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Best Shopping Malls In Jeddahe

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Jeddah is known for its plethora of malls, and you never run out of shopping options. Shopping is something of a national pastime in Saudi Arabia, and locals and visitors alike make shopping in Jeddah an integral part of their daily lives. Whether you spend big on the latest designer bag or prefer to haggle over spices and incense in the souk, shopping in Jeddah is sure to be a part of your trip to Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is the city of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is a port city on the Red Sea. Jeddah is the modern commercial center and the gateway to the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

The best places to shop in the city of Jeddah are the malls. The city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia is a modern commercial center of the country. It is a shopping paradise, mainly due to the wide variety of shopping options that are available here. The city, which is often known as the gateway for pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, has numerous shopping malls that offer a shopping experience like no other. Here you can not only buy the best brands, but also a wide range of entertainment in the shopping malls.

Here is the list of the best malls in Jeddah

red sea mall

This is not just for shopping fans, but also for history buffs. Yes, you read it right. The mall has a historic section where visitors can take a stroll down Heritage Lane. This area is adorned with traditional decorations and paintings from historic Saudi Arabia, as well as boutiques selling local clothing and items. Don’t worry, the 242,200-square-foot space includes plenty of stores, from high-end stores like Burberry and Coach to mainstream stores like Centrepoint and H&M. Furniture stores are also available such as HOM and Pottery Barn. Red Sea even has an art gallery for those in the mood for art, Gallery. You can also stay at the Elaf Jeddah Hotel, which is part of the mall.

arabia mall

Located 10 minutes from the airport, the Mall of Arabia offers visitors a wide range of contemporary boutiques, from international brands to local designs and unique discoveries, with approximately 408 stores and shops. As one of the most popular travel destinations for families and individuals, the Mall of Arabia offers entertainment and shopping options, covering a large area of ​​approximately 261,000 square meters. Around 3,000 parking spaces have been set up to offer comfort and safety to visitors.

Corniche Shopping Center

While most of Jeddah’s malls are located in the suburbs, the Corniche Mall is uniquely located on the picturesque waterfront near the heart of Jeddah city. Fortunately, the Corniche Commercial Center didn’t have to sacrifice size or variety for its prime location. This Jeddah mall has 11 floors housing international clothing and electronics brands, as well as local favorites selling toys and jewelry.

the castle

Another place where shoppers can get all the excitement and fun they need is Le Chateau, Jeddah’s best mall in terms of structural design. With some world class brands like Versace, Kenzo, D&G Kids and Pronovias, the mall offers everything for your luxury shopping experience. Interestingly, shopping is not the only experience that can be enjoyed here. Instead, there are numerous things to do in Jeddah when it comes to Le Chateau. Although there is no food court here unlike other malls where a food court is part of the premises, the mall does have several restaurants like Piatto, Steak House, etc.


If you are looking for the perfect souvenir to commemorate your trip to Jeddah, head to the Al-Balad souks. Literally translated as “the city”, Al-Balad is the historic center of the city and a must-see for those seeking the best traditional shopping in Jeddah. Try to avoid visiting during the heat of the afternoon, as you’ll be out in the open as you hop from store to store perusing the wares and admiring the 14th-century architecture. If you’re happy with a bit of haggling, Al-Balad is a great place to shop cheap in Jeddah. You’ll find plenty of locals doing their weekly grocery shopping mixed with visitors looking for bargain-priced gold jewelry.

Al-Salaam Mall

It is a recreational area similar to a theme park, extensive and landscaped. There are many shopping opportunities here. It is considered one of the fabulous shopping malls in Jeddah. They are numerous international and local restaurants, cafes. There are also several food stalls in the food court. They have a wide variety of brands, whether international or local. They’re opening a movie theater soon. Many brand name and local clothing stores, home stores, accessories, beauty products, and a large food court. A play area is also available for children’s entertainment.

Tahlia Street

Those looking for luxury shopping in Jeddah should plan a visit to Tahlia Street. Located in the most affluent neighborhood in all of Saudi Arabia, Tahlia Street offers the best luxury shopping in Jeddah. Shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Prada line the palm-lined streets. The area is also home to small boutiques, department stores and shopping malls such as Tahlia Mall and Serafi Mega Mall. Branches of Danube supermarkets and bakeries are also in the area, so you can also do your grocery shopping.

Serafi Mega Mall

Another one of these Jeddah malls that is very popular with shoppers coming to the city is the Serafi Mega Mall. The mall is a place that offers visitors more than just shopping. It has several establishments and stores of high quality brands such as Victoria’s Secret, MAC and H&M. Looking at Serafi Mall, one can find numerous activities in Saudi Arabia. Do you want to experience the fun of snow in Saudi Arabia? Serafi Mall has an ice rink for you. Would you like to try activities like go-karting, laser tagging and bowling? The mall has you covered. Also, if you feel hungry while spending your time at Serafi Mega Mall, here are some dining options that are very popular with visitors.


For the crème de la crème of shops, Boulevard is a complete luxury experience. It contains flagship stores of the most famous names in the world, such as Prada, Gucci, Armani and Loewe. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it’s still fun to walk around the open plaza with all these fashion socialites around you. It’s a place straight out of a posh French Quarter.

special anna

Ana Special is a shopping center that lives up to its name. It is not only known for its spectacular decoration, but also because it includes unique stores of local brands. It includes boutiques like Fash Flare, Sotra Boutique and Hatoon Box. In addition, Ana Special Mall offers Glow Cafe and Shababeek Restaurant, two places that serve delicious dishes and drinks. To keep the traditions alive, it also includes Cafe Hal Al-Kaif for an amazing hail gahwa.

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