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Best Robot Games for Android

In the best robot games for Android, robots are depicted as fearsome fighting machines that can kill their opponents and wreak havoc on their surroundings. They often increase the number of spectators and make a game more entertaining to play.

The best Robot Games for Android, Robot is a video game genre that features machines programmed on the computer to perform a number of tasks. To complete the tasks during the game, the player can control the robots either from the first-person perspective or from the third-person perspective. Video games with a robot theme have amazing gameplay with a number of objectives to fulfill and are in the strategy, exploration, combat and action genres. In some games, the player can change the robot’s look and behavior by using different goods and accessories before starting the game.

In the video game, you control a robot and equip it with weapons to defeat opponents. Transformers are fictional robots that can transform into various vehicles. In certain games, players can do amazing things, such as flying in a robot suit, launching deadly attacks, and destroying buildings; most popular genres, such as FPS, exploration games, high-speed combat, and science fiction, include robot elements. Below we have listed the best robot games for Android.

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Apex Legends

The popular PC and console game Apex Legends is now playable on Android smartphones and tablets. Battle royale with a focus on heroes was developed by Respawn Entertainment and made available by Electronic Arts in this action-packed game (EA). You can choose a Legends character right here. Overall, this is one of the best robot games for Android that you can download.

Each of the Legends has unique talents. To be the lone survivor, just as in previous battle royale games, you must gather the essential tools and weaponry. Both the scenery and the way each character’s strength and appearance are designed in Apex Legends suggest a futuristic setting. Even one of the characters, Pathfinder, has a fully robotic form.

Grand Robot Car Battle

The best robot games for Android, Action-Adventure, Exploration, and Racing gameplay make up Grand Robot Car Battle, which was created and released by Daring Master. The game’s open-world setting allows players to operate their preferred Autobot and explore the terrain from a third-person vantage point.

The player’s primary goal is to defend the globe from threats by completing a variety of tasks to gain points that can be exchanged for additional Auto bots and improvements. In robot or vehicle form, the player can control the environment. The user can change into a car during gameplay to experience driving and earn money by destroying Deception’s.

The Ultimate Robot Battle

The best robot games for Android you can play is Ultimate Robot Fighting, to start. This robot game features amazing graphics and the Fighting genre. Robots fighting each other in fists will amaze you. There are no buttons in this game because tapping and swiping serve as the controls. You can utilise a variety of robots and improve their powers to beat all foes. You have the option to play online multiplayer games in addition to the missions you must complete.

War robots

This is the best robot games for Android and iPhone available on Google Play and the App Store. It was created by Pixonic and is one of the editor’s pick games in the Google Play store. Its 600 MB size contributes to the fantastic, intense, and exhilarating experience it offers. The largest player versus player robotic combat game is called War Robot. Here, you can engage in combat with opponents from all over the world and show them who is the swiftest, most demanding, and most creative. You can also plan strategies to defeat your opponent to win the match.

You have 50 different robot fighters to pick from in this game, each with their own special abilities and designs, and you are free to play however you like. Either you can demolish and crush them, or you can save and guard them. You can choose from a number of weapons in this game.


A stunning female mecha is the main character of the near-future sci-fi 3D perspective bullet screen shooting game “Final Front.” Hundreds of attractive women driving a wide variety of enticing mechas are ready to meet you in this post-apocalyptic planet on the brink of collapse!

The game has a distinctive 3D barrage shooting action in which players must engage in combat in addition to dodging barrage attacks like bullets. They will confront a terrifying opponent with Ji men’s assistance, and the rhythmic nature of the battle will give gamers an experience like no other! This is the best robot games for Android.

Robot Car Mechanic Simulator

For Android, Clans created and released the best robot games for Android, Robot Car Mechanic Simulator. The game’s central setting, the auto workshop, is represented by an X-ray robot rather than a human figure. You can control a robot, and your main job will be to fix damaged cars by changing the tyres, the headlights, the colour, the dents, and more. You can use a variety of tools and replacement components to repair the problem with the damaged car.

To make money, deal with customers and fix their cars. There are numerous tasks to complete, including changing the engine’s oil, modifying the vehicle, applying new stickers, replacing body parts, and more. Develop a solid reputation as the go-to mechanic in your community by providing the best services and satisfying your clients.


You must be well-versed on this particular robot character. The protagonist of the video game created by Glu is RoboCop. This game’s graphics are of good quality, and the weaponry have a realistic appearance. The best robot game for Android that you can play for free and offline is called RoboCop. There are numerous missions you must do, and there are levels with multiple levels that make playing more exciting. Currently, this is the best robot games for Android you can check now.

Robot warfare

Robot warfare: Mech Battle by Azur Interactive Games Limited is in position three. This game features attractive 3D visuals, intricate robots, and stunning HD maps. It is a highly dynamic multiplayer robot war shooter. In order to defeat your opponents in six-on-six dynamics combat, you must create a garage of robots with special powers and weaponry. Overall, this is the best robot games for Android you can consider.

Choose from a large selection of robots with special abilities like climbing up buildings or hiding behind shields, etc. The most advanced premium robots are available for test drives, and you can obtain the best robots completely free of charge.

Gundam Supreme Battle

One of the video games based on the Gundam series is called Gundam Supreme Battle. Players can choose to personalize their mech by employing a variety of weaponry, including jetpacks, beams, guns, cannons, swords, and sniper rifles. The game is completely voiced in Japanese by the original cast. Choose your playstyle in every situation that works for you. Still, it is one of the best robot games for Android you can consider you can consider.

You can utilize long range weaponry to snipe the enemy from a distance, or you can approach close to them and engage them in close combat. For those who want to follow the narrative and build up their mechas, the game offers both story mode and PVP. You can only play the TW or KR versions of the game because there are currently no English versions available. This is one of the best robot games for Android you can download.


Amazing 3D action, puzzle, and single-player video game Mekorama was created and released by Martin Magni. You can control a robot in the game, and in order to advance, you must solve a variety of problems. The gameplay is wonderful and incredible. You can fully immerse yourself in the best robot games for Android experience with the game. There are fifty distinct puzzle stages in the game. As you advance in the game, the difficulty level increases.

As a little robot, you must ascend stairs to reach the level’s summit while dodging hazards in order to score more points. The game has a number of notable characteristics, like small instal size, collectible level cards, charming robots, and relaxing gameplay. By using construction bricks, you can create your own level and play the game how you like.


In a best robot games for Android, robots are portrayed as fearsome fighting machines that can murder opponents and wreck devastation on their surroundings. They frequently increase the number of spectators and make a game more entertaining to play.

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