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Best PDF Editor Apps for Android

Software to create, edit, convert and best PDF editor apps for Android. Unlike editable text files, portable document formats (PDFs) are images of documents. Quick creation and editing of PDFs is made possible by PDF editors that convert PDFs into vivid, editable documents.

The best PDF Editor Apps for Android, As mobile smartphones become more prevalent and are used more frequently, individuals are also sharing and editing documents on them. One of the greatest file formats for presenting documents, including text and photos, is PDF. A PDF file could only previously be created and edited by computer users. But now that Android phones and tablets support producing and editing PDF files, the opportunity has grown.

As we all know, PDF files may be modified with specialised software or apps and are quite safe. Use the best PDF editing app if you work with PDF files on an Android phone or tablet. With the development of mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets, document sharing and editing have become mobile activities. A whole new level of portability results from this. Today, a user can create and edit PDF files on an Android phone or tablet, allowing him to carry papers with him and edit PDF on Android wherever he may be. Below, we have mentioned the best PDF editor apps for Android.

Best PDF Editor Apps for Android

XODO PDF Reader & Editor

The Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is the first item on the list! This tool enables users to easily carry out all types of PDF editing operations, as suggested by its name. The astounding feature of this tool is that it makes it simple to create PDF files by just scanning desired documents with the cameras on your Android device. Furthermore, you may easily add annotations, fill out forms, sign papers, and highlight text in PDF files. This is the best PDF editor apps for Android.

PDF Reader Pro

The one that is most well regarded is PDF Reader Pro for Android, which is popular in more than 200 countries and used by more than 90 million people. It might be the last and best PDF Reader & Editor you ever use, with a simple and intuitive UI. Because it features easy navigation, you may open this PDF editing app fast and without waiting for a long time. Additionally, having everything you need to manage, view, and annotate PDF files while on the road increases productivity. Overall, this is one of the best PDF editor apps for Android that you can download.

What a fantastic PDF Powerhouse it was that could expertly process your PDFs and make them legible, editable, convertable, and form fillable. On your Android smartphones and tablets, you can view, annotate, edit, watermark, convert, combine, encrypt, sign, fill out forms, and distribute PDF files for free.

PDFelement Android App

One of the top Android apps for editing PDF files is still PDFelement. In addition, it features a free PDF reader and annotator. There are versions for iPhone and Android. Be aware that the Android version of PDFelement only allows you to sign, edit, and make comments on PDFs using your Android device.

With the ability to edit PDF, the iOS version is more powerful. Because it increases productivity and makes it simple for you to handle your PDF files on the go, PDFelement is well-reviewed. One of the best PDF editor apps for Android is this one.

Foxit MobilePDF

You may manage and share your PDF document on mobile and PC devices using Foxit MobilePDF, which performs more functions than just reading PDF files. Regarding its editing functionality, it enables users to see, annotate, and modify. It enables text editors and stylistic changes for things like font, spacing, and indents. For now, this is one of the best PDF editor apps for Android.

In addition to editing, the Foxit MobilePDF editor allows you to bookmark texts, scroll, brighten the page, change the colour, and much more. One of the greatest PDF editing apps for Android that you can try thanks to all of its capabilities. However, you must buy certified protection through the program if your file needs it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The ability of Adobe Acrobat Reader to retain the ideal balance while quickly and effectively editing PDF is one of the reasons it made this list of the best PDF editor apps for Android. You have complete freedom to generate a PDF from beginning, alter pre-existing documents, and do much more with this incredible Android PDF editing app without needing any technical expertise. Like Foxit, it also enables users to annotate PDF files. If you like this app you can download it from official Google Play Store.

ezPDF Reader

The ezPDF Reader created by Unidocs is one of the best PDF editor apps for Android and readers available in the Google Play Store. Users of the program can open PDF files and annotate or fill out forms on them.

The program saves the content to the device before backing it up, unlike other Android PDF editing apps that automatically synchronise changes to online backup services. When a single user accesses the file, the configuration works as intended, however numerous users accessing the file simultaneously may cause a problem.

PDF Extra

You can find every function that PDF customers desire in their app with the PDF Extra app. By annotating and printing PDF files, the program simplifies viewing, editing, highlighting, and marking text. You will receive a few more functions that best PDF editor apps for Android do not give because this program has the name “extra” appended to it. Text-to-speech and an improved reading mode are examples of such features.

In addition to the functions listed above, you can easily add text, designs, and signatures, as well as convert photographs to PDF files. It also enables the removal of PDF content. By adding a password, the PDF Extra PDF editing application protects your work.

iLove PDF

iLove PDF is the following software to be unveiled. You can easily learn how to use this program because to its clear and straightforward designs. You may combine, divide, compress, and encrypt PDF files using the range of features offered by this PDF editor. With this useful document scanners and editor, PDF files can be read, converted, annotated, and signed in a matter of seconds.

Many functions of this premium PDF editor are restricted unless you pay a membership. There are some annoying facts. You will obtain poor-quality images if you want to convert PDF to images. Additionally, this software only allows you to select one image at a time. This is the best PDF editor apps for Android.

What is PDF Editor Software?

Portable Document Formats (PDFs) are a type of file that cannot be edited; they are electronic images that resemble printed documents but cannot be altered, for example, using document creation software. In addition to allowing users to edit PDF files, PDF editor software also converts PDF files into editable formats.

Additionally, many PDF editors create PDF files from popular file types like.doc and.xls files, which can then be edited in the program. File reader software, which enables users to view any file type, including PDF files, should not be confused with PDF editors. A PDF editor is necessary for users who want to modify the content in a PDF file.

Why Use PDF Editor Software?

Whether they are handling PDF files they own or ones they want to share with others, users often use PDF editor software when doing so. Contracts, proposals, and other printed documents may need to be edited by users who need to edit PDFs. Since PDF files are primarily images rather than words, printing them results in printed materials that are sharper and more professional-looking.

Professionals in a field that promotes the security of disseminated information can benefit from the security features that PDF editors offer. Additionally, it offers tools for erasing, removing, and shielding data. A PDF’s security can be improved through user restriction settings, password protection, and redaction. When using PDF editor software, professionals that handle sensitive documents are fully equipped to manage and create these documents.


Software for creating, editing, converting, and best PDF editor apps for Android. Unlike editable text files, portable document formats (PDFs) are images of documents. Quick production and editing of PDFs are made possible by PDF editors, which convert PDFs into live, editable documents. Software for editing PDFs comes in a variety of forms. Some tools, for instance, offer all-encompassing use scenarios.

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