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Best Plugins of Notepad++

This list is about the Best Plugins of Notepad++. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Plugins of Notepad++. I hope you like this list Best Plugins of Notepad++. So lets begin:

Quick Info about: Best Plugins of Notepad++

Notepad ++ is a common text editor, a free source code editor that naturally supports many languages ​​and brands. A good text editor is one that helps you do things smartly and takes the burden off of small tasks, allowing you to focus on writing. Sublime Text is one of those code editors, but it is a new one.

If you are a Windows user you have the option of Notepad ++ (NPP from here on). As the name suggests, it is an extended version of the Notepad application and yes, it is quite powerful on its own. It is based on the MS Windows environment and its use is governed by the GPL license. Notepad ++ is based on a powerful editing component called Scintilla. But just like code editors, the real beauty of the app comes from the community.

NPP has built an energetic community for many years and developers have created plugins to solve almost all problems big and small. Its plugin support is simply amazing, in addition to its ability to be translated into major languages, it is very easy for developers to do coding from their native languages.

Check out the list of best Notepad ++ plugins


Allows developers to export markdown code in a format that can be understood by the end recipient, convert markdown files to HTML or RTF extensions.

In case you have posted the code on Markdown and also want to talk about it with someone, you will have to change it to HTML before you can submit it as the receiver may not save the applications to view the Markdown files. The NPPExport plugin converts markdown files to HTML or maybe RTF (rich text format).


This is one of the most famous Notepad ++ plugins. You have to take a look at various files while encoding, and an encoder knows this very well. The Explorer plugin organizes folders for a developer to easily discover and navigate through numerous source code files and folders.

Explorer displays folders and files in the left corner of the text editor window in a hierarchical order so that you can locate files without much effort. You can open it in a separate window and you can see what file you are working on right now. In addition, you can also get the location of the file, and you can open the file directly using the browser plug-in.

Multiple clipboard

The multi clipboard makes it easy to copy code from other source files or within the source. Keeps a history of copy commands on the left side of the notepad ++ text editor window for the entire encoding process. When we want to copy selective code from some other file to our own code, without this plugin it is very difficult as it involves a lot of struggle.

With the Multi-clipboard a window opens on the left side of notepad ++ that contains all the history of your code that you have copied. You can easily choose the code you want and then paste it. Although this feature has been introduced in Windows now, if you have an older version of Windows, you can install this plugin in your Notepad ++. After installing the plugin, you can open a side window in which you can see all your copied vital phrases. Here you can select the phrase you want to paste.


The Compare plugin helps to compare two text files side by side to understand the difference in the code. Sometimes you need to compare the two files, and this fantastic plugin lets you do it with easy-to-use interferences.

You can place two files side by side and compare them for differences and similarities. Furthermore, you can also edit the documents while comparing them. This plugin allows you to open two files exactly next to each other so that you can compare them and detect the differences or similarities according to your requirements.

Spelling checker

You may be very good at writing or grammatically, but you can make some mistakes; this can ruin your code hence much of your time. Thanks to the spellChecker plugin, you can now type with confidence and can focus more on your coding than your grammar.

This will ensure that anything you share with someone who has written in notepad ++ is completely free of spelling errors. This plugin checks the source code for spelling errors. It can identify errors that manifest in our code and allow those errors to be corrected on the fly.


The first thought you may have in mind at this point is why there is no autosave option in Notepad ++ and we have to install a plugin for that. Well, it is what it is. There is no built-in autosave feature in Notepad ++, and you need to install this plugin.

This plugin provides a variety of auto-save options, such as when you would like to save your code (after every 10, 15 minutes, etc.). This plugin makes sure that even if we forget to save our code and exit it, the plugin must have saved it and thus we can retrieve our latest code without having to worry about it. Also, wherever you exit Notepad ++, it will automatically save the file without your permission. So in case you close the window by mistake, you will always have a backup for your code.

Code alignment

As the name suggests, this plugin lines up your code. But the alignment level is pretty good for managing multiple variable assignments. You can also use user-centric shortcuts, which can be useful during encoding. Here is an example.

Var a = {2, 4, 5, 1}

When we define a variable, we use the equal sign, but when we have to declare multiple variables, the equal sign can be annoying. The Code Alignment plugin aligns the code and gives us the ability to choose any sign for the alignment. We need to do certain mini-tasks, but we must do them manually as there are no shortcuts for them. Fortunately, this plugin allows us to define our own shortcuts which will save us time and the struggle to perform these tasks.

HTML preview

Once you complete the code and want to see it, Notepad ++ open it in the default browser. But if you don’t want to open that in any browser, you can install this plugin and you can save your time by running your code in a separate notepad ++ window.

When you change the code in notepad ++, to see the changes you have made to it, you need to go to Chrome and refresh the page to check. With this plugin, you can simply press Ctrl + Shift + H to open the preview, which will save you a lot of time.

Final remarks: Best Plugins of Notepad++

I hope you understand and like this list Best Plugins of Notepad++. If your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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