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Best PDF Editors for Linux

A PDF editor lets you make major changes to a document, such as adjusting the content, layout, and margins. Once the document is in PDF format, you no longer need a word processor or page layout program to modify the document.

The proliferation of best PDF editors for Linux is to blame for the challenge in deciding which application is best among the possibilities. Fortunately, we can test a wide range of applications on Linux to determine which ones work best File Managers For Linux. Beginners who don’t have enough familiarity with the command line can choose from a range of graphical choices, such as Dolphin and GNOME Files.

Power users can experiment with more complex tools like Ranger, Konqueror, or nnn, on the other hand. All Linux distributions by default include a PDF viewer but not a PDF editor. This tutorial will demonstrate some of the top PDF editors for Linux that can be used to split, merge, and edit the contents of PDF files. Below, we have mentioned best PDF editors for Linux.

Check the list of Best PDF Editors for Linux

Master PDF Editor

A complete PDF application with many features is called “Master PDF Editor.” The software permits conversion to numerous formats in addition to generating and editing PDF documents. Given that it provides you with a wide range of helpful capabilities for making PDFs, the “Master PDF Editor” is a comprehensive PDF suite. The choices offered by “Master PDF Editor” include fillable forms, buttons, check boxes, forms with text and photos, and more. This is the best PDF editors for Linux.


With Scribus, a fully functional open source cross-platform program, you may highlight text, move already-existing text around, and even remove it. Additionally, it can be used to create book covers and posters for advertisements. Overall, this is one of the best PDF editors for Linux that you can download. It can be installed through the software center because it is accessible in the repositories of all the main Linux distributions.


Okular is a multiplatform viewer that is built on the KDE desktop environment’s framework libraries and Qt. You can read EPub books, browse photos and PDF documents, and much more with Okular. It is compatible with a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and PDF.

It offers a sophisticated user interface where you may edit your PDF files by making annotations, underlining and adding text, copying and pasting text, and adding a digital signature. You can also draw lines, add shapes, text boxes, and text boxes, as well as trim the page borders. Currently, this is the best PDF editors for Linux you can check now.


A cross-platform, open source, hand note-taking program called Xournal++ was developed in C++ with the goals of flexibility, functionality, and speed. It has a number of features, some of which are based on the Xournal Code. Numerous tools for editing PDFs are available in Xournal++, including text editing, resizing, rotation, page previews, PDF Bookmarks, and the ability to annotate on top of the PDFs. This is the best PDF editors for Linux.

Foxit Reader

Since Foxit Reader is a cloud-based program that incorporates the cloud into your pdf experience, it differs from traditional pdf editors. This implies that you can distribute your altered work to others. Password protection and encryption are also supported. You can even share and receive access while proactively encouraging cooperation and sharing. It does, however, support all necessary operating software and is incredibly user-friendly. For now, this is one of the best PDF editors for Linux.


The open-source, cross-platform vector graphics programme Inkscape is a fantastic substitute for pricey products like Adobe Illustrator. It’s a potent free design tool that users may utilise to quickly produce stunning vector imagery. It is really lightweight and has all the tools you could ever need to produce beautiful vector art.

In addition to producing vector graphics, Inkscape also allows you to edit PDF files. You can import PDF files and perform simple editing tasks, such as adding and deleting text and images. However, Inkscape’s ability to edit PDF files is constrained because it is primarily used for vector graphics. Here you can read the best PDF editors for Linux, this is the best choice for you.


GIMP is a lot more versatile than a simple PDF editor. Although it does offer some simple editing capabilities, its main function is as an image manipulator. Additionally, the PDF editor must be installed separately if you want to utilise it. Additionally, it does not allow for simple editing. The photo needs to be reassembled before being divided into layers for editing. This is one of the best PDF editors for Linux you can install now.


When you need to combine two PDF documents or delete a page or several pages from the centre, PDFArranger is incredibly helpful. Split, combine, or rotate individual pages in either landscape or portrait orientation. Platform Crossing (It is available on Windows and all the major Distributions). Overall, this is the best PDF editors for Linux you can consider.

This program is a fork of PDF-shuffler and is free and open source (which is now no longer under development). Because of its drag and drop functionality, PDFArranger makes the entire editing process incredibly simple. All of the main Linux Distributions’ official repositories have this available as well.


A multi-platform, free, open-source program called PDFsam Basic can split, combine, extract pages from, mix, and rotate PDF files. A number of options for altering PDFs are also available to those who upgrade to the premium version. Still, it is one of the best PDF editors for Linux you can consider you can consider.

From PDF files, you can divide, combine, rotate, mix, and extract pages. The premium version includes a number of PDF editing features, including the ability to convert, review, fill out forms, OCR, sign, and secure PDF files. This is one of the best PDF editors for Linux you can download.


This PDF editor is a true Linux program. Additionally, it supports TIFF, PDF, Postscripts, and XPS and contains Gnome Desktop. This software has a lot of features, including the ability to print and index documents, as well as tools for encryption and search. For now, this is the best PDF editors for Linux.


Free and open-source software predominates in the best PDF editors for Linux, and for good reason. Windows customers are compelled to utilise the pricey Adobe suite in order to view and edit PDFs since they are ignorant of any practical free alternative, much less Open Source.

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