Best Over-Ear Headphones 2023: for extended listening periods

The best over-ear headphones are known for how comfortable they are

The best over-ear headphones are known for how comfortable they are. They have ear cushions that form a comfortable seal around your ears so that sound can reach your whole ear. Our audio experts have tested every pair of over-ear headphones for sound quality, comfort, and durability to help you find the best one for your needs. Whether you want headphones that look good, are made of high-end materials, and have all the latest features,

Over-ear headphones, also called on-ear headphones, are one of the most popular types of headphones. While they can be a bit bulky and don’t breathe as well as in-ear or on-ear headphones, most people find them to be the most comfortable headphones for extended use. They often have more features than many in-ear or in-ear headphones and have longer batteries than their smaller, more portable counterparts. Below we have mentioned some of the best Over-Ear Headphones.

Best Over-Ear Headphones

Apple AirPods Max

Best Over-Ear Headphones

The size and choice of materials on the AirPods Max means that these headphones weigh considerably more than other premium options. At around 385g, the AirPods Max is around 50 percent heavier than the Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

In reality, the Apple AirPods Max are more ordinary than many expected; albeit with extraordinary audio quality and brilliant quality of life features for those already devoted to the Apple ecosystem. The design, although divisive, is another win for Apple. With large, flat earcups crafted from hunks of stainless steel, the AirPods Max look unmistakably ‘Apple’, focussing on simplicity and functionality.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Best Over-Ear Headphones

The Bose QC35 II NC are identical to the previous generation of headphones except for the new Google Assistant button located on the left earcup. The headphones are available in black or silver, and their design is decidedly generic. This makes them perfect for modest business class travelers, but less perfect for those who like their headphones to impress. The ear cushions used by Bose in the QC35 II NCs are extraordinary in that they block a great deal of ambient noise even when noise cancellation is turned off. This is great if you want to preserve your battery and listen with noise cancellation turned off.

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless

Best Over-Ear Headphones

Wireless headphones have been around for years, but they never took off among audiophiles because the limitations of Bluetooth codecs and bandwidth excluded many audio details. Fortunately, however, Bluetooth has made great strides in recent years, and codecs such as aptX HD and LDAC are now available, offering high-resolution wireless support and helping headphones cut through the cable without losing fidelity.

Build quality is excellent, and the headset looks like it will last for many years. The headphones are made with a mix of plastic and metal to keep weight down. The headband and ear pads are made of Alcantara, a synthetic suede that is extremely comfortable and intended to last.

Sony WH-1000MX3

Best Over-Ear Headphones

There are four microphones located inside to power the noise-cancellation precision. To achieve this, it also requires a lot of software running, which means these headphone have a NC1 processing chip that runs calculations in real time. Also, the touch-capacitive earcup that can be used to control the music.

Further enhancing the comfort and hearing, Sony has also enlarged and deepened the earcup. Another noteworthy upgrade is the USB Type-C instead of a micro USB port on the right earcup for charging. The material used on the cans has a new finish, which is a lot smoother and neater contributing to better touch controls to play, pause and other controls.

Jabra Elite 85h

Best Over-Ear Headphones

Jabra headphones are designed to deliver the best wireless calling and music experience with Smart Sound; smart active noise cancellation responds to the environment, activating if it detects background noise. Up to 36 hours of battery life on a single charge (with ANC activated) and quick charge of 5 hours of battery life in 15 minutes Listen from start to finish with these noise-canceling headphones.

Regardless of the weather, you’ll be ready to go anywhere thanks to the certified water and rain-resistant technology and nano coating of the internal components; plus, these Bluetooth wireless headphones have no annoying wires.

JBL E55BT Signature Sound

Best Over-Ear Headphones

With wireless over-the-ear headphones, you get the power and ergonomics (usually) of over-ear, but also a degree of portability that is usually attributed to EMIs. However, many manufacturers stop at cutting the cord and do not optimize their headphones for the wireless experience. The JBL E55BT has many elements that put it immediately above the rest.

The best part of the E55BT’s design is the flexibility of the earcups. Both earcups rotate about 90 degrees along the vertical axes, so it is really easy to place them on a surface. In addition, you can also fold them inward on the headband, making them a really compact unit that can be conveniently slipped into most bags without fear of breaking.

Cleer Enduro ANC

Best Over-Ear Headphones

Block noise up to 25dB for optimal listening experience. Quickly turn your noise cancellation on/off on the left earcup of your headphones and adjust cancellation levels in the Cleer+ app to optimize the balance between unwanted environmental sounds and audio performance for specific situations.

With the Cleer+ app, unlock the full performance of your Bluetooth headphones. Use the smart controls to effortlessly customize and control your listening experience with noise cancellation and ambient noise levels. The app also provides access to equalizer settings, battery level, available playback time, and user manual.

Bose QuietComfort 45

Best Over-Ear Headphones

The perfect balance of quiet, comfort and sound. Bose uses tiny microphones to measure, compare and react to external noise, cancelling it out with opposing signals. These comfortable wireless headphones are suitable for all-day wear. Made of soft synthetic leather and impact-resistant nylon and designed with minimal clamping force, they are as luxurious as they are durable.

The battery has a 24-hour battery life on a single charge. A 15-minute quick charge provides 3 hours of battery life when on the go, or you can connect the included RCA audio cables to listen even longer in wired mode. These headphones are optimized for a strong and reliable Bluetooth connection within 30 feet of the paired device.

Audio Technica ATH SR5BT

Best Over-Ear Headphones

The design of the Audio-Technical ATH-SR5BT is understated with an all black finish and some silver accents, though there’s a white-on-silver version as well if you’re into the clean sci-fi look. The headphones feature metal earcups with soft leather earpads and headband that are the definition of comfortable.

That said, they’re an on-ear design, but they do a good job of passively blocking outside noise. Controlling playback with the earcup controls is relatively simple, but will take some getting used to since it’s both a toggle and button. Toggling up and down will change the volume, but you can hold up to skip forward and hold down to skip back. Pressing on the toggle will play/pause music or answer/reject a call.

Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Best Over-Ear Headphones

Enter the Skullcandy Crusher ANC. A boosted version of the Skullcandy headphones, this pair of headphones features the familiar bass slider that lets you fine-tune the volume you want, plus one big addition: Active Noise Cancellation. Priced at Rs. 27,999, the Skullcandy Crusher ANC takes on the segment’s two big guns, the Sony WH-1000XM3 and the Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones.

Skullcandy has a typical aesthetic that tends to focus on colors and a skull logo, rather than an edgy design or build quality. The Crusher ANCs adhere to this principle and are very similar to Skullcandy’s wireless earbuds. There are some key differences that distinguish them, such as a slight bulge in the earcups and noise-canceling microphones on the new model.

Final Words

If you are looking for new headphones for the first time in a long time, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options. Audio technology has recently experienced a real boom and is beginning to make its way into personal equipment. It is an exciting time, but there is much to be done. Let’s take a look at the various options you might want to know about.

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