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Best Ring Light for Live Streaming, YouTube Video

The e-commerce model has long been changed from graphic to live to stream, and the economic benefits brought by the live streaming operations have gradually left the traditional graphic behind. Now everyone can shoot their videos / live, so it is particularly important to choose a live light that can show the filming effect in place. And the popularity of the ring light follows the trend of the times, as it comes with the convenience of the public is also more popular.

Why the Ring Light?
  • Ring lights are friendly to beginners who record video.
  • A ring light is cost-effective. More space-saving than other lighting kits used in photography, to meet the needs of different scenes, and a gimbal stand can provide a fixed phone, camera interface, to facilitate multi-angle portable shooting.
  • The ring light has a beautiful light fill function. It can make people more photogenic, and a catchlight will be reflected in the eyes. This certainly makes the eyes more attractive. 
  • The light in everyday life is sunlight, it will be scattered in all directions, while the ring light can be moved when using the position to provide ” even and flawless ” lighting, shooting different effects.
Why is the ring light rather than the panel light?

Panel lights can also be, but if the light source to achieve a large area, such as an 18-inch diameter circular panel, such large area are plastered with lamp beads, the power and brightness will be extremely high, also relatively expensive. This is why a ring-shaped light is made to not only ensure the light-emitting area but also increase the lighting angle to ensure that the face is in the middle of the ring, then at all angles can be exposed to an equal amount of sufficient light without those unpleasant shadows.

Therefore, the ring light is greatly loved by many digital content creators.

How to buy and choose from so many styles of ring lights on the market?

First, from the ring diameter. For a large live broadcasting room, whole-body shots, and thus need a large ring light, it is recommended to directly choose the diameter of 18 inches and above the ring light. If it is in the room, or only shoots the upper body, the purchase of the diameter of the about 10-inch ring light is adequate.

Adjustable color temperature. The skin will look naturally soft in warm light, and it could make you feel relaxed and happy when chatting with the audience. If you want the space in warm but clearer or cleaner white, you may choose the warm white mode. The color presentation of the room is very important to the viewing experience. If you want the clearest display of your product or look, then white light is the best choice.

Power supply method. USB direct power supply method is simple and fast, not affected by the scene.

Raise and lower the height. Adjustable height ring light, whether standing live or sitting live.

Heat Dissipation performance. Led in the work will send out a lot of heat, if not timely dissipate heat, too high a temperatures will greatly reduce the overall lifetime of the ring light.

Overall I would recommend the Asnoty ring light, which meets all the above basic functions which should be there. Recently their 10-inch ring light is on sale, if you are a content creator, it is worth trying this ring light. 

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