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Best Places to see in Sukhumvit

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Sukhumvit, the commercial center of the Thai capital, is not limited by the crazy nightlife that seems to define Bangkok. There are a variety of things to do in Sukhumvit, such as walking in tranquil parks, shopping in large modern malls, learning about Thai history in beautiful museums, and enjoying peaceful and relaxing Thai spas, just to name a few. In Sukhumvit Bangkok, one of the most famous luxury shopping malls in Thailand, there are a number of places to discover. It is also one of the busiest and most important neighborhoods in Bangkok, with excellent shopping, dining, experiences and entertainment.

The many trendy restaurants, bars, air-conditioned shopping malls, luxury hotels and trendy clubs give it a distinctly modern and lively feel. During your five-day trip to Bangkok, you can simply enjoy the beautiful views, the food, the nightlife, and of course the most famous spas and drinks. In Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, you can have a lot of fun while interacting with and taking care of the underwater creatures. Explore the famous landmarks near Sukhumvit Bangkok to see a different side of the city. Bangkok is a vibrant, colourful, noisy and exciting city with some of the most luxurious shopping. There are countless attractions in Bangkok, all offering fascinating stories and experiences.

Here is the list of the best places to see in Sukhumvit

Benjakitti Park

With enchanting flowers and enchanting fountains, Benjakiti Park is a paradise for people who want to take a leisurely walk or enjoy a romantic sunset. It is rich in vegetation and also has a small lake for boating. You can also ride a bike here, as there are bikes for rent. So go to Benjakitti Park to find some peace and quiet and a quieter place away from the noise of the city. An important artificial lake is the main attraction of this place surrounded by a forest park. There are separate trails for walking, jogging, biking, and there is also a well-equipped outdoor gym. There are plenty of seats around the lake which is very relaxing. This is definitely a place that can uplift the body, mind, and soul.

Kamthieng House Museum

A few hundred meters from Asoke, one of Sukhumvit’s busiest intersections, is the Kamthieng House Museum, run by the Siam Society. It is a series of small 160 year old teak houses that have now been turned into a museum. Located in the Watthana district of Bangkok, the Baan Kamthieng House Museum is an oasis in the concrete jungle that surrounds it. This attraction is worth visiting if you are in the area. Kamthieng House was originally a traditional 19th century house on the banks of the Mae Pin in the Chiang Mai district, later moved to Bangkok. Today it is the headquarters of the Siam Society and houses carefully annotated archival records with the aim of promoting Lanna Thai heritage, culture and traditions.


Enter Kidzoona at Molly Fantasy Bangkok through the active play area, where kids can climb on a long bouncy castle, ride an inflatable hamster wheel, plunge into a giant ball pool and slide down a mini spiral slide. Most of the floor is covered with bouncy castles to prevent bumps or scratches, while the climbing blocks are made of sturdy foam. There are spiral slides for toddlers, a sensory board, and a mini ball pit. Younger children can play in the toddler zone, which includes colorful blocks, shapes and bricks to build towers and structures, as well as musical instruments. The staff are very friendly but speak limited English. Lockers are available if you want to store your valuables and shoes.

Erawan Museum

The Erawan Museum in the Samut Prakan province of Bangkok, Thailand is known for its massive three-headed elephant statue standing on a massive pedestal. This museum has three floors that represent the universe according to Hinduism. the underworld, the earth and the sky. The top floor of the museum is in the belly of the giant elephant, while the other two floors are at the base. Functioning as a legacy of Thai culture, this museum houses many architectural symbols, handicrafts, etc.

Here you can enjoy history, religion, culture, arts and culture at the same time in the same place. On the first floor of the museum are numerous Chinese vases from the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as wall plaques and photographs that describe the history of the museum’s construction. The second floor contains art and precious antiques such as European pottery, a statue of a thousand-armed Chinese goddess named Guanyin, etc. The third and last floor of the museum represents the heaven of Tavatimsa on the top of Mount Meru Buddhist cosmology .

Terminal 21

Terminal 21 brings the dream of a world tour to the heart of Bangkok with its unique concept that brings together several world-famous cities under one roof. Meander through a maze of shops in the city of Tokyo, wander Carnaby Street in London, grab a bargain in a souk in Istanbul, or pick up something to fill your rumbling stomach at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Part of the same building as Grande Center Point Sukhumvit, Terminal 21’s curved glass and steel façade resembles a 21st-century airport, and the theme continues as soon as you enter the building. Floor signs indicate arrivals in specific cities, electronic signs are reminiscent of flight information screens in an airport terminal, and clerks at the information desk wear flight attendant uniforms.

Ploenchit Center

Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit is one of the most prominent four star hotels in Bangkok and offers wonderful accommodation to its guests. Surrounded by Bangkok’s attractions and shopping malls, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation for honeymooners, business and leisure travelers seeking a great vacation. Located in the heart of Bangkok, the hotel has an attractive swimming pool and fitness facilities with saunas. With its attractive design and modern amenities, the hotel is unique. Plus, the heartwarming hospitality and unparalleled amenities help create memories for a lifetime.

Rama IX Park

The park covers an area the size of 80 football fields and takes a few hours to walk around and explore. It is divided into several sections, with the center of the park at the edge of the lake. At Rama IX Park you’ll see an outdated building with a golden spire that wouldn’t look out of place in early episodes of Star Trek. It serves as a gallery honoring the king’s life and contains photographs, paintings, and information on royal projects. Not much English, but the exhibit is fascinating nonetheless, and a 30-minute walk will give you a respite from the air-conditioned sun.

Gateway Ekamai Mall

Gateway Ekamai, a one-stop shopping mall catering to the needs of different lifestyles, including families, offers a wide range of shops and services under the concept of “Just complete your urban happiness”. Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes served in a variety of restaurants. Shop for essentials at a modern supermarket, a premium beauty and wellness center and a fashion zone with the latest styles.

Additionally, Gateway Ekamai caters to the needs of families with a large indoor playground and several renowned educational institutions. Gateway Ekamai is located in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road in trendy Ekamai, a major business district with office buildings, international schools, public and private offices, and a popular residential area for Thais and expats. With a direct connection to the Ekamai BTS station, the mall is also easily accessible by public transportation and private car.

Central Embassy

Central Embassy is another covered mall from head to toe with designer brands and possibly the most stylish in Bangkok, with an all-white interior and modern design. The building’s pedigree is enhanced by its location on the site of the former British Embassy. Best of all, the spacious layout gives shoppers more room to breathe than other malls in the area. This makes it a great alternative to the crowded environment of Siam Paragon. And be sure to look up to see the beautiful symmetry of the escalators – the mall’s visionary design is why so many keep coming back. The chic venue has all the usual suspects when it comes to branded fashion: Gucci, Chanel, Givenchy and many more call the Central Embassy home.

I’m a cowboy

In addition to Thailand’s holy temples and shopping havens, visitors shouldn’t miss out on exploring Bangkok’s nightlife. The highlight of Bangkok’s nightlife has to be the bustling red-light district of Soi Cowboy Street. Soi Cowboy is an ideal place for those looking for fun night activities in Bangkok. Soi Cowboy is named after an African-American cowboy who first opened a bar in the area in the 1970s. When tourists come to this area, they can see the long-legged lady dancing in a bikini swimsuit looking extremely beautiful and attractive. You also have the opportunity to enter a magical room with exciting music and striptease performances by hot men and women.

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