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Best Online Financial Tools

The financial tool is dedicated to supporting a specific sector or interest, thereby increasing the opportunities for businesses in that sector to receive financing that would otherwise not be available.

The Best Online Financial Tools lets you quickly and easily manage and keep track of your finances from receipts and payments to income and expenses. It simplifies personal finance management by making traditional receipts and spreadsheets largely obsolete. At the same time, the best personal finance software lets you compile your records, keep them in one place, and back them up as well, often with cloud storage for added flexibility.

With it you can plan the budget, keep track of your budget, get reminders about the invoices and view the balance after deducting the invoices and investments, etc. Some tools provide reports about your performance in relation to the planned budget. All these features will help you manage your finances and improve your investments. Below, we have mentioned the best Online Financial Tools.

Here is the List of Best Online Financial Tools


Digit intends to help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals. The app uses machine learning to analyze your linked bank account each day, accessing your spending habits and balance. Then it automatically withdraws money you can safely save and deposits it in the Digit account you specify either the Digit savings or retirement account.

Digit provides users with a fully encrypted app. When your information is transmitted between Digit and your financial institution, it will be encrypted as well. However, the Digit app states clearly in its terms that no method of transmitting or storing information is 100% secure.


One of the more appealing aspects in the latest incarnation of Quicken is that it can be used as an online-only solution if you prefer. This is good news for anyone who tends to flit from one machine, or device, to another and lacks the inclination to start downloading software on multiple computers.

While we do like the multiple options for customization in Quicken, there is a slight downside to this as it can be finicky to get things just how you like them. While usability is generally pretty good, you’ll need to devote some quality time to Quicken in order to shape it to perform as you’d expect.


The cornerstone feature of PocketGuard is its pie chart reports. The pie chart provides an excellent view into your expenses, showing exactly how much each expense represents. Within the pie chart, you can customize the report with personal spending categories.

You can sign up for the app and utilize many of its functions for free. If you want features such as exporting transactions, unlimited goals and categories for your budgeting and splitting transactions into different categories, then the paid version, PocketGuard Plus, may be the better solution.


YNAB’s philosophy is that you have to be intentional about making a plan and sticking to it in order to actively change your spending habits. For this reason, the app keeps you focused on the money you have available before you spend it so that you have total control over where it goes.

YNAB believes that your budget, not your bank account, should guide your spending. The idea is that the money in your bank account is no longer available: You’ve spent it on your budget. Now you look at the amount available in your budget for each category before deciding how much to spend.


You can create a budget with the help of Moneydance. When you approach the limit in your categories, they show up orange to warn you that you are close. Another great feature of Moneydance is that you have a great home screen that helps you keep track of where you stand.

You can also track your investment portfolio with Moneydance. Customize your options, and take advantage of the possibility of specific ID of shares so you can track tax lots. Moneydance can also be set to automatically download current prices. The software also helps you perform cost basis computations and stock splits computations.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an app that will allow you to access your financial accounts from just one place. You always have to wonder “what’s in it for them” when you see free apps. However, Money Dashboard makes its money by providing insights and market research to other companies, which helps them to understand consumer trends better.

This data is fully anonymised and not traceable to you. They do not sell your personal information. You will then be presented with an overall view of your finances. This is particularly useful if you have multiple current accounts, savings accounts or credit cards. You will know exactly how much you have (or haven’t) across all your accounts.


Buxfer is great for budgeting and account management, with a clean and intuitive interface helping make short work of general home accounting tasks. While it lacks a little something in respect of reporting, and could provide more investment tracking options, Buxfer excels at the simple stuff and should succeed in keeping you on budget.

The Buxfer software provides for the addition and tracking of investment accounts, but doesn’t offer many advanced investment tools. What can be seen is a portfolio overview, which displays your balance, income, expenses and transfers, while you can upload transactions or sync to certain institutions.


GnuCash is a good accounting option for startups and small businesses with limited budgets. It offers multiple unique features such as data visualization of your budget with graphs and reports, the ability to set reminders for certain transactions, an account reconciliation tool that lets users to compare transactions entered in an account against a bank statement, and a transaction finder that allows users to search for specific transactions.

GnuCash also offers specific small business accounting features like invoicing, accounts payable and accounts receivable and payroll management. GnuCash is also available in multiple languages ​​and tracks multiple currencies. If you have trouble using the software, the website offers an extensive FAQ section for user support.


Mvelopes is a budgeting app offered by Finicity, a financial services company owned by Mastercard. The app is designed to help its users quickly and easily create a personal budgeting plan that should reduce spending, help eliminate debt, and help you learn how to save money. Mvelopes is available on both iOS and Android devices, including the Apple iPhone.

You can also explore other features of the app depending on which plan you select. These features could include quarterly coaching sessions, a personalized financial plan, and access to the Mvelopes Learning Center. If you haven’t had success trying to budget on your own, Mvelopes could help.


Mint syncs to your bank accounts, credit cards and retirement accounts to track your income, purchases and savings. The Mint budgeting app comes with a daily budget planner, which suggests budget goals based on your spending. You can adjust your goals (and/or add new ones) as you use the app.

Safety features include security scanning with VeriSign for transferring data and multi-factor authentication for accessing your account. Mint will require a 4-digit code to view your account or Touch ID. While the Mint app is free to use, there are in-app ads. Be prepared to do a lot of ad-watching with any free budgeting app.

Final Words

Depending on your needs, online financial tools allow you to record receipts and manage expenditures in a single program. The financial tool is dedicated to supporting a specific sector or interest, thereby increasing the chances for businesses in that sector to receive funding that would otherwise not be available.

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