish as your preferred language.

The ability to directly share your notes with others and even allow them to make additions is one of the best features of ProofHub. ProofHub makes it simple for you to make notes for nearly anything as a note-taking software. Each note can be given a distinct colour to help you identify it. To keep everything properly organised, you may also add comments, attach files to a note, and group several notes together in a Notebook. This is the Best Note Taking Apps that you can consider.

Google Keep

Best Note Taking Apps

The majority of notes have a function and aren’t meant to stand alone. They are intended to serve a variety of purposes, such as serving as a reminder to email a friend or as a tool for outlining a new book. You frequently need to use another app or service in order to do these other things. While you might be able to outline a book on your notes app, it’s probably not the greatest place to actually write it. You also can’t send emails from it. For Google power users, this is what makes Google Keep such a fantastic choice. Overall, this is one of the Best Note Taking Apps you can install now.

Google Keep is a bit strange. It works well as a notes app, despite being quite basic. There are reasonable online, iOS, and Android versions, and a helpful Chrome addon for saving fast notes and links. But what makes it so helpful is how it works with other Google services. You have the option to write a new note, search for one from the past, view all notes associated with the project you’re working on, and view your most recent notes. The issue is, though, the sidebar can be found in all of your Google Docs, Google Calendar events, and even in your Google Drive. YouTube is essentially the only Google app that it isn’t in.


Hugo serves as a central location for all tasks, meetings, and notes. This product is very new to the market and functions as a hub for collecting all meeting-related information. Hugo gives you a broad overview of all the meetings on your calendar, along with any duties associated with them. You can also set reminders to notify you to any impending meetings so you never forget to make an agenda or prepare.

Hugo also enables note-taking during meetings with both internal and external participants, and it assists you in creating agendas with one-click templates. Hugo is one of our favourite note-taking apps because of its cutting-edge features and futuristic design. If you’re sick of your standard notebook, give it a try. Currently, this is one of the Best Note Taking Apps.

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