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Best Screen Sharing Software

Screen sharing involves sharing access to your computer screen. Other users can then see your screen and track your activities in real time - ideal for scenarios like online presentations or meetings. Screen sharing saves you the hassle of sending files, documents, or videos.

A crucial tool for cooperation, communication, and even pleasure is screen sharing. This saves your staff the time and effort of needing to produce new files on other devices, whether it be with a colleague or client. We may also use this type of tool to cast movies and videos in our daily lives. You may share screens for free by using some of the best screen-sharing apps listed in this post.

It can be simple to remotely collaborate on projects, explore with a friend, demo products, onboard new clients, and more via screen sharing. When done incorrectly, screen sharing may give you a significant headache and cause you to have “Can you see my screen yet?” nightmares. This makes choosing the best screen-sharing application crucial. Over the course of my more than six years of remote work, we have used a variety of screen sharing apps to interact with team members and clients. Below we have mentioned some of the best Screen Sharing Software.

Here is the list of Best Screen Sharing Software


One of the top video conferencing tools for managing team meetings, sales presentations, and webinars is called Zoom. The staff at Zapier can directly attest to its dependability as long-time users. Zoom maintains a video connection even over sluggish networks by altering quality according to capacity. Overall, this is one of the best Screen Sharing Software that you can download.

This is especially helpful for screen sharing, which Zoom makes simple regardless of the situation. Hosting a screen sharing session for a non-Zoom user is unlikely to result in inconvenient waiting times or compatibility concerns because Zoom offers a lightweight installer for almost every operating system, Linux distribution, and mobile OS.


You and your team presumably already chat on Slack. It functions as a dashboard and global activity feed because to its numerous integrations with the other work-related apps you use. Why not host and record your meetings using Slack as there is already so much activity there? If you already pay for Slack, there’s no need to spend money on another screen-sharing application for internal collaboration.

Sessions can be held in private or left open for channel members to join and leave at any time. Every session is recorded, preserved, and searchable in the channel together with the rest of your communication logs. Host switching, group annotation, and the use of individual participants’ cursors on the host’s screen are all features of Slack’s screen sharing. This is the best Screen Sharing Software.


As a top worldwide technology business, TeamViewer provides a safe remote connectivity platform that allows users to remotely access, manage, control, monitor, and support any device across all platforms. TeamViewer has more than 600,000 users and has been downloaded onto more than 2.5 billion devices. It is free for personal, non-commercial use.

Through constant innovation in the areas of remote connectivity, augmented reality, the internet of things, and digital customer engagement, TeamViewer enables businesses from all sectors to digitally change their mission-critical activities. For now, this is one of the best Screen Sharing Software you can consider.


Screenleap is one of the most straightforward screen-sharing programs available, but users like it because of how simple it is to use. With Screenleap, you have a variety of screen sharing choices. You can add an extension to your browser or download the program to your phone or PC. Currently, this is the best Screen Sharing Software you can check now.

Screenleap is a great option if you need to have a brief brainstorming session with a coworker or want to present to a customer without making them download a desktop sharing tool. How then does this operate? Making an account with Screenleap is all that is required to receive a permanent URL and a six-digit number.

Google Meet

You’ll find Google Meet to be quite useful if you use Google at work. The primary selling feature of the application is that it is a totally free screen-sharing program. Yes, that is accurate. All users need is a Google account, which the majority of us already have. You have the ability to share displays during both voice and video calls with Google Meet.

You can select a presenter and begin a screen share during a call. You can schedule meetings using this screen-sharing technology and Google Calendar, which distributes the meeting URL to all participants. Even if Google Meet doesn’t have a ton of capabilities (such screen recording without the use of additional apps), it’s still a blessing that it’s free. Overall, this is the best Screen Sharing Software you can consider.

Microsoft Teams

Zoom and other video chat apps received a lot of attention because to the Covid epidemic, which prompted Microsoft to actively publicize its own collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, which was originally introduced in 2017. Although Microsoft Teams has commercial versions, the majority of users access the free service. Still, it is one of the best Screen Sharing Software you can consider.

The tool can be accessed directly from the Microsoft website or downloaded as an application for PCs and mobile devices. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android all support the app. Users gain continued access to a chat after joining a team. Any team member may initiate an event and invite other team members, either all at once or in groups. Meeting participants have the option of using an icon, a photo, or cutting in to provide live video of themselves.


Drovio is an interactive screen-sharing application created with activities like pair programming in mind. It was formerly known as USE Together. With this program, numerous individuals can collaborate on a project at once since each meeting participant receives their own cursor that they can use to control the host’s screen. You must install the Drovio desktop application in order to host or take part in a screen-sharing session with Drovio using your cursor.

However, using the private link created when the host sets the call, other participants can observe the session through their browsers. By sharing just one window with others on Drovio, users may manage what other people view on their desktop, and the host can retake control at any time to prevent abuse. What’s best? You won’t be charged for any inactive accounts because you only get charged for the time your team members actually use the app. This is one of the best Screen Sharing Software you can download.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a choice worth considering if you’re looking for a better screen sharing program than Google Meet but don’t want to pay for it. One of the best productivity and collaboration tools for companies and organizations of all kinds, Microsoft Teams is a relatively new screen-sharing platform. With up to 300 participants, you may hold HD audio and video conferences with Teams. For now, this is the best Screen Sharing Software.

Microsoft Teams also offers screen sharing during calls, in case it wasn’t clear. The host can lock the share screen so that only they can share their screen material, and both the host and the participants can share their screens. When using screen share, you also receive annotation features, which is beneficial for training or brainstorming sessions. The session can also be recorded using the built-in call recording feature and sent to the cloud for subsequent review by participants.

Final Words

Access to your computer screen is shared when you use screen sharing. This makes it possible for other users to view your screen and observe your behavior in real time, which is great for situations like online meetings or presentations. You can save time and effort by sharing your screen rather than sending files, documents, or movies.

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Jonathan Williams
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