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Best Onsen in Tokyo For A Relaxing Bath

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One of the hotspots on the planet for volcanic activity is Japan. As a result, the nation is rich in mineral resources and natural hot springs, which have had a significant impact on the customs and culture of its citizens. Tokyo residents no longer need to drive far to find an onsen that meets their demands thanks to some recent technological advances. The best in town are these.

A natural Japanese hot spring facility known as an “onsen” can take many different shapes and sizes, but often includes an indoor or outdoor bathing area. Onsens are usually found alongside hotels, traditional ryokans, or bed & breakfasts when visiting Japan. You’ve already come across an onsen sighting if you’ve already seen the symbol! these hot springs frequently use the natural hot water produced by geothermally heated springs.

These hot springs have a variety of health benefits for the skin and body, including relieving muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and stress, as well as treating skin conditions. It should be noted that many of these onsen do not allow visitors with tattoos because they historically represent members of the yakuza (Japanese mafia).

Here is the list of the best onsen in Tokyo for a relaxing bath

Toshimaen Niwanoyu

Toshimaen Station, so Niwanoyu has good access to transportation and there are many entertainment facilities such as Tomena Amusement Park and United Toshimaen near Niwanoyu. After a lot of enjoyment, take a bath and relax… It can be good. The installations are very good. Niwanoyu has spa facilities that others don’t, such as a bathing area where men and women in bathing suits are available.

The main pool fence offers water massages and water programs in the medical sense of relaxation, fun and health. Also, you can refresh your mind and body while feeling the natural healing power of the hot tub and Jacuzzi that warm your body from the core. There are six types of baths in total, and the scenery seen from the outside bath (rock bath) is the green expanse, and there is a place where you can relax away from the noise of the city. There is a Japanese garden nearby and you can enjoy the seasonal flowers.


Just a few minutes’ walk from Sasatsuka Station, this onsen is a simple but clean and bright place to relax for a while. The natural hot spring water here is said to be good for the skin, making it glow. So wait the rest of the day for people to ask you why you shine. There is also a sauna and a bathtub, and you can buy food and drinks.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

A paradise for onsen and spa lovers, Oedo is like a Japanese wellness haven. Six different bathrooms, including one where you lie on your back, make this world a serious water world. But it’s not just that: you can read your fortune, drink and eat in the hotel’s restaurants, and even spend the night in a room. There’s also a place to stick your feet in a tub and let the fish eat the good and nasty things off your skin.


This onsen was named after Niwa-No-Yu (“niwa” means garden) from the large traditional Japanese garden on the premises. Easily accessible from Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, the Toshimaen Niwa-No-Yu in Nerima Ward is a large complex covering approximately four thousand square meters. In this community, you’ll find cherry blossoms in the spring and Japanese pampas grass in the fall, which also showcases the nation’s passion for seasonal colors. In addition to the natural hot springs overlooking the Japanese garden, another feature is the body belt. On the body belt, you can dive into the water in your bathing suit, which is ideal for guests who find the idea of ​​being naked in front of other bathers uncomfortable.

Heiwajima Natural Hot Springs

The water in Heiwajima hot springs comes from deep underground. It is open 24 hours a day and offers a shuttle service to and from Haneda Airport every morning, making it the perfect way to spend a long wait. They maintain a list of departure times and even offer reservations on their website in English, Chinese, and Korean to cater to a wide variety of visitors. A wide variety of spa and massage services are available.

Tokyo Somei Sakura Onsen

Although it’s best visited during cherry blossom season, when the plant’s Somei-Yoshino trees are at their best, this onsen bath has enough to make it worth seeing any time of year. The sodium chloride-rich waters may not be too different from those found in many other baths in the city, but in Sakura they are filtered to remove color and odor. The elegantly appointed facilities also include a stone sauna (reservation required).

Yukemuri no Sato

Featuring 12 different types of baths, including a hot tub, rotenburo (open-air bath), and Japan’s first electric bath filled with carbonated spring water, the so-called “super sento”, Yukemuri no Sato, is located in Chofu . Try the popular Surga bath (for an additional fee) or read comics while you sleep on the underfloor heating. In the event of a hunger strike, choose from one of the resort’s several seasonal menus. You can also order a highball and flush it while using the bathroom if you’re choking from the pain.


Konparuyu stands sentinel in Ginza’s prime shopping and art dealer area. Konparuyu is one of only two sentos left in Ginza and has a history of over a century and a half, dating back to 1863. Although not huge, Konparu has a high ceiling that creates a feeling of open space and evokes a era when space and time were the most affordable commodities available today.

Konparuyu has a bright interior with antique tile decorations and, most surprisingly, a classic Fuji Mural that dominates the space and really makes the sunbather feel in Japan. Baths include jet baths and bubble baths for a little extra stimulation. Konparuyu provides soap and shampoo, but you have to pay a small fee for a towel (or bring your own). This small and very affordable sento is ideal for a quick upgrade in almost quaint Japanese surroundings.

Kozantei Ubuya

Founded in 1948, Kozantei Ubuya is located in Minamitsuru and is considered the best ryokan in the area. It is a luxury spa inn with rooms featuring private open-air hot springs and incredible views of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. Guests are invited to soak in the view from the large public hot spring baths. You can also expect Japanese cuisine. Their dishes feature wagyu, which is known as high-quality local beef, and their hot dish, also known as shabu-shabu. The location is close to Mount Fuji and the Arakura Fuji Sengen Jinja Temple, which guests can visit while staying at the inn.

The Ritz Carlton

There’s a multi-story building and then there’s this: a luxury hotel atop the tallest building in the world’s most populous metropolis. The spa covers 21,528 square feet on the 46th floor and offers treatments like the Sakura treatment, which incorporates rose quartz crystals and essential oils to promote relaxation, or the Zenrenity treatment, which uses herbal products and seaweed. In the gym, the treadmills face Mount Fuji (weather permitting), and the pool is beautifully lit at night.

Tokyo Dome City Spa LaQua

Located in Tokyo Dome City is Spa LaQua. The facilities are organized into four categories with the idea of ​​“a place where you can be absolutely beautiful”: spa area, healing fence, relaxation area, treatment and beauty. In the spa area, there is an open-air spa that uses a mineral-rich natural hot spring that gushes from 1,700 meters below the Tokyo Dome. There is also a large coal spring bath, a silk bath, and various other baths and saunas. You can enjoy them all.

The Healing Bade has several low-temperature saunas, such as natural stone and mineral salt, which are expected to have different effects on the bath. And you can relax and unwind in the fresh air like a tropical resort. In the relaxation area, there are areas where you can chat on the large sofa, lie down for a nap, watch television, read magazines and relax. In the care and beauty area, there is a specialized salon with a rich menu that highlights your beauty and health according to your concerns and goals. From these body treatments to treatments, you will see the meaning here, “completely beautiful place”.

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