ListsBest Safari Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: to boost your productivity

Best Safari Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: to boost your productivity

Maximize efficiency and speed up browsing with Safari's top keyboard shortcuts

With keyboard shortcuts and hand movements, you can do a lot of things quickly in the Safari app on your Mac. Check out the best Safari Keyboard Shortcuts and gestures listed below, as well as the keyboard shortcuts in the menu bar of Safari. Shortcuts for the keyboard are shown as symbols in app menus. The keyboard shortcuts for apps can be different depending on the language and layout of your Mac’s keyboard.

If the shortcuts below don’t work as you expect, look in the app menus in the menu bar to find the right shortcuts. You can also use the Keyboard Viewer to look at the current layout of your keyboard, which is called an input source. Safari is the default web browser that comes with every Mac and Mac OS X. It is fast and light. You probably already know one or two keyboard shortcuts, but there are a lot more worth remembering in Safari that can make your web browsing much better.

We’ll talk about the different keystrokes for Safari on Mac. They’re divided into sections based on how you might use them, and we’ve also added a few multi-touch gestures for those of us with Macs that can do that. Below we have mentioned some of the best Safari Keyboard Shortcuts.

Best Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + TOpen a new tab
Command + WClose the current tab
Command + RRefresh the current page
Command + LHighlight the URL/address bar
Command + DAdd the current webpage to bookmarks
Command + Option + LShow or hide the downloads window
Command + Option + BShow or hide the bookmarks sidebar
Command + Option + FOpen the Find toolbar
Command + Option + COpen the Web Inspector
Command + Go forward to the next page
Command + Shift + ]Cycle through open tabs to the right
Command + Shift + [Cycle through open tabs to the left
Command + Shift + REnter Reader View for the current page
Command + Option + SShow or hide the Sidebar
Command + Option + TShow or hide the Tab Bar
Command + Shift + TReopen the last closed tab
Command + Shift + DAdd the current webpage to the reading list
Command + ,Open Safari preferences
Command + .Stop loading the current page
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