ListsBest Small Business Ideas 2023: to start your venture today

Best Small Business Ideas 2023: to start your venture today

Discover lucrative small business concepts to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey and achieve financial independence.

Embarking on the journey of launching your own small business can be a truly rewarding endeavor. It gives you the chance to run your professional life on your own terms, without bosses or supervisors telling you what to do. The process of coming up with and developing the best small business ideas gives you a sense of purpose and gives your life more meaning. It also gives you the power to build a sense of community, create job opportunities, and make a big difference in your local economy.

Small businesses are very important to the economy of the United States. They are the backbone of the economy. With more than 30 million small businesses helping the economy grow, there are almost endless ways for you to start your own business. All you need is a creative idea for a small business, some time to think about it, a way to get money, and the skills to run the business well. If you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start, here is a list of best small business ideas for you to think about.

What is a Small Business?

Most of the time, a small business is a privately owned and run business that is small in terms of the number of employees, revenue, assets, and market reach. The exact criteria for calling a business “small” can vary by country and industry, but there are some things that most small businesses have in common:

🔍 Fewer Employees: Small businesses usually have between a few and a few hundred employees, depending on the industry.

💰 Less Money in the Bank: Small businesses usually make less money in the bank than larger corporations. Their money may not be as much as what you have.

🎯 Focus on a local market or a niche: Many small businesses don’t work on a global scale. Instead, they serve local markets or niche industries.

👩‍👩‍👦 Small businesses are usually owned and run by one or a few people or families, not by the public or a big company.

🌱 Small businesses may not have easy access to money, technology, and other resources, which can affect how they run and how much they can grow.

Best Small Business Ideas Comparison Table

The table below compares the best small business ideas and gives you important details about each one. It gives a brief overview of each small business opportunity, including startup costs, potential profits, market demand, and the ability to grow. This helps entrepreneurs make smart decisions and choose the best small business opportunity to pursue.

CriteriaTutoringMusic and Voice LessonsBookkeeperDropshipping WebsiteCopywriter
Nature of ServiceEducationalEducationalFinancialE-commerceCreative Writing
Skill RequirementsExpertise in SubjectMusical/Vocal SkillsAccounting SkillsE-commerce KnowledgeWriting Skills
Licensing/CertificationOptionalPreferredRequiredNot RequiredNot Required
Startup CostsMinimalModerateModerateModerateMinimal
Equipment/SoftwareComputerMusical InstrumentsAccounting SoftwareE-commerce PlatformComputer
Client InteractionIn-Person/OnlineIn-Person/OnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
Income PotentialModerate to HighModerate to HighModerate to HighModerate to HighModerate to High
Market DemandVaries by SubjectSteadyStableCompetitiveSteady
Time CommitmentFlexibleFlexibleFlexibleModerate to HighFlexible
RiskLow to ModerateLow to ModerateLow to ModerateModerateLow to Moderate


Best Small Business Ideas


  • Personalized education services.
  • Flexible hours and location.
  • High demand for various subjects and skills.
  • Potential for online tutoring.

If you know a lot about a certain subject, you can become a tutor and help students who are having trouble in class. You don’t need a certificate to become a tutor, but you should know everything there is to know about the subject. Tutors usually have college degrees in the subjects they teach.

To reach more people, you can teach in person or online. You might want to buy some tools to help you teach, like Canvas or Blackboard. These will help you talk to online students in a better way. You can advertise yourself or join a site like BuffTutor that brings students to you. Still, this is one of the best Small Business Ideas you can consider now.

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  • High demand for personalized education.
  • Low startup costs.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Ability to specialize in a subject.


  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand.
  • Competition from established tutoring centers.
  • May require certifications for certain subjects.

Music and Voice Lessons

Best Small Business Ideas


  • Specialized skill-based teaching.
  • Opportunities for in-person or virtual lessons.
  • Targeted audience (musicians and aspiring artists).
  • Can offer group classes or one-on-one sessions.

Do you know how to play an instrument or have “golden pipes”? Do you also like to teach? Sharing your skills with other people can help them become more interested in the arts. Depending on what works best for you, you can either set up a studio at your home or go to your clients’ homes. Because of its flexibility, this place has a lot of options.

Parents who want their kids to take music or voice lessons can find you at local schools or community theaters. If you’re a good teacher, you’ll get new clients quickly through word of mouth. This cuts down on the amount of marketing you have to do. Overall, this is one of the best Small Business Ideas you can consider now.


  • Passion-driven business.
  • High potential for repeat customers.
  • Can charge premium rates for expertise.
  • Flexibility in teaching locations.


  • Limited income during initial growth.
  • Competition from established music schools.
  • May require specific qualifications or certifications.


Best Small Business Ideas


  • Financial management and organization.
  • Essential for businesses of all sizes.
  • Steady demand for accurate bookkeeping.
  • Can work remotely or in-person.

Starting a bookkeeping business could be a good idea if you are good with numbers and pay attention to the little things. Bookkeepers sell their services to small businesses that need help keeping track of their finances, making payroll, and getting tax information. You would need to be very organized and aware of the risks that come with managing someone else’s finances. If you go this route, make sure you form an LLC.

Even though you don’t need specific credentials to become a bookkeeper, getting something like the QuickBooks Bookkeeping Certification will not only teach you a lot but also give potential clients confidence in your skills. But getting the certification could cost you as much as $450. Overall, this is one of the best Small Business Ideas you can consider now.


  • Steady demand for financial services.
  • Potential for recurring clients.
  • Low overhead costs.
  • Can work remotely.


  • Requires strong accounting skills.
  • Seasonal workload fluctuations.
  • Competition from larger firms.
  • Liability for errors.

Dropshipping Website

Best Small Business Ideas


  • E-commerce without inventory costs.
  • Low startup and operational expenses.
  • Access to a global customer base.
  • Requires digital marketing and product selection skills.

A website that does dropshipping advertises products that it doesn’t keep in stock. Instead, it has a deal with a distributor that lets that person take your orders and send them to your customers. This gets rid of the cost of having inventory and makes it possible for a business owner to market and sell more products. Thus, this is one of the best Small Business Ideas you can consider now.

To start a dropshipping business, you will need to find dropshippers to work with. There are big companies like Oberlo and Alibaba that do this. These companies have a lot of products. You’ll also need to make a website where the products can be seen. If you need help setting up a website, it could cost you $500 to $1,000 to get started.


  • Low startup costs and inventory requirements.
  • Wide range of product niches available.
  • Flexible location and hours.
  • Scalability potential.


  • Intense competition in e-commerce.
  • Reliance on third-party suppliers.
  • Margins can be slim.
  • Customer service and logistics challenges.


Best Small Business Ideas


  • Writing content for marketing and advertising.
  • Creative and versatile skillset.
  • Remote work opportunities.
  • Can specialize in various niches

Almost every business has a website, and most of them have some kind of blog or other content that they share. This content needs to be written, but most business owners don’t have time to do it themselves. They hire a writer with experience. This can be a good business for you if you are interested in certain topics, know how to do deep research, and can write well.

A computer with a good internet connection is all you need to get started. Many writers advertise their services on LinkedIn or in social media groups for business. You can also offer your services to the marketing directors of businesses. Overall, this is one of the best Small Business Ideas you can consider now.


  • High demand for content in digital marketing.
  • Freelance or remote work opportunities.
  • Creative expression and flexibility.
  • Potential for high earnings with experience.


  • Inconsistent income for freelancers.
  • Competitive market.
  • Client demands and deadlines can be demanding.
  • Need for continuous skill development.

How to Choose the Right Small Business Idea for You?

Choosing the right small business idea for you is a very important choice that depends on many things, such as your skills, interests, the needs of the market, and your financial situation. Here are some steps that will help you choose the best small business idea:

🚀 Attraction: Make a detailed business plan that explains your business idea, your target market, your marketing strategy, your financial projections, and your plan for running the business. A business plan will help you figure out what you want to do and get money if you need it.

🧐 Check and make sure: Before going all in, you might want to start small or do a test run to see if your business idea will work. Get feedback from potential customers so that you can improve what you’re selling.

👥 Ask for Help: Talk to mentors, experts in your field, or business advisors. Their knowledge and advice can help you make smart choices.

⚠️ Taking care of risks: Consider the risks that come with your business idea and come up with a way to deal with them. Think about things like market volatility, competition, and the state of the economy.

🔭 Long-range plan: Think about how your business will last in the long run. Think about scalability, opportunities for growth, and changing market trends.

💡 Just follow your gut: In the end, you should trust your instincts and gut feelings. If you have a strong feeling about a business idea, it might be a good one to go with.


What is the most profitable small business idea?

Most businesses will be profitable if they are in a high-growth industry with low startup costs, less competition, and a good long-term outlook. Some examples are financial services, personal services (like personal training or pet care), supplies for pets and babies, and retail stores in good locations.

What business to start with $100 000?

If you want to start your own business and have about $100,000 saved up, you have a lot of great options. You could open a bakery, a brewery, or a restaurant. You could also go into construction, manufacturing, solar power, healthcare, booking travel, or flipping houses.

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