ArticleListsBest Sales Intelligence Software 2023: to boost your business

Best Sales Intelligence Software 2023: to boost your business

Sales information is any information that companies collect to facilitate sales.

The best sales intelligence software is a valuable tool for companies aiming to boost their sales and enhance their sales processes. This software uses data from both inside and outside the company to reach these goals. Its main job is to improve both the quality and the number of sales leads. It does this by using large databases of B2B contacts to find new business opportunities.

In addition to these basic features, some sales intelligence solutions go the extra mile by giving valuable information like buying signals and recent events like funding rounds, company transfers, or changes in technology stacks. These insights give sales teams strategic clues that help them reach out at the right time and to the right people. Below we have mentioned the best sales intelligence software.

Why Use Sales Intelligence Software?

Sales intelligence software is a useful tool for businesses and sales teams that want to get better results from their sales processes. Here are a few of the most important reasons why companies use sales intelligence software:

🔍 Better Lead Generation: Sales intelligence software helps find and target high-quality leads by giving information about the behavior, preferences, and demographics of potential customers. This lets sales teams concentrate on prospects who are more likely to become customers.

📊 Better research on prospects: Sales intelligence tools provide a lot of information about prospects, such as their contact information, job titles, companies they work for, and what they do online. With this information, sales reps can make their pitches and approaches more relevant and personal.

🎯 Sales Prioritization: Sales intelligence software helps prioritize leads based on how likely they are to convert by looking at data about leads and giving them scores or rankings. This makes sure that the sales team spends its time and money on the best opportunities.

🔥 Cold calling is less necessary because sales intelligence tools help find warm leads who have already shown interest in your products or services. This makes outreach work more effective and more focused.

👥 Competitive Analysis: Most sales intelligence software has features that let you keep an eye on your competitors. This lets businesses know what their competitors are doing, what strategies they are using, and where they stand in the market. This helps them make better decisions.

Best Sales Intelligence Software Comparison Table

The table below shows how the best Sales Intelligence Software options compare in terms of their most important features, prices, and user ratings. It helps businesses make smart choices by evaluating things like lead generation, data accuracy, integration capabilities, and customer support to find the best sales and marketing solution for their needs.

FeatureContact DatabaseCompany InformationLead GenerationEmail FinderSales InsightsContact EnrichmentSales Prospecting
D&B HooversYesYesYesLimitedYesYesYes
ZoomInfo SalesOSYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorYesLimitedYesLimitedYesYesYes


Best Sales Intelligence Software


  • AI-driven lead generation
  • Contact and company data enrichment
  • Sales cadence and email automation

Cognism says that it is a platform for sales intelligence around the world. Technographics, firmographics, intent data, and business emails are some of the ways it can give you contact information. Their coverage is best in Europe, but sometimes it’s hard to find direct contact information. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Intelligence Software you can consider now.

You can ask for verification whenever you want, but that’s not part of the standard package. You’ll have to pay more. At the same time, it is said that their platform doesn’t have enough features that make it easy to use. Lastly, you can’t really try it out on your own before making a decision because their trial version needs the help of a salesperson.

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  • Accurate and up-to-date contact data.
  • Integrates with various CRM systems.
  • AI-driven lead generation.


  • Limited company information compared to some competitors.
  • Pricing may be on the higher side for small businesses.

D&B Hoovers

Best Sales Intelligence Software


  • Extensive business database
  • Company insights and financial data
  • Sales prospecting and lead generation tools

Dun and Bradstreet is one of the oldest names in the business information industry, and it is known for its credit reporting. D&B Hoovers is the digital sales intelligence arm of the company. It uses credit scoring to get information about the company. Their clients use their service to find prospects, and they can get dozens of data filters to make their searches more precise.

But because they focus on information about credit, it is hard for them to get up-to-date contact information. Keep in mind that D&B Hoovers gets pretty bad reviews for how accurate and accessible its data are. Still, this is one of the best Sales Intelligence Software you can consider now.


  • Extensive database with company information.
  • Helps identify potential customers and partners.
  • Offers financial data and credit reports.


  • Can be expensive for small businesses.
  • Complex interface for new users.
  • Limited support for lead generation.

Best Sales Intelligence Software


  • Sales engagement platform
  • CRM integration
  • Contact and lead database management calls itself a “all-in-one sales intelligence platform.” It has tools for lead generation, but also for scheduling and getting sales people involved. even has an app that uses AI to make emails for specific people. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Intelligence Software you can consider now.

But it’s not good enough. Like ZoomInfo, has a focus on the US and contact data quality that varies. is not officially GDPR-certified, and it is not clear how it collects information, which is a problem for sales teams that care about privacy laws. Some users say that it can be hard to use the platform and add-ons.


  • Comprehensive lead database.
  • Powerful prospecting and outreach tools.
  • Integration with popular email platforms.


  • Higher pricing for full-feature plans.
  • Some users may find the user interface less intuitive.
  • Smaller company database compared to giants like ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo SalesOS 

Best Sales Intelligence Software


  • B2B contact and company data
  • Sales intelligence analytics
  • Integration with CRM and marketing tools

Through their services that help manage the sales funnel, ZoomInfo helps sales and marketing teams find leads and follow up with them. Users of ZoomInfo can use a profile of their ideal customer to search the database for possible prospects who are similar to their dream customers. Thus, this is one of the best Sales Intelligence Software you can consider now.

ZoomInfo is one of the best-known names in the business, but it also has some problems. There are also long refresh cycles and HQ phone numbers that are mostly for prospects in the US. Concerns also include the fact that the platform is not easy to use and that setting up CSV and CRM is hard. Onboarding for ZoomInfo is known to take weeks and involve whole teams of reps.


  • Large and diverse company and contact database.
  • Integrates well with CRM and other sales tools.
  • Advanced search and filtering options.


  • High cost, especially for smaller businesses.
  • Overwhelming for beginners due to its extensive features.
  • Limited features in the basic plan.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Best Sales Intelligence Software


  • Targeted lead searching on LinkedIn
  • InMail messaging and relationship-building tools
  • Team collaboration features

LinkedIn is the best social media site for businesses to sell to other businesses, which everyone knows. Sales Navigator uses the data that its members give it. Users can look at LinkedIn’s huge database of both individual and business contacts and then use one of Sales Navigator’s filters to narrow down the information.

LinkedIn will also add its own suggestions for contacts to a prospect list based on the user’s search. And because it’s LinkedIn, clients can easily connect with the prospects they find through the software and reach out to them. Overall, this is one of the best Sales Intelligence Software you can consider now.


  • Access to a vast professional network.
  • Integration with LinkedIn profiles.
  • Easy to use for professionals familiar with LinkedIn.


  • Limited company information compared to specialized platforms.
  • Requires a separate LinkedIn Premium subscription.
  • Can be costly for a team or organization.

How to Choose the Right Sales Intelligence Software for Your Business?

Getting the right sales intelligence software for your business is important if you want to improve your sales processes, make more money, and stay ahead of the competition. Here are some steps that will help you make a good choice:

🎯 Define Your Sales Goals and Objectives: Start by making your sales goals and objectives very clear. With sales intelligence software, what do you want to do? Whether you want to increase sales, improve lead generation, or enhance your relationships with customers, the first step is to know what your goals are.

🔍 Assess Your Current Sales Process: Look at your current sales process and figure out where it hurts or where it could be better. Where are you having trouble, and how can sales intelligence software help you?

💰 Set Your Budget: Figure out how much money you can spend on sales intelligence software. If you know how much you can invest, you can narrow down your choices and make sure you don’t spend too much.

🔎 Explore and Compare Possible Solutions: Find out what sales intelligence software is available on the market. Find vendors you can trust and make a list of possible solutions. Think about things like features, scalability, ease of use, and the ability to integrate.

🧩 Key Features to Consider: Figure out which features are most important to your business. Lead generation, contact management, CRM integration, predictive analytics, reporting, and email tracking are all common features of sales intelligence software. Make a list of features that are must-haves and nice-to-haves.


What is the sales intelligence strategy?

The main goal of sales intelligence is to help you know your current and potential customers better. The more information you have about a person, the easier it is to sell them something because you know what they need and what problems they are having.

What does cognism do?

Cognism is a powerful sales intelligence platform that helps sales teams find people they want to do business with and get in touch with them. Cognism does this by giving decision-makers in EMEA, the US, and APAC fresh, relevant, and accurate company and contact-level data, such as business emails and mobile numbers.

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