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Best Oculus Quest 2 Games

This list is about the Best Oculus Quest 2 Games. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Oculus Quest 2 Games. I hope you like this list Best Oculus Quest 2 Games. So lets begin:

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The Meta-owned headsets are essentially wireless VR consoles, and they come with their own store for you to buy and play. With the additional purchase of an Oculus Link cable or using Air Link over Wi-Fi, you can also connect your headset to your PC and play VR Games that are outside of the normal Quest library. Whether you just got an Oculus Quest 2 as a gift or you’re a veteran gamer looking for something new to enjoy, we’ve picked out our favorite VR Games you can play right now natively or with PC support.

Selecting the best Oculus Quest 2 Games largely depends on the type of Games you want to play. And keep in mind that might change a little for the better when you have all the action strapped against your face; Horror game fans may not be looking for such easy to handle jump scares, then they are happening right in front of their eyes. We’ve broken them down into specific groups and genres, which you can access directly through our shortcut list.

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Alyx looks a lot like a traditional Half-Life game. It’s set up as a linear series of areas, starting with a normal City 17 neighborhood and then working your way underground, through industrial areas like a distillery, high-tech combo facilities, slimy alien nests, and more.

The environments look amazing. You can see the hairs on the legs of bloodthirsty, turkey-sized crabs as they leap at your face trying to eat your brain, though counting hairs isn’t the first of your concerns at a time like this because animal instincts spring into action and cause a panic prank.

beat saber

The bare minimum for success in Beat Saber is cutting a square in the right direction, but the game awards more points for lengthening the arcs of your cuts and hitting a note square in the center. That doesn’t mean you should be constantly making wild changes.

Beat Saber custom tracks are often rougher than their official counterparts. The flow of boxes doesn’t always fit the rhythm of the song, or forces you to perform movements that are awkward rather than fluid. They can also be difficult to enjoy as a casual player, as many composers only build for the highest difficulty levels.

The Walking Dead

It is these two goals that make The Walking Dead: The game the behemoth that it is. Look, The Walking Dead is an adventure game, but it’s not the kind of adventure game you’d expect. Sure, you’ll need to figure out how to work a radio and how to distract walkers here and there, but the real draw here is “choose your own adventure.”

What keeps The Walking Dead: The game from being a masterpiece are technical hiccups that have been well-documented throughout the episodic adventure and are common Telltale stumbles. Scenes freeze when the next one loads, the game slows down as the game tries to process intense action, and save files inexplicably disappear.


The main reason is how polished and smooth the game feels and how effective its new twists on the format are in consistently delivering new and exciting moments. It’s able to keep up a breezy pace thanks to three key features: you can climb anything, you can glide through the air, and you can build walls and take cover on the fly.

You have your usual array of weapons like SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, etc. However, there isn’t much variation within each weapon type, aside from the rarity levels indicated by color. Combat has enough options for now, but I hope they continue to add new gear on a regular basis.

journey of the gods

Journey of the Gods had some very nice moments. Getting a ride on the back of a flying golem, hatching a bird item, and some of the boss fights were particularly enjoyable. The constant upgrades and skill gains were also commendable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make up for poor combat, minimal story, and occasional glitches.

They use animation quite well in Journey of the Gods. NPCs communicate primarily by gestures as mentioned above. The world is also brought to life through small details like the blacksmith hammering your shield or the boss placing a candle on the altar after delivering what he needs.

Resident Evil 4

In RE4, the series underwent a massive revamp from fixed camera angles and simple aiming to a brilliant over-the-shoulder camera with full precision aiming. The infamous tank controls remained intact, however this was clearly the most fluid in the series controlled at the time. Leon still feels agile, has adequate running speed, and some really killer context-sensitive actions.

This brought players closer to the Resident Evil universe than ever before. Instead of pre-rendered environments (which always looked visually stunning), the developer rendered the environments completely from scratch and provided much more interactivity: ladders placed against buildings could be interacted with and thrown back, boxes and crates were destructible for items, lamps, and could be shot to light enemies on fire.

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Super hot virtual reality

Superhot VR, however, breathes new life into bullet time by putting a new spin on it. Time essentially stops until you start moving, then everything speeds up and the threats turn in real time, making for an exciting take on a classic style of gameplay.

The twist, of course, is that moving causes your enemies to move as well. And the faster you move, the faster they move. This means that if there are multiple enemies shooting at you, their bullets will come faster when you respond. Turn your head to assess where they are and you’ll be met with a barrage of incoming rounds.

climbing 2

The original Climb was a very popular and successful title, and Crytek has wisely decided not to mess too much with its underlying mechanics. If you played the first game, you’ll instantly feel at home here. Climb 2 also features a lot of unlockable content, its reward for achievements and successful climbs.

Complete climbs and gain experience and you can unlock new pairs of gloves, watches and bracelets. This allows you to customize your avatar to some extent, and since your hands are the only part of your body you can see in the game, you’ll be looking at them a lot.

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