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Best Open-World Games on PC

The best open-world games for the PC bring huge, almost alien environments to life on our screens. The recent PC and console launches of Horizon Forbidden West, Grand Theft Auto V: Next Gen Update and Elden Rings have sparked interest in these titles.

Since the beginning of gaming, when Ultima and Lords of Midnight were released, open-world games have always been best played on a PC. In fact, those annoying consoles frequently struggled to keep up. Only the PC could support expansive territories in the very first Elder Scrolls games. For example, contrast the ambitious early version of Halo with the final, more constrained outcome. However, the introduction of Grand Theft Auto 3 and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into full 3D helped popularize the concept of open-world gaming.

open-world video games are now considered a separate genre. In one of the finest open-world PC games, you can find realistic representations of real-world towns or nations, vast fictitious stretches with their own landmarks, complete worlds to check out, or even entire galaxies, depending on where you choose to travel on your next trip. The best thing about them, given the genre’s wider range, is the variety of genres; the crucial quality is that they let you explore freely. Below we have mentioned some of the best open-world Games on PC.

Here is the list of Best Open-World Games on PC

Death Stranding

While its plot may not be to everyone’s taste, Kojima’s latest work has a fascinating open world. You will spend much of your time walking around it, delivering things, collaborating with other players to build and develop, and observing what they leave behind. It is both a walking simulator and an action game. It is definitely special and breathtaking, especially when the music starts. Overall, this is one of the best open world games for PC you can download.


Terraria has so many possibilities that it almost pushes the boundaries of the open-world sandbox. You can build a fort to protect your home from nasty creatures that try to break in and snatch your head off. You can ignore such creatures and explore the earth to your heart’s content, using microscopic pixels to unearth valuable materials.

Build better weapons, armor, and even jetpacks, and when you feel confident and cocky, wait for the in-game bosses to attack on their own. There is always something big to build, a new cave to explore, or a story to add. This is the best open world game in Pc.

Elden Ring

Who could forget “Elden Ring,” the open-world game of 2022, the first time From Software, known for creating the most intricate and eerie landscapes, took on the challenge of creating a less linear, more open experience? This is the work that took on the challenge. Naturally, the attempt was a success: the Elden Ring is huge, and the vast Lands Between is both stunning and dangerous from every angle. So far, it is one of the best open world games on Pc that can be considered.

Even though the game has signposts and things to do, there is a lot to learn and think about on your own; in his review of Elden Ring (opens in a new tab), Tyler Colp writes “The first few hours of Elden Ring may conjure up images of a gentler game like Breath of the Wild, but FromSoftware has not abandoned its customary brutality. This game is one of FromSoftware’s most challenging games yet.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The only things that might make “Valhalla” better than the already outstanding “Odyssey” are the loosening of the series’ signature stealth, the streamlining of the loot system, and the stunning recreation of 18th century England. But the impact of “Valhalla,” especially as it unfolds in an open-world setting, is what really brings this title to the top of the heap. There are a few more elements to “Valhalla” on this vast, melancholic planet.

You won’t know what they mean until you play, but be aware that this game is much bigger than its appearance would suggest. All of its rooms are filled with significant encounters, ranging from the funny to the heartbreaking, by Ubisoft. The memories of some of these little characters will last much longer than the memories of the larger characters depicted in the images on the box. Here are the best open world games for PC you can check out right now.

Just Cause 4

The open-world sandbox gameplay in the Just Cause series is physics-based and extremely popular. Even while some of the game’s organized objectives fall short of the bar set by its free-roaming activities, Just Cause 4 makes the most of more contemporary technologies to truly increase the ante. Each entry challenges players to blow up enemy outposts in inventive ways. Overall, this is the best open-world games on Pc you can consider.

In the most recent installment of the series, players are given a variety of tools that let them unleash their destructive fantasies in ways that have never been possible before. Only Just Cause 4 allows players to launch a tank into the air with rockets and balloons, dive out of it, and then seamlessly hijack a helicopter. Other open-world games let players control tanks and helicopters.

Dragon’s Dogma

It’s perhaps easiest to imagine Dragon’s Dogma as what might occur if Capcom combined the massive monsters from Monster Hunter with a sizable medieval fantasy role-playing game. The freedom this game offers you to approach fighting pretty much however you see fit is what makes that already compelling experience really work.

As in earlier hack-and-slash games, you can rely on the same kind of skills and attacks, but Dragon’s Dogma also gives you the option to grapple smaller creatures and scale over larger ones to attack different weak points. In this game, exploration isn’t just about finding new places to go. Many of the systems developed for Dragon’s Dogma have yet to function correctly in other games.

Death Stranding

When it was announced that legendary game developer Hideo Kojima wouldn’t be continuing to work on the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series, many fans were devastated. However, they soon felt relieved to find that the legendary designer was starting his own firm. Death Stranding marked his first entry into the video game industry as an independent designer. Still, it is one of the best open-world games on Pc you can consider.

The environment that Kojima constructed is nothing short of stunning, especially from an immersion perspective, even though it may seem a little avant-garde to some. Sam, a “futuristic delivery man,” is controlled by the players. Sam is represented by the great Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame.


Prey is not an open-world game in the sense that you can quickly explore the whole thing, but you can go back and visit earlier locations. Arkane essentially produced a 3D Metroidvania, and an excellent one at that. An extraterrestrial danger has taken control of Talos 1, a huge space station, in the immersive game Prey.

Talos 1 is a masterwork of world design, with each locale using its surroundings to convey a narrative. Not only in terms of exploration but also in terms of consistency, the map is connected. Talos 1 is simple to accept as a real location, even though the most of the campaign takes place after the station has turned into a wasteland. This is one of the best open-world games on Pc you can download.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The game, sometimes known as “Skyrim,” has been crucial in paving the way for new open world RPGs. The fact that there are numerous methods to win the game has us playing it again and over again. The missions cannot be completed in any particular order. After the opening sequence, you are already faced with a faction decision that could have a big impact on the rest of the game. For now, this is the best open-world games on Pc.

You are on your own after that. The entire map is walkable, allowing you to travel across wide plains or scale snow-capped mountain summits. You could even find a modest marker that piques your attention. If you wait long enough, that marking can develop into a lengthy side mission. The possibilities offered by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are practically endless.

Batman: Arkham Knight

With the first two games in the series, Rocksteady created the benchmark superhero games. These games served as the model for upcoming superhero open-world games, from the characterization of Batman and his villains to the FreeFlow fighting system. In reality, Rocksteady’s masterpiece has a significant influence on Insomniac’s highly regarded Spider-Man series.

Rocksteady’s trilogy came to a solid climax with Batman: Arkham Knight. The open-world Gotham City where the game is situated. In this game, Batman must cope with his greatest threat to date, as well as a mystery new antagonist known as the Arkham Knight, his grief over the passing of his parents, and a foe he had thought to be dead.

Final Words

The greatest PC open world games bring vast, almost extraterrestrial environments to life on our screens. The recent PC and console launches of Horizon Forbidden West, Grand Theft Auto V: Next Gen Update, and Elden Rings have stoked interest in these titles. You may immerse yourself in these fantastic new maps from these open world games and forget about the outside world.

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