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Best QCY True Wireless Earbuds

QCY True Wireless earbuds are stylish and sophisticated. They have a sporty look and style. They are designed to remain stable even while exercising. They will impress you even if you do not wear headphones regularly.

The best QCY’s True Wireless earbuds are fairly new to the market. QCY is one of the brands that always comes to mind when talking about affordable wireless earbuds. Most of the most interesting electronic devices today run on wireless technologies. Of the wireless devices available today, Bluetooth earbuds are probably one of the most compatible with a wide range of devices that anyone can use.

Wireless earbuds are a popular gadget gaining popularity today not only for their functionality but also as an important style statement. They are also much more comfortable than traditional wired headphones. Enjoy your music by plugging in your new wireless earbuds. Nowadays, there is no greater convenience than a pair of completely wireless earbuds. For several years now, wireless earbuds have been using the proven Bluetooth wireless protocol to connect to smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops and a host of other smart devices.

The word “freedom” is often used in connection with wireless headsets. And there is a good reason for that. The freedom of not being tethered to your phone or laptop. The freedom to take a walk at your leisure while listening to your favorite music. The ability to take a romantic walk with your partner, work out at the gym or take the train in the morning without having to untangle cables. below we have mentioned the best QCY’s True Wireless earbuds.

Check the list of Best QCY True Wireless Earbuds


The two earphones feature a hybrid driver armature that delivers brilliant high mids in a clear sound beam and punchy dynamic bass in an exceptional ambient soundstage, reinforcing each other. This allows T11 to deliver full-range sonic detail to suit all genres of music. QCY T11 true wireless earbuds feature 4 built-in microphones with cVc noise cancellation technology, ideal for working from home or conference calls.

Use the app to enhance your listening experience by choosing from 22 equalization settings or using HearID to create your own custom sound profile. Other features include customization of on-the-ear controls and easy firmware updates. Cutting-edge True Wireless Mirroring technology developed by QCY enhances the listening experience, balances power consumption, and maximizes connection stability, even in low radio frequency conditions.


Adopting Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology, T1C mini earphones have reduced power consumption, faster transmission and lower latency. They support AAC and SBC technologies, and housed inside the headphones is a small but powerful 6mm driver unit that delivers rich, clear and extended sound. When fully charged, T1C offers 20 hours of battery life at medium volume.

These in-ear headphones offer a quick and easy pairing, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in seconds. Microphone quality is quite good, and the dual microphones can minimize background noise. Perfect for almost any kind of phone call. These wireless earbuds are compatible with Apple iPhones, Android phones, tablets, iPads, Macbooks and laptops.

QCY MeloBuds Wireless Earbuds T18

Connected to two devices, the T18 MeloBuds allow you to watch movies on your tablet and automatically switch to your phone to answer incoming calls by tapping the headset. With aptX Adaptive technology, the T18 wireless earbuds offer an immersive, lip-syncing experience, taking you to the real battlefield. With a combination of matte and glossy finishes, the streamlined body is impressive at first glance. The angle of the earpiece was adjusted thousands of times before it was confirmed to ensure that the wireless earbuds fit the user well.

QCY T13 True Wireless Earbuds

The Type-C headphone jack has been upgraded to optimize the charging mode. With the 380 mAh charging case providing 3-4 extra charges, the total battery life reaches 40 hours. By opening the lid of the charging case, the earbuds will automatically connect to paired Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth 5.1 creates an inseparable connection. T13’s shape perfectly fits the curvature of the inner contour of the ear. Small size for small ears. With round earbuds made of soft silicone, they can provide more stability and comfort during use.

Whether running or jumping, the earbuds stay firmly in the ear. IPX5 waterproof nano-coating effectively protects the earbuds from sweat or water, perfect for workouts, running, skiing and other sports (not for swimming). QCY T13 is equipped with USB-C charging function. It also supports fast charging: a 5-minute quick charge in the charging case provides up to 60 minutes of playback time.


With advanced Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the T17S has reduced power consumption, faster transmission, and lower latency. The LED on the charging case changes color to indicate the battery remaining in the case and reminds you to charge on time. Inspired by hypercar headlights, the charging case uses a special transparent window to see the headphones inside. Take the T17S and explore the world of music.

Forget the dual microphone found in most headphones, the T17S features a quad microphone powered by Qualcomm’s CVC algorithm. It guarantees call quality. With the improved ergonomic design, you can wear them comfortably all day long. Perfect for small ears. With the unique QCY APP, you can customize the controls, set equalization, etc. This way you can build T17S your own way.


The 10mm biocomposite diaphragm driver accurately captures every tone fluctuation to maintain a high level of original sound, excellent bass and clear tones. You can enjoy your favorite song as if it were a living concert. Hybrid noise cancellation technology ensures a quiet environment (35dB max). These ANC wireless earphones can attenuate and eliminate background noise, so you can focus only on what you want. The latest Bluetooth 5.1 technology makes the connection absolutely stable and efficient. High-quality audio is transmitted with low latency and low power consumption.

You can be heard clearly and loudly without interference wherever you are. With the unique QCY APP, you can customize the controls, set equalization, etc. In this way, you can build the HT03 to your liking. Low power consumption ensures up to 6 hours of playback per charge (5 hours in ANC mode) and 24 hours total with the charging case. A 10-minute quick charge provides 2 hours of use.

Final Words

QCY True Wireless earbuds are stylish and sophisticated. They have a sporty look and style. They are designed to remain stable even while exercising. They will impress you even if you do not wear headphones regularly. Despite the fashionable design and look, they are also affordable.

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