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Best RSS Readers for Mac

An RSS feed is a set of instructions that reside on a website's server and are passed to a subscriber's RSS reader or aggregator on request. The feed tells the reader when new material, such as a news article, blog post, or audio or video clip, has been published on the website.

Really Simple Syndication, or RSS. It is a section of XML code that gathers content from your preferred web publications and adds it to an RSS reader programmed. You may access all of your subscription stuff in one location rather than visiting each of those websites separately. It’s particularly helpful if you read a lot of online media. By delivering all the most recent content to you in one location, RSS feeds offer a method to do away with this process.

This is the name of a feed from websites that makes sharing or indicating simple. Consider checking many blogs every day. Normally, you would visit each one separately to see if there was any new content, but with RSS feeds, everything is in one location. Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, stands for sharing or transferring. You can quickly subscribe to all of your favorite news websites using RSS, and you can group them all into a single folder named news. Below we have mentioned some of the best RSS Readers for Mac.

Here is the list of best RSS Readers for Mac

Reeder 2

On the iPad, iPhone, and Mac, Reeder enjoys the distinction of being the most well-liked RSS reader. It needs a Google Reader account to function, but creating one is not difficult. It features all the standard options for marking feeds (or individual stories) as read or “staring” them as favorites. Overall, this is one of the best RSS Readers for Mac that you can download.

Feeds are shown in a list and organized in subjects of your choosing, such as Technology, Sport, and so forth. In Reeder, there are many sharing possibilities, and Readability is also supported. When you click on an article headline, the app takes you to the original article; alternatively, you can view the original in Safari. A fantastic small news reader that has earned its popularity.

Feedly for Mac

The Feedly app for Mac is free. This RSS reader software is for you if Feedly and all of its features are extremely important to you. Since the app is only a wrapper for Feedly’s website, it doesn’t matter if there haven’t been any updates for more than three years. You have a dedicated window on your desktop with access to all the features of the Feedly website. You won’t get some of the traditional RSS features, like offline caching of synced articles, because it’s a web wrapper. This is the best RSS Readers for Mac.

Instead, you get all the extravagant features that Feedly’s online app is known for. You’ll enjoy using Feedly for Mac if you use the Feedly app on your iPhone or if you like Feedly’s features like starring, saving, Boards, popularity ranking of articles, and so forth. Just keep in mind that there is no offline support and that Reeder is a “proper” RSS app while this one is not.


The only open source RSS reader on this list is Vienna. The Old Reader and InoReader are the two services with which the app syncs, and it is free. Only available from the GitHub page, Vienna operates smoothly under macOS Sierra (sync was swift and painless), but it doesn’t have a modern aesthetic. It stands out that the design language of Sierra is still from the pre-Yosemite redesign phase.

Vienna is a reliable, stable, and feature-rich RSS reader despite certain design flaws. The fact that it is free is perhaps the main consideration. For now, this is one of the best RSS Readers for Mac you can consider.


That is obvious from the screenshot up top, where the layout, semi-transparent left panel, and font all rapidly catch the eye. But what we really appreciate are the subtle details that can’t be seen in a single screenshot. Like most RSS programmes, this one features three panels: a list of articles in the middle, feeds on the left, and the most recent article on the right.

However, Reeder will conceal panels based on how big the current window is, unlike any other software I tested. If you’re taking notes in another window, you can shrink the window to the side of your screen so you can only read the current article. Yes, it’s a minor detail that some users won’t even notice. Currently, this is the best RSS Readers for Mac you can check now.


Popular software that provides a simple and quick user interface is the NetNewsWire RSS reader app. Since it is an open-source programme, you can download it for nothing. This Mac programme lets you import the OPML file in addition to supporting Feedly and Feedbin. If you use RSS feeds frequently, you might be a paying subscriber to a feed service. You may quickly sync your NetNewsWire account to gain access to all of your feeds. Here you can read the best RSS Readers for Mac, this is the best choice for you.

For Feedly users, the same holds true. Your feed, including the items you’ve read, can be synced. The software offers a straightforward, two-column design with a retro feel. The layout of the majority of the apps on this list is similar, however this app is really straightforward. There are many customization options, and the UI can be navigated via keyboard shortcuts. If you want a free RSS reader, this is a wonderful choice.


You must take a look at ReadKit if you want an RSS reader software that supports a wide range of Read it later services, allows you to easily manage your feed subscriptions, and has a straightforward interface. This premium Mac reader is compatible with programmed like Readability, Pocket, and Instapaper, among others. These services can be used to arrange and save articles that you might wish to read later.

Through the design, the app also allows users to star a story. You may effortlessly manage your feed using the application’s Smart Folder feature. You can classify them according to various topics or categories, like Apple, Android, Mac, Windows, Entertainment, etc. Overall, this is the best RSS Readers for Mac you can consider.

News Explorer

News Explorer can help when you want your RSS reader to do more than just read RSS. One main feed may have RSS, JSON, Atom, and Twitter subscriptions added using the simple interface. RSS feeds for podcasts can also be added. In addition to its sources, article lists can have thumbnails that can have their visibility and alignment changed so that you can tailor the app to your preferences. Still, it is one of the best RSS Readers for Mac you can consider.

Reader view enables you to read articles in their entirety without any advertisements or extras. You can navigate directly to your content feed with only one click. Without leaving the app or opening a browser, you can reply and retweet to tweets directly from the app. Like their other RSS rivals, Pocket and Instapaper allow offline reading. You can also share articles via Facebook, Messages, and other sharing platforms.

Feed Wrangler

Because it features the most user-friendly interface, Feed Wrangler is a fantastic RSS reader programme. You can include websites, RSS, and even your preferred podcasts. This software is only accessible for the iOS operating system, however it may also be accessed online.

On iPhones, it maintains track of all the feeds, the unread ones, and the movies in various categories. This makes it simple to surf and browse through the various feed categories that you must read. The tools for managing your RSS feeds are only available through subscription purchases, which is the app’s only drawback. This is one of the best RSS Readers for Mac you can download.


You may stay informed about news pertaining to many themes and genres using NewsBlur. It enables adding feeds from either the URL or by conducting a search from any desired topic. You may check out all the stories for the topics you’ve chosen using this app. For now, this is one of the best RSS Readers for Mac.

By tapping the corresponding button at the bottom of the page, you can view all the feeds you have uploaded as well as those that have not yet been read. In addition to all of this, you can save any article you choose or view the articles shared by individuals around the world. You can keep track of all of your articles by seeing how many you’ve shared or saved.


Leaf is a sophisticated RSS feed reader that is incredibly simple to set up and use. It organizes all the standard bells and whistles into a really tidy-looking bundle. Using the drag and drop tool, you may manually subscribe to websites, combine other services, and organize your articles into folders.

To change the appearance, you can utilize bright and dark themes. Aside from some small annoyances, the article load time is what hinders Leaf. The time it takes for an article to load once you click on it is slightly longer than for the other services mentioned above. For now, this is the best RSS Readers for Mac.

Final Words

On a variety of digital platforms, including blogs, webpages, and more, RSS feeds are used. Online algorithms can curate information and provide tailored results that match audience preferences thanks to the power of RSS. Understanding how RSS feeds operate will help you navigate digital publishing with confidence, regardless of the type of content you produce. Staying current with RSS technology allows you to organize your content appropriately and produce more effective online products.

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