ListsBest Sales Acceleration Software 2023: to boost your revenue

Best Sales Acceleration Software 2023: to boost your revenue

which provides sales communication channels such as email, outbound calls, meeting management, and any additional tools needed to optimize customer relationships.

The best sales acceleration software is all about enhancing the pace of the sales process, and it can be attributed to various factors such as time and resource savings, ultimately leading to improved seller efficiency. Even though technology is getting better, sales is still changing and adapting along with it. In the business world of today, using sales acceleration technology is not an option; it’s a must if you want to stay competitive and help your industry grow.

The best Sales acceleration software is a flexible tool that can help you make your sales work better. Its main goal is to speed up the closing of deals while giving your customers richer and more satisfying experiences. With this kind of tool, you can keep a steady flow of deals moving through your sales pipeline, which will lead to more money in the long run.

Benefits of using sales acceleration software

Sales acceleration software can help sales teams and businesses improve their sales processes and results in a number of ways. Here are some of the best reasons to use software to speed up sales:

🚀 Increased Efficiency: Sales acceleration software automates tasks like data entry, lead prioritization, and follow-up emails that take a lot of time and are done over and over again. This lets sales reps focus on more important tasks, like getting to know prospects and closing deals.

🎯 Better Lead Generation: Many tools for speeding up sales have features for lead generation that make it easier to find and target potential customers. This can cause more qualified leads to come into the sales pipeline.

Faster Sales Cycle: Sales acceleration software makes the sales process run more smoothly by automating different steps, such as finding leads, following up with them, and closing deals. This can cut the amount of time it takes to turn prospects into customers by a lot.

📊 Lead Scoring: These tools often have lead scoring features that help sales teams put leads in order of how likely they are to convert. This makes sure that sales reps work on leads that are most likely to turn into sales.

📞 Better Communication: Most sales acceleration software comes with communication tools like email templates, automated follow-ups, and sales dialers. This helps sales reps keep in touch with prospects and customers regularly and on time.

Best Sales Acceleration Software Comparison Table

The best Sales Acceleration Software helps streamline sales processes, increase productivity, and improve interactions with customers. Each platform has its own strengths, such as SalesLoft’s multi-channel engagement and TruCadence’s smart list prioritization. Businesses can find the best fit for their sales needs by looking at things like how well the cadence works and how well it works with the CRM.

FeatureSaleshandyTruCadenceLead ConnectSalesLoftBeaconstac
PriceStarts at $29/user/monthStarts at $25/user/monthStarts at $19/user/monthStarts at $99/user/monthStarts at $39/user/month
Free trial14 days7 days14 days14 days14 days
Email trackingYesYesYesYesYes
Email automationYesYesYesYesYes
CRM integrationsYesYesYesYesYes
SMS marketingYesYesNoNoYes
Lead scoringYesYesNoYesYes
Customer support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support24/7 live chat, email, and phone support


Best Sales Acceleration Software
  • Email Tracking & Scheduling
  • Mail Merge & Automated Follow-ups
  • Document Tracking & Analytics
  • Email Templates & Campaigns
  • Email Verification

Saleshandy is one of the most well-known names in cold email outreach and lead generation. It gives you a web app that shows you how your email campaigns are doing and how engaged all of your customers are. A person can find out how interested their prospects are in their emails, which helps them make more targeted sales. Also, this tool is one of the least expensive in its field, which makes Saleshandy the best software for speeding up sales. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Acceleration Software you can consider now.

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  • Email tracking and scheduling for effective outreach.
  • Document tracking and sharing for enhanced collaboration.
  • Mail merge for personalized communication.
  • Analytics and reporting for insights into recipient engagement.


  • Limited to email-centric sales outreach.
  • May require integration with CRM for comprehensive lead management.


Best Sales Acceleration Software
  • Multi-Channel Cadence (calls, emails, social touches)
  • Local Presence Dialing
  • Intelligent List Prioritization
  • Conversation Analytics
  • Reporting & Dashboards

TruCadence is another software for managing sales engagement strategies that is based on a personalized sales cadence. It lets you email and call a lot of leads at once. TruCadence helps users focus on their most qualified leads and engage with them in a planned way through phone, email, and social media. You can implement user strategy on a large scale, which will help you sell more. Still, this is one of the best Sales Acceleration Software you can consider now.

It has parts of sales cadence software, power dialers, predictive intelligence, and sales gamification, so you can simplify your sales stack and save time. Sales managers can make sales processes that move leads through the sales pipeline in the best way possible. It will help keep track of interactions with leads, no matter what channel they use.


  • Multi-channel outreach through email, phone, and social media.
  • Sales cadence planning and automation for efficient lead nurturing.
  • A/B testing for optimizing outreach strategies.
  • Integration with popular CRM platforms.


  • Advanced features may require a learning curve.
  • Pricing structure may not suit smaller businesses.

Lead Connect

Best Sales Acceleration Software
  • Lead Generation & Prospecting
  • Email Verification & Enrichment
  • LinkedIn Automation & Outreach
  • CRM Integration
  • Drip Campaigns

LeadConnect is a great Sales Acceleration Tool because it helps you automate the way you work on LinkedIn. It lets you get good leads from LinkedIn by automating searches through the profiles of thousands of relevant people, service providers, and potential clients that you want to find. Using LeadConnect with LinkedIn will help your sales team be more productive by automating their lead generation tasks and letting them focus on talking to warm prospects. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Acceleration Software you can consider now.


  • LinkedIn automation for lead generation.
  • Personalized messaging and follow-ups.
  • Campaign tracking for performance assessment.
  • Workflow automation for streamlined processes.


  • Focus primarily on LinkedIn outreach.
  • Limited features compared to comprehensive sales suites.


Best Sales Acceleration Software
  • Cadence & Email Sequences
  • Sales Dialer & Conversation Intelligence
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Selling Capabilities

SalesLoft speeds up the speed of a sales organization by letting them build, share, and carry out their pattern of sales steps across email, phone, and social by helping sellers make more connections and close more deals than before. Teams can also respond to buying signals faster with real-time email tracking, and the integrated dialer lets users make calls, log them, and record them from anywhere. SalesLoft can connect to more than 35 other companies that sell sales technology. Thus, this is one of the best Sales Acceleration Software you can consider now.


  • Multi-channel communication through email, phone, and social media.
  • Cadence planning and automation for systematic outreach.
  • Integration with CRM and other sales tools for seamless workflow.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for performance evaluation.


  • Higher pricing tiers for access to advanced features.
  • May require training for optimal utilization.


Best Sales Acceleration Software
  • Proximity Marketing (BLE Beacons)
  • Location-based Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Analytics & Reporting
  • Mobile Wallet Integration
  • Content Management & Personalization

Beaconstac offers a cutting-edge way for salespeople to share their contact information through digital business cards. With Beaconstac’s digital business cards, salespeople can make their own cards with their name, title, photo, email address, phone number, links to their social media accounts, and more. Google Wallet and Apple Wallet make it easy to save and share the cards, which makes it easy to share information. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Acceleration Software you can consider now.


  • Proximity marketing for location-based sales.
  • QR code campaigns for offline-to-online engagement.
  • Analytics for tracking customer interactions.
  • Integration with marketing automation tools.


  • Specialized in proximity marketing, not a comprehensive sales suite.
  • Limited to businesses with a physical presence.

How does sales acceleration software work?

Sales acceleration software helps sales teams work faster and better by streamlining and automating different parts of the sales process. Here’s a general rundown of how most sales acceleration software works:

🚀 Lead Generation: Tools for lead generation are often a part of sales acceleration software. This can be done by scraping websites, using AI algorithms to find possible leads, or bringing in leads from outside sources. The software helps build a list of prospects or possible customers.

📊 Lead Scoring: Once the software has collected leads, it may use algorithms for lead scoring. These algorithms give each lead a number value based on things like their demographics, behavior, and how much they interact with your content. This helps figure out which leads have the best chance of turning into customers.

🌟 Sales Prospecting: The software can help sales teams find new clients and do it better. This can be done by sending personalized emails, making cold calls, or even using social media. Some software tools for speeding up sales come with sales cadence automation, which plans and runs the outreach process.

📧 Email Outreach: Software for speeding up sales often has features for tracking and automating email. Sales reps can send personalized emails to leads, keep track of when recipients open and interact with emails, and set up automated follow-up sequences based on how recipients act.

📞 Sales Dialers: Some sales acceleration tools have sales dialers built in or can be used with dialing software from a third party. With features like click-to-dial, call recording, and call logging, this makes it easier for sales reps to make outbound calls.


How can sales acceleration software benefit my sales team?

Sales acceleration software can help your team by reducing the number of manual tasks, improving the quality of leads, speeding up outreach, giving data-driven insights, and, in the end, helping you close deals faster and better.

Is sales acceleration software suitable for small businesses?

Yes, businesses of all sizes, even small ones, can benefit from sales acceleration software. It can help small businesses find new customers, keep track of their relationships with them, and close deals faster. This is especially helpful when resources are limited.

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