ArticleListsBest Snipping Tools for Windows 2023: your complete guide to making choices

Best Snipping Tools for Windows 2023: your complete guide to making choices

Snipping Tool is a Microsoft Windows screenshot utility included in Windows Vista and later. It can take pictures of an open window, rectangular areas, a free area, or the entire screen.

When I need to take screenshots on my computer, Snipping Tools, also known as Screenshot Capturing Software, comes in very handy. They make it easy to take pictures of your desktop or just a part of your screen. Even more impressive is the fact that some of these programs do more than just take screenshots. They have tools for editing pictures, recording your screen, and more.

A new program named snip and draw was then released in version. This was initially a feature of Windows Ink Workspace. The most practical free applications, including novice and experienced photo editors, are included in this list. You may add comments, images, or even a voiceover to a picture you’ve taken with a snipping tool program.

There are programs for Windows, as well as open-source online versions, that allow for efficient and ad-free screen capture. Digital designers and photographers frequently use it. These tools are frequently used by content producers to improve their aesthetics, make memes, and even short videos. The snipping tools might also be used as simple recorders with built-in photo/video editing capabilities.

Here is the list of 8 best Snipping Tools for Windows

Screen Rec

ScreenRec is a high-resolution cropping tool that makes it perfect for anyone who wants to take high-resolution screenshots with a single button, annotate them, and share them in minutes. This screenshot software automatically saves screenshots to the cloud.

This tool ranks high on the list because it offers the most convenient way to snip, that is, to take a screenshot. All you need to remember is a simple keyboard shortcut (Alt+S) to do the job. Not only that, it allows you to capture HD images with a single click, annotate them and share them in a split second.

Perhaps the best alternative to Snipping Tool, ScreenRec offers pretty much the easiest way to do snipping on Windows. All you have to do is remember a simple keyboard shortcut (Alt-S). It also automatically saves images to the cloud so they are not lost.v


Lightshot is one of the best free snipping tools for Windows 10 for those who want to take screenshots and edit them within the same app without hassle. Often called an “alternative to Greenshot,” Lightshot is a Windows screen cropping tool that allows you to quickly take a photo of your desktop or selected region and share it.

Somewhat like ScreenRec, you immediately get a shareable link and can upload the image to Lightshot’s servers. Lightshot also has an image search function that allows you to search for images similar to your own.

It is the best free snipping tool for those who want to capture and share screenshots at lightning speed. It allows you to instantly share screenshots with the built-in link. It also allows you to edit and save images in any format, including png, jpg, gif and pdf.

Snipping Tool ++

If your priority is a simple user interface that resembles the built-in Windows utility, this is the best free snipping tool for Windows that you can download for free. It is not one of those sophisticated applications, but it offers the simplest editing options. Moreover, using this tool is super easy.

If you search for “Microsoft snipping tool download,” you will probably come across Snipping Tool++ which looks a lot like the built-in Windows utility. It can capture any free-form or rectangular area and offers basic editing options.

Snipping Tool ++ may not be sophisticated, but it has an easy-to-use interface and the ability to configure the Print Screen button to open the application. This Windows screenshot application does not have many editing and annotation options.


Greenshot is best suited for users who do not care too much about the more sophisticated features and want to upload their screenshots directly to public social media sites. Greenshot is a very lightweight screenshot snipping tool that is free and open source.

There are not too many features, but it still has the upper hand over Windows Snipping Tool because it allows you to edit the image by cropping or annotating it. This tool is on the list of the best snipping tools for Windows because all its sections, from screenshot to editing, are packed with impressive features.

You can capture the screen using different methods, add highlights and annotate the screenshot and easily save it for later use. In addition, this tool also allows you to use dedicated hotkeys for particular capture modes.


Screenpresso is best suited for professionals who are always on the go and want an application for quick screen capture on both desktop and mobile. It has a wide range of features, including different capture modes, hotkey support, the ability to capture the content of scrolling windows, etc.

In addition to these great features, it also allows for HD quality video recording and supports screencasts. This is something that not all tools offer. Screenpresso is an alternative snipping tool for Windows 10 and earlier that can record audio/video like ScreenRec and export screenshots to different formats like Lightshot. The iOS app can also be useful when you need to capture and edit screenshots on the go. Unfortunately, it is not available for Android, but we’ll take it.


DuckCapture is anything but silly when it comes to application and ease of use. Its screenshot capabilities, editing options and sharing capabilities make it a great alternative to the snipping tools available for free. DuckCapture is one of the best screenshot programs for those who want to easily capture screenshots and need a lot of editing options.

As for capturing screenshots, you can take images of specific regions, the entire screen, or a scrolling window. Once the image is captured, you can use the annotation tools to mark the image as you see fit. Share your screenshots via e-mail or FTP.

DuckCapture is a fantastic alternative to the Windows 10 cropping tool available for free download. It has numerous offerings ranging from continuous editing to sharing the captured screenshot. In addition, the application also allows you to send the image via e-mail or FTP. Don’t miss this tool and give it a try. You will surely enjoy using it as much as we does.


Jing is suitable for those who do not want sophisticated features but appreciate the simplicity of reliable screenshot software. It is a must-have snipping tool if you want a clutter-free user interface. Its simple design will never leave you confused. In addition, customer support from its creators, known as TechSmith, is always available.

Jing is that elusive creature that caught everyone’s attention when it first came on the scene. But over the years it has begun to fade more and more into the abyss of the Internet, which is constantly trying to keep up with our ever-shrinking attention spans.

The interface is not as attractive as other competing tools. However, again, it is one of the most productive means of capturing screenshots for work, education, and other personal purposes. The interface is much simpler than that of Snipping Tool and does not require a genius brain to open the application.


This free cropping tool for Windows 10 offers the best editing options in town. Some of the options, such as the color picker, pixel ruler and color palette, are comparable even to Photoshop. Don’t miss it if you want a wide range of editing choices, because it has seemingly endless capabilities for editing an image.

With editing features such as watermarking, motion blurring, and brightness control, PicPick makes Snipping Tool look like Microsoft Paint.

PicPick is intended for those who wish to have a wide range of editing options. PicPick is basically an image editor disguised as a freeware cropping tool. Really, it has editing options that can be found in something as professional as Photoshop. From color picker to pixel ruler and even a color palette, there is no shortage of editing capabilities.

Final Words

In the end, there are many distinct snipping programs available, but each has a special set of functions and applications. However, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are 8 of the top tools to choose from in order to make your selection simpler. You need one that has a simple interface that doesn’t overwhelm you with too many buttons or features if you want to snap screenshots fast and efficiently. In the end, the decision is yours to make.

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