ArticleListsBest Pixlr Editor Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: to boost work speed

Best Pixlr Editor Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: to boost work speed

We are Pixlr, free photo editing and design tools with AI power.

The best pixlr editor keyboard shortcuts is a user-friendly online image editor that operates on Flash technology and is available for free. It’s good for both new and experienced users because it has a simple interface for beginners and enough advanced features to keep experts interested. If you have used Gimp or Photoshop to edit images on your computer, Pixlr will feel like a familiar place.

Even though it doesn’t have as many features as Photoshop yet, it is much better than basic tools like MS Paint. The best part is that you don’t even have to sign up for an account on the website to use Pixlr. One of the best things about Pixlr is that it uses standard keyboard shortcuts, which makes it easy to learn. For example, you can copy a part of an image by pressing Ctrl+C, paste it by pressing Ctrl+V, and so on.

Pixlr is a great tool that has a lot of features that make it especially appealing to people who are not professionals. Even though it doesn’t have all of the most advanced features yet, early feedback suggests that the Pixlr team has a bright future ahead of them. Even if it doesn’t completely replace your favorite desktop app, it should still be in your web toolbox. Below we have mentioned the best pixlr editor keyboard shortcuts.

Best Pixlr Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

File and Editing Shortcuts:

Ctrl+NNew image
Ctrl+OOpen image
Ctrl+SSave image
Ctrl+Shift+SSave image as
Ctrl+ASelect all
DeleteDelete selected area or object
Ctrl+Shift+TFree transform
Ctrl+Shift+ZStep backward
Ctrl+Shift+YStep forward

View and Navigation Shortcuts:

Ctrl++Zoom in
Ctrl+-Zoom out
Ctrl+0Reset zoom
Spacebar+DragPan view
FToggle fullscreen
TabShow/hide panels
HHand tool
Ctrl+RShow rulers
Ctrl+HHide guides
Ctrl+;Show/hide grid

Tool Shortcuts:

VMove tool
MMarquee tool
LLasso tool
WMagic wand tool
BBrush tool
EEraser tool
GGradient tool
CCrop tool
PPen tool
JClone stamp tool
SClone stamp tool
ODodge tool
KBurn tool
USmudge tool
RBlur tool
NSharpen tool
XSwap foreground/background colors

Layer Shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+NNew layer
Ctrl+Shift+EMerge visible layers
Ctrl+GGroup layers
Ctrl+]Bring forward
Ctrl+Bring to front
Ctrl+Shift+ (or (or )Decrease/increase letter spacing
Ctrl+Shift+;Decrease/increase line spacing

Pixlr Editor Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms

Windows/Linux Shortcuts:

Ctrl + NNew Image
Ctrl + OOpen Image
Ctrl + SSave Image
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + DDeselect
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + TTransform (Resize, Rotate, etc.)
Ctrl + Shift + IInvert Selection
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As
Ctrl + Shift + EExport
Ctrl + Shift + ZStep Backward (History)
Ctrl + Shift + YStep Forward (History)
Ctrl + +Zoom In
Ctrl + –Zoom Out
Ctrl + 0Reset Zoom
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase Brush Size
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease Brush Size
Ctrl + Shift + AAuto Levels
Ctrl + Shift + UDesaturate
Ctrl + Shift + LAuto Contrast
Ctrl + Shift + BAuto Brightness/Contrast
Ctrl + Shift + FFull Screen Mode

Mac Shortcuts:

Command + NNew Image
Command + OOpen Image
Command + SSave Image
Command + ZUndo
Command + Shift + ZRedo
Command + XCut
Command + CCopy
Command + VPaste
Command + DDeselect
Command + ASelect All
Command + TTransform (Resize, Rotate, etc.)
Command + Shift + IInvert Selection
Command + Shift + SSave As
Command + Shift + EExport
Command + Shift + ZStep Backward (History)
Command + Shift + YStep Forward (History)
Command + +Zoom In
Command + –Zoom Out
Command + 0Reset Zoom
Command + Shift + >Increase Brush Size
Command + Shift + <Decrease Brush Size
Command + Shift + AAuto Levels
Command + Shift + UDesaturate
Command + Shift + LAuto Contrast
Command + Shift + BAuto Brightness/Contrast
Command + Shift + FFull Screen Mode


What are keyboard shortcuts in Pixlr Editor?

With keyboard shortcuts, you can do certain things in Pixlr Editor without having to use the mouse or touchpad. They can help you work faster and more efficiently and get around the app more quickly.

How can I access the keyboard shortcuts in Pixlr Editor?

In Pixlr Editor, you can find the list of keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the “Help” menu at the top of the application window and then choosing “Keyboard Shortcuts” from the drop-down menu. This will open a box that shows all the keyboard shortcuts you can use.

Are there different keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac users?

Yes, the keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac versions of Pixlr Editor might be different. On Windows, you might use the Ctrl key to do something, but on a Mac, you’d use the Command key instead.

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