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Best Projector Mounts

Whether you need a ceiling or wall mount, flush ceiling or extended, here are our picks of the best projector mounts and their features.

The best projector mounts can greatly enhance the home theater experience by allowing you to place your projector exactly where you want it, out of the way and inconspicuously, to get lost in your favorite movies. The best models allow you to rotate and adjust the angle of the projector for perfect image quality and minimal adjustments, and support multiple use cases, whether you have cathedral ceilings or a tiny den.

Because the ideal position of the projector relative to the screen can be complicated by room characteristics such as ceiling height, availability of ceiling mounting space (e.g., ceiling fans or obstruction lighting fixtures), and distance from walls, there are many different options to consider. Whether you need a ceiling or wall mount, flush ceiling or extended, here are our picks of the best projector mounts and their features.

Using a bad projector mount can be a nightmare. It is difficult to get the desired image or the right angle. Whether it’s home cinema, conference room or other, a bad projector mount can be very frustrating. That’s why you need to find the best projector mount, and that’s where we can help you. Our experts have searched far and wide for the top-rated models around to make mounting the perfect projector mount as easy as possible.

What makes the best projector mount? There are a few key factors. We looked at the method of projector mount installation, load capacity, size, adjustments and finish, as well as other important considerations such as your budget. We put time and effort into our research, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is follow us and, by the end of this article, you will find a projector mount that is perfect for your model and the space you have available. Below we have mentioned the Best Mounts for Projector.

Here is the List of 6 Best Projector Mounts you can buy

VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector

The VIVO VP01W is a low-profile projector mount designed to mount your projector approximately six inches from the ceiling. It consists of two basic components, a ceiling mount and the projector mount, that screw together with a hinged joint.

The hinge that connects the two main parts of the assembly provides a slight movement to direct the projector down toward your screen, while a second hinge provides side-to-side tilt. The entire assembly can also pivot on the bolt shaft that holds the hinge assembly to the main projector mounting bracket. The swivel mount assembly uses four adjustable arms to provide a fairly universal solution for screwing a wide variety of projectors.

Peerless-AV PRG-UNV Mount

The black PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount for Projectors Weighing Up to 50 lb by Peerless Industries is a ceiling mount for digital projectors. It features a precision gear mechanism, which is used to ensure precise image alignment. Dual adjustment knobs control this mechanism, while built-in cable management helps keep cables out of the way.

The stand features a quick release mechanism, allowing you to easily disconnect the projector for maintenance. The quick release is designed so that the projector maintains its recording, eliminating the need to readjust the unit after servicing.

QualGear PRB-717-WHT

This unit features extremely durable cold-rolled stainless steel material for durability. It offers a “Quick Release” feature to easily attach or detach the headlight. The trim has a black finish, an epoxy powder coating that is scratch resistant and incredibly shiny. A low-profile recessed mount suspends the projector 6″ from the ceiling.

The QualGear PRB-717-BLK projector tilts from 0 to 60 degrees, rotates 360 , roll: +-20 , tilt: +- 30 , and offset: 1 inch. It is excessively adjustable at every angle except vertical height. With a weight of 30 pounds and mounting holes ranging from 6.6″ to 16″, this universal design is compatible with most projectors on the market.

Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

The arms are fully adjustable to fit almost any projector. The arms are also detachable for projectors that have less than 4 mounting points. The APMEB is ideal for low profile mounting as well as for setups that require an extension pole. The profile is 7″ without the extension.

The center of the ceiling plate is shaped to allow for the passage of cables for a clean and elegant cable management system. APMEB is designed so that it can be used in vaulted ceilings. Attach the projector to the base with the metal rope for added security during installation.

QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W

The QualGear PRO-AV QG-KIT-S-3IN-W projector mounting kit includes a QG-PRO-PM-50-W professional projector mount, a QG-PRO-PM-SCA-W suspended ceiling adapter and a QG-PRO -PM-3IN-W 3-inch 1.5-inch NPT threaded pipe in white.

Easy installation with full color installation manual and preset hardware. Compatible with 1.5-inch NPT threaded pipe and suitable for installation in suspended or suspended ceilings. For details on each component of this installation kit, refer to their model number.

Angrox Mini Projector Mount

The anti-shake design and larger base have a loading capacity of up to 5 kg (11 lbs). 360 degree tilt and swivel, head with easy-fix button to adjust angles quickly and easily, just rotate the button and tighten it to get the best angle.

A variety of installation methods are available to you. Ceiling mounting, wall mounting or floor mounting, we can provide them all. Installation screws are included, easy installation. Made from high quality aluminium alloy, with a surface oxidation treatment to ensure durability and reliability.

Final words

Best Projector Mounts on the wall are like mounting a projector on the ceiling. You need to align the projector at the proper distance from the screen directly to the wall. After attaching the base of the wall mount to the wall, you can start building the arm. Some mounts come with tools included, while others require you to use your tools to assemble them.

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