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Best Proxy Sites for Safer Anonymous Browsing

This article is about to the list of Best Proxy sites for anonymous browsing. A web proxy is a secure mediator between you and the useful websites you visit. You often do not Require to sign up and log into a web proxy server before accessing any site. The Internet has expanded into our daily lives. Many interactions that were not possible before are now a reality thanks to the limitless potential of cyberspace.

Sometimes the web content that we like to see may have elements that can compromise your privacy. Unwanted eyes are always on the lookout for their next victim, even when you are innocently surfing the net. If you decide to use work or school networks, you will be restricted by what they allow you to access. The same is true if your local government has strong copyright laws.

This is where a proxy server comes in handy. Web proxy servers hide your IP address. You go to your website to view through the proxy, and the proxy communicates with the website instead of you. This helps keep you private from anything trying to learn your location. Below, we have mentioned 10 Proxy Sites for Safer Anonymous Browsing.

Here is the list of Best 10 Proxy Sites for Safer Anonymous Browsing


This seems to be the most frequently recommended free proxy server. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. But that means it’s good enough to satisfy most users, most of the time. With KProxy, you have ten servers to choose from. You can manually choose from these and change them at any time. So if you lose access to a server, you’re still protected. There are no imposed speed limits, as with some proxies. And KProxy has a good track record of avoiding detection and blocking by websites and ISPs. You can access KProxy servers directly through the website, or you can download a browser extension for Firefox or Google Chrome extension


ProxySite is one of the best free proxy services on the web. It has an elegant interface, a beautiful design and it is extremely intuitive to start it and visit any site with it. If the site you are browsing does not have an SSL certificate, ProxySite will encrypt your connection with SSL. With 36 servers, users are bound to find the one that suits them.

Not to mention that ProxySite is relatively fast and completely free. ProxySite also guarantees that their service works with Facebook and YouTube, making it a great choice for people who live in a country with a lot of censorship. Not to mention that the service is completely free and has a few dozen European and American servers. Needless to say, ProxySite is one of the best free proxy sites in the world.


HMA was one of the most popular proxy sites back in the day. It started out as a free proxy but eventually introduced its own VPN with paid plans. The company has seen its fair share of privacy-related issues, but is struggling to recapture its former glory. It offers fairly nominal speeds, but due to the popularity of the proxy site, the servers are almost always overloaded.

HMA hides your IP and encrypts your Internet traffic, which is what you’d expect from any proxy. However, it displays a large number of ads, effectively reducing the actual screen real estate to 65 percent when you’re browsing. Like most others, it also throttles speeds in an attempt to get you to buy the premium VPN deal. A free web proxy extension is also available. You can’t unblock Netflix or other streaming sites using their proxy, but you can with their standalone VPN, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If Hidester is a new kid on the block, Anonymouse is a web proxy veteran. It has been around since 1997 and still appears on many most trusted proxy server lists. Anonymouse’s main page shows you what information snoops can see when you log into a site. And it allows you to compare that to what they will see when you connect through their proxy.

But they choose the specific proxy for you, so you just have to trust them. Tests have actually shown that it is quite easy to identify the proxy you are using via Anonymouse. So security may not be the best. But this old service still seems to be getting better. Paid users benefit from SSL encryption, and Anonymouse recently launched its own VPN. In addition to the web proxy, you can use Anonymouse to send emails anonymously and post to newsgroups. So after all this time it still has something unique to offer.


To use Megaproxy, you only need a web browsers and an Internet connection. No need to download and install any browser plug-ins or software first. It offers a wide range of features including a set of user-customizable Internet privacy and web security options, a private web-based bookmark organizer, and online Internet kitchen management.

While it is aimed at all Internet users, it also specifically targets journalists, investigative reporters, and students. As the information found on the Internet can change based on factors such as the source of the connection of origin, it is especially useful for anyone working in the academic and research industry. For example, its cloaking feature will reduce the impact of common page-cloaking techniques.


Hide.me prides itself on improving the security and privacy of its users. They have very secure servers that use all popular encryption protocols, like IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, and SOCKS, to name a few. Importantly, they do not keep any logs of user data. Hide.me also has Chrome and Firefox extensions, so as a proxy, Hide.me covers the basics and makes your browser more private. But unfortunately, it also has some drawbacks. Most important is its variety of servers.

Hide.me has three servers; in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. This means that you will not be able to unlock content from the US, UK or any other country outside of the ones mentioned. For people who need more servers and better protection, Hide.me also offers a premium model similar to ProxySite. You can pay a monthly fee to upgrade the service to a full-fledged VPN.


The Cyberghost proxy server from our list of free proxies is quite restricted in the server library as it only connects to 8 servers. These 8 server choices are further limited to regions like Germany, United States, Netherlands, and Romania. Cyberghost is a perfect VPN app for anyone who needs to access live concerts or other entertainment events. It offers zero lag so there is no interruption with a streaming compatible interface.


TurboHide continues our line of proxies with a terrible interface. It doesn’t have its own logo, and hyperlinks to popular services have extremely outdated graphics. On top of all that, they only have one server, so there isn’t much customization available. But it’s totally free, which is why TurboHide makes it on our list.

It has some extra features that we haven’t seen on other free proxy sites so far. You can choose to disable cookies, scripts or objects for the pages you browse. This helps users access exclusive content without worrying about their privacy or bandwidth allocation. Any TurboHide user can also choose to encrypt the page or URL of a site they access with the service.


Whoer is a VPN provider and a free web proxy that you can use to quickly change your IP address and bypass geo-restrictions. If you want to browse the web anonymously, this is a great option. However, Whoer is slightly different from some other proxy sites on this list. For starters, it doesn’t offer services in all countries. Secondly, you must download its anonymizer tool to change your IP and DNS.

It’s important to note that you can’t just use Whoer by typing the website URL into an address bar on the site to change your IP. You have to download its tool to use the service. It has separate extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Yandex. Furthermore, the free service throttles your speeds, so to fully unlock its potential, you must choose a paid subscription to its Business VPN services


GeoSurf offers six tools to help your business succeed in the digital world. For example, if you want to use a proxy website for social listening to track your brand’s performance online, you can check out GeoSurf’s residential IP solution. When you are using a scraping tool to scrape the web for information, there is a high chance that the target sites will detect and block you.

Using a proxy server, such as GeoSurf, that allows you to use and rotate between residential IPS is one of the most common ways to avoid being blocked. Not only will you get access to millions of residential IP addresses around the world, but it’s also very easy to use. To change your location takes just one click.

Final Words

We hope you understand and enjoy this 10 Proxy sites for safer anonymous browsing. Proxy servers act as a middle layer between you and the Internet. They are used to provide different types of security, features, and privacy. A proxy server can be chosen based on individual need or company policy. We hope you share this list with family and friends.

I hope you understand this article, Best Proxy Sites for Safer Anonymous Browsing.

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