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Best Phones with IR Blasters

This list is about the Best Phones with IR Blasters. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Phones with IR Blasters. I hope you like this list Best Phones with IR Blasters. So lets begin:

Quick Info about: Best Phones with IR Blasters

IR Blasters stands for Infrared Blasters and they are commonly used on smartphones. Infrared emitters turn your smartphone into a universal remote control that you can use to operate devices like TVs, air conditioners, etc. As cool as it sounds, IR blasters are an extremely useful addition that can help you solve all your remote control related issues. problems. Imagine that you have a smartphone with infrared emitters and you change the channel on the TV and adjust the temperature of the air conditioner while you send text messages. Dreamy, right? Do you want to buy the best phone with IR blaster? IR blasters are all about choosing the best of many good options.

Remote controls are so crazy. So it’s probably no surprise that people are trying to hunt down the only phones with IR emitters. These tiny components mimic an infrared remote, effectively turning your smartphone into a universal remote. Unfortunately, while IR blasters have been a signature feature of some phone manufacturers, they’ve fallen by the wayside in recent years. For example, with the Galaxy S6, Samsung stopped incorporating them into its flagships. However, only a few Chinese manufacturers like TCL, Huawei and Xiaomi still see value in IR emitters and incorporate them to this day.

Here is the list of the best phones with IR Blasters

Vivo X70 Pro Plus

The Vivo X70 Pro Plus is a great device. It has secured its place as one of the best IR-emitting phones thanks to its excellent cameras, a fantastic 120Hz display, stereo speakers, exceptional performance, and an IP68 rating. Not to mention its elegant design. A great phone never comes without its drawbacks. Some of them include its large size, mediocre zoom camera performance, and a heavy dose of bloatware. It is also quite expensive and suffers from minimal availability. The phone isn’t available everywhere, and the chances of it making it to the US are slim to none. It was released in China and India. However, there are ways to import it.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Series

The Xiaomi Mi 11 gave us a glimpse of the OEM’s goals, and it’s still one of the best IR-emitting phones around. It may have been the first Mi 11 series device to hit the market, but it is now joined by the bigger and more powerful Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra. Xiaomi’s latest flagship was one of the first devices to launch with a Snapdragon 888 processor on board, beating out the Samsung Galaxy S21 family. Other specifications are equally impressive.

If you splurge on the Mi 11 Pro or Mi 11 Ultra, you’ll still have the IR blaster on board. All three devices include the same robust 6.81-inch screens, as well as IP68 ratings for dust and water resistance. The most significant change you’ll notice is the large camera bump on the back of Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra. It even houses a small screen that you can use as a viewfinder for sharp selfies.

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Little F3

The Poco F3 is the closest we’ve come to a true successor to the Poco F1, and it packs an impressive hardware package. He sticks with the IR blaster, which makes it a good deal for what’s on offer. It comes with excellent specifications considering the price. Not to mention the sleek design and super competitive price.

Those looking for an upgrade should also take a look at the Poco F3 GT. As well as being one of the few phones with an IR emitter, it is also a strong competitor in the gaming market. The MediaTek Dimensity processor offers solid performance and you even get dedicated gaming additions like triggers. Again, these phones are hard to find in most Western markets, but some sellers do bring them to this side of the world.

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Huawei P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus

Despite the lack of Google Play services, Huawei’s P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus were some of the best phones in 2020, hands down. The fact that they are phones with IR blasters is just a little more icing on the cake. Both models take the impressive cameras of the previous P30 family and bring them even closer to perfection.

The P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus are about as refined as you can get. The build quality is excellent and the overall specs are outstanding. One benefit of choosing Huawei’s P40 Pro Plus over the P40 Pro is that you’ll get 512GB of storage space to work with. It also packs a quad camera setup compared to the three lenses you’ll get with the more affordable option. The Huawei P50 and P50 Pro have been released more recently, but are not yet available outside of China. Also sadly the base P50 does not have IR blaster. However, the P50 Pro still maintains infrared technology.

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Xiaomi 11T series

The Xiaomi 11T series offers a pair of phones that offer high-end specifications at a very competitive price. Both the Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro come with excellent 6.67-inch 12HZ OLED displays, powerful processors, a triple rear camera system, a huge battery, dual speakers, and even Wi-Fi 6. Although it doesn’t use the nickname “T”, these phones were also launched alongside the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE. This inexpensive device is not that powerful; share the feature this post is about. All three are phones with an IR blaster on board. You guessed it! These phones will be hard to come by in the US however here are some links if you want to import them.

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Redmi Note 10 and 10 Pro

Another couple of affordable IR-emitting phones for your consideration are the Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro. They’ve improved a lot over the Note 9, earning points for design, battery life, and some really good prices. The beautiful design is the first thing you’ll notice on the Note 10 and Note 10 Pro. It skips the bold gradients and wild colors of some other budget phones and instead sports a clean, classic look. Sure, the 10 Pro is a fingerprint magnet, but the more we clean it, the more we can look at it. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine with the Redmi Note 10 lineup. We’re not overly impressed with the peripheral lenses, and the software experience remains hit or miss. That said, these phones manage to stand out in a pretty crowded category.

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Poco X3 Pro and X3 GT

Poco first made waves a few years ago with the Pocophone F1, and hasn’t slowed down since. His portfolio has grown exponentially and the Poco X3 series is one of his best efforts yet. In addition, these infrared emitter phones also offer a great investment. Especially the Poco X3 Pro and the Poco X3 GT. The Poco X3 Pro and X3 GT offer a high-end experience with very few compromises and a very acceptable price. Capable processors and ample RAM power 120Hz displays, multiple camera systems, and large screens. They both also feature huge batteries.

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bit m3

Our latest phone with an IR blaster brings us back to Poco once again. We told you that the portfolio has been growing and that the Poco M3 could be one of the brand’s best efforts yet. The design is glossy and it’s one of the glossiest finishes you’ll find. We have to applaud Poco for its outstanding stereo speakers, powerful 6000 mAh battery, and not to mention the affordable price. Poco took a mid-range Snapdragon 662 chip for the M3, which performs well in most applications. There are many things to like about the Poco M3, and we will never complain about an IR blaster.

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Final remarks: Best Phones with IR Blasters

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