Best Photo Editors for Linux

Krita is an open-source image editing and painting program available for Linux, Windows and macOS. It is primarily intended for artists who want to draw and create artwork from scratch.

In terms of the apps that are available for the platform, Linux has advanced significantly. You may be certain that there are at least a few program available for you to use, regardless of your particular needs. You can run into issues if you’re looking for an best Photo editors for Linux that isn’t better than Lightroom or Photoshop while using the Linux operating system. For experts like animators and graphic designers, Linux is now a reliable platform. In Linux, there is a huge selection of tools that make painting, drawing, and editing images incredibly simple.

These picture editors are among the best and most widely used by Linux users, though they are not the only ones available. These program offer both fundamental capabilities for basic editing requirements and sophisticated tools for working artists. An audience member asked that write about Linux alternatives to well-known Windows 11 software when we previously discussed reasons to switch to Linux. After all, it is among the top worries of Windows users who are considering switching to Linux. Below we have mentioned some of the best Photo editors for Linux.

Best Photo Editors for Linux


ShowFOTO is the best Photo editing for Linux. With effective picture editing features, ShowFOTO is a quick photo editor for Linux. It can be used to view your photos and make improvements. It is the digiKam project’s standalone image editor. Although it lacks support for the digiKam picture database, it has access to all Image Editor features.


The best Photo editors for Linux, Windows, and Mac, MyPaint is a free and open-source painting program. Additionally, it supports tablets made by numerous vendors. MyPaint’s large selection of customizable brushes is one of its standout features. It is simple to switch brushes and set them up to mimic the desired material.

MyPaint is also actively maintained and has a number of Linux editions. Although they provide the newest features, rolling releases might be unstable. In order to have a more stable experience, we advise downloading the standard version.


On most platforms, GIMP is regarded as one of the best picture editors. This open-source picture editor offers a large feature set and is accessible on all popular platforms. Although there is a steep learning curve, GIMP can handle the majority of the projects you give it. It is perhaps the most sophisticated Linux editor and the only one that can truly replace Photoshop. Overall, this is one of the best Photo editors for Linux that you can download.

GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free program that comes with a tonne of add-ons. If you know the basics of programming, you can even experiment with animation by altering the program to suit your needs. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


A free image editor called Showfoto is included with the DigiKam software package for managing photos. Although its editing tool falls short of GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita, it still has a tonne of useful features for performing both simple and complex image editing jobs. Without starting DigiKam, Showfoto can be used as a standalone application. In Ubuntu, Showfoto can be installed using the package manager. Run the following command to accomplish this: $ sudo apt install showfoto

Showfoto is available here as well as through the package manager in other Linux-based distributions. Additionally, through this page, you can instal DigiKam packages that already come with Showfoto. Currently, this is the best Photo editors for Linux you can check now.

Ubuntu Studio

One of the best Photo editors for Linux. Many photography and painters think it’s a great option for fostering the creative process. You may easily and conveniently import, edit, and store photographs with the free open-source software.

Ubuntu Studio is a better option than the original/basic Ubuntu because it is specifically designed for artists, photographers, and other content creators.


Another excellent RAW photo editor and developer for Linux is Darktable. You’re expected to be able to work with your RAW photographs on the monitor by using the specific Lighttable and Darkroom modules. Use the Lighttable panel if you need to import, gather photographs, or operate with basic tools. Additionally, it provides you with export tools, a metadata editor, tags, and geotags.

Use the Darkroom panel to adjust photo quality or to access image-editing tools. A non-destructive picture editing method will be enjoyable for you. Original photos and all modifications will therefore be kept as separate files. This is one of the best Photo editors for Linux you can install now.


A straightforward drawing program with a cross-platform license is called Pinta. It was created to replace Paint.NET and is strong and user-friendly for a range of image editing tasks. Linux users love the sketching tool Pinta since it is free and open source. Overall, this is the best Photo editors for Linux you can consider.

It would be appropriate to refer to it as an open source replacement for Microsoft Paint. All of the major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, support Pinta. While Pinta is more of a painting and drawing program, GIMP is well-known as a comprehensive image editor.


You may decode and edit raw photos from digital cameras using the Unidentified Flying Raw (UFRaw). You can alter an image’s characteristics, including its exposure and white balance. Over 600 camera models are supported by UFRaw, which employs code from the DCRaw raw image decoder and includes a large number of Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm cameras. Images can be batch processed using the command-line interface, and it can be used as a standalone program or as a Gimp plugin. This is one of the best Photo editors for Linux you can download.


The Fotoxx may end up being the best Photo editors for Linux you if you are not a complete beginner in photo editing. But to use it to its best potential, you must possess at least the barest of abilities. Utilizing a thumbnail browser, Fotoxx is a free HDR program that can be used. A wide variety of tools are available in the Fottox noise reduction software, which you may use to edit your images in a variety of ways.

You may use it to change the brightness, colour intensity, get rid of the red-eye effect, reduce whiteness, and do a lot more. With the help of this excellent software, you may crop, resize, or rotate your photographs while still getting picture-perfect results. When it’s time to save the finished product of your labour, simply select one of the common formats.


Image editing is not one of those best Photo editors for Linux, if ever there was such a thing. Not only that, but some of these apps are equally as fantastic as many of the paid-for ones on other platforms. If you want to make the Windows to Linux transition.

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