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Best Places Visit in Uttarakhand

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Uttarakhand, the abode of the gods, is rightly called the “Dev Bhoomi” of India. Places to visit in Uttarakhand include many amazing hill stations, pilgrimage sites, and romantic spots for couples. Trust Mother Nature and experience the breathtaking beauty of the majestic hills of Uttarakhand. This state in northern India, illuminated by the rugged Himalayan mountains, is the perfect holiday destination to experience its rich and enriching culture, mystical spirituality, yoga and last but not least, impressive sports. of adventure

Whatever draws you to the “Land of the Gods”, be it the beauty of nature, exciting activities or faith in the Almighty, you will have the experience of a lifetime. Read on to know more about all the beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand, the land of mountains, myths, adventure, simplicity and the bliss of nature, is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in India. Every traveler here can synchronize his mind with the rhythm of the place. Uttarakhand is located in the high Himalayas and consists of two main regions, Garhwal and Kumaon, both of which have their own charm. Tourists from all over the world visit Uttarakhand to vacation in the mountains.

Here is the list of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand


Rishikesh is a tehsil in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, right on the banks of India’s holiest river, the Ganges. This ancient city has various mythological and religious legends related to Lord Vishnu, Lord Bharat and various prominent sages and is said to have been founded in the 9th century AD. C. by Adi Shankaracharya. The scenic beauty of Rishikesh is due to its location at the foot of the high Garhwal Himalayas and is accentuated by the mighty Ganges that runs through the city. The quaint town seems to float between beautiful riverside boardwalks, acres of forest, lush mountains, and clear, blue skies, giving it a surreal look.

The city is synonymous with great temples, rituals, architectural wonders and yoga ashrams. Each temple here, be it the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, the Raghunath Temple or the 13-storied Trimbakeshwar Temple, has its own beautiful legend that attracts people from all over the world. The Ram and Lakshman Jhulas twins are outstanding architectural feats in their own right. These suspension bridges span more than 750 feet across the Ganges. There are numerous ashrams here that take people into the spiritual world of ancient forms of yoga, meditation, and vipassana to cleanse and de-stress their souls.


Ranikhet, also called “Land of the Queen”, is one of the most picturesque tourist spots in Uttarakhand. One can not only be enchanted by the pristine beauty here but also enjoy the hiking trails. For anyone looking for a complete rejuvenation of body and mind, Ranikhet is the place to be.

This place offers a peaceful atmosphere and is known for its beautiful views and vast landscapes. Ranikhet is also home to the famous Kumaon Regimental Center Museum, which was built in the 1970s and showcases the area’s rich heritage.


Chopta is one of the least explored villages in the Himalayas. At an altitude of 2680m, it serves as a base for famous treks to Tungnath and Chandrashila and one of the best sights to see in Uttarakhand.

It also offers an amazing 360 degree panorama of majestic mountains through the peaks of Trishul, Nanda devi and Chaukhambha and trekking to these places is one of the most preferred activities to do in Chopta.


Auli is a hill station in the Garhwal region of the state of Uttarakhand in India. No wonder Auli took its name, which means meadows, due to the characteristics of its topography. The hill station is on slopes and has extensive pastures that look beautiful. Auli is fondly known as a place where nature comes to life in all its splendor and splendor. It is rich in natural resources and offers beautiful scenery from the surrounding hills.

The hill station has an abundance of wildflowers and trees such as cedar, oak, conifer, and pine forests. Rising up to 9,000 feet above sea level, the slopes here offer stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks; like those of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dunagiri and Mana Parvat. There are a number of attractions here at the hill station. The most famous among tourists is the funicular.


Dehradun is the capital and largest city of Uttarakhand. Dehradun is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Dehradun is only 30 km from Mussoorie and is known as the gateway to Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar. Dehradun is also known as the “Education Center of Uttarakhand” with some of the prestigious universities and boarding schools in the country.

As you would expect from a city at the foot of the Himalayas, Dehradun is rich in caves, waterfalls and natural springs. One such popular spot is Robber’s Cave, a natural cave surrounded by hills. Dip your feet in the icy water or walk through it, travelers are free to choose, making Robber’s Cave one of the most popular picnic spots in the city. Another popular spot for nature lovers is Lacchiwala, where you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing sunset around the man-made lake and the lush greenery that surrounds it.

Jim Corbett

Rich in flora and fauna, Jim Corbbet can offer you an amazing vacation experience and is one of the best places to visit by road in Uttarakhand.

You can opt for a safari to see tigers and other wildlife in their natural habitat. You can also see more than 600 species of birds here. There are hiking trails through the dense forest, which you can take to enjoy the best and unforgettable time here.


Landour is undoubtedly one of the most serene places to see in Uttarakhand. Home to one of India’s famous writers, Ruskin Bond, this beautiful city is located very close to Dehradun.

This is one of the places that has not been affected by commercialization and is still a place where one can relax in peace. With stunning views and amazing landscapes, one can expect an absolutely surreal experience in Landour. This place is also known for its homemade jams and delicious cheese.


Haridwar is also known as the “Gate of the Lord” due to the large number of temples and ashrams found here. The city is considered sacred and therefore pilgrims from different parts of the world travel to the place to say their prayers. It is also famous for the Kumbh Mela, a festival held once every twelve years.


This charming hill station, known for its cultural diversity, Almora sits at an average elevation of 1,638 meters and straddles a 5km-long ridge at the top of Kashyap Hill.

Surrounded by dwindling pines and ancient oaks, the city has enough of a divine aura to attract backpackers. To make the scenery even more enchanting, the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas rise in full grandeur to please the visitor to Almora.


Perched at 6,000 feet, Mussoorie, the ‘Queen of the Hills’, is beauty personified. With the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, the country rich in natural beauty also has excellent weather. The winters are cool and the summers pleasant. The beauty of the site fascinated Captain Young of the British Army, who made it his residence in 1820.

Mussoorie has seen countless footprints since it was discovered, and the list of tourists interested in enjoying the site’s immense beauty is growing. Here are the popular tourist attractions in Mussoorie.

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