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Best Sonos Soundbars

The Sonos soundbars comes with an optical cable and is ready to use right out of the box because it was created expressly for use with televisions. Everything is connected by a single line, so there are no extra wires that need to be tangled up behind your TV.

A wireless speaker like the Sonos Soundbars can be used to improve the TV’s audio quality. You may stream music from any device on your home network, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, when connected directly to your television. The Sonos soundbars comes with an optical cable and is ready to use right out of the box because it was created expressly for use with televisions.

Everything is connected by a single line, so there are no extra wires that need to be tangled up behind your TV. This is perfect if there isn’t much room above or below your television unit. Currently, we are evaluating Sonos soundbars. An audio-focused company called Sonos offers a variety of speakers and other home audio equipment for sale.

The company specializes in making multi-room home audio systems that distribute your favorite music throughout your entire residence, forming a distinctive ecosystem that is simple to manage via its all-in-one software. Its soundbars blend in seamlessly and may even be used in conjunction with certain of the brand’s speakers and subwoofers to provide a more realistic surround sound experience.

Here is the list of Best Sonos Soundbars

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is a 5.0 setup that is the upgraded version of the Sonos Beam. It has a similar design to its predecessor but comes with Dolby Atmos support. Thanks to its side-firing speakers, it offers a wide soundstage to immerse you in your audio content. Its sound profile is fairly neutral, although the bass has a bit more punch that can muddy vocals and lead instruments.

It also lacks deep bass, although you can upgrade it with a subwoofer and satellites, sold separately from the manufacturer. It has a very premium feel overall. It’s mostly made of plastic, which feels very solid and durable. There’s also a plastic grille up front to protect riders inside. There are also holes on the bottom of the pole which means you can mount it on your wall. However, you must purchase Sonos’ proprietary wall mount separately.

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Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is specifically designed to partner bigger TVs than the more compact Beam. At 114cm (45″), it is a bit wider than a typical modern 49-inch TV and is proportionally best partnered with a 55-inch model. It’s also significantly wider than the outgoing Playbar (90cm / 35″). The Playbar was designed to work in two orientations, depending on whether it was wall-mounted or placed on a piece of furniture, but we found that it sounded better wall-mounted.

The Arc, perhaps predictably, is oriented the same way regardless of positioning (the bespoke Sonos wall-mount is a £69 / $79 / AU$99 optional extra but there are also now plenty of third-party Arc wall mounts), and even automatically adjusts its frequency response accordingly. Once in position, most of what you can see of the Arc is a 273-degree grille that hides the array of front-mounted and up-firing speakers. Each end also features a grille-covered driver.

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Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is an older 3.0 soundbar that’s good for mixed-use. Although its sound profile is slightly bright, it still sounds fairly neutral and works well with voice-centric content like podcasts and TV shows. It also lacks a sub-bass, but you can easily upgrade this setup with a separate subwoofer or satellite if you’re looking for a better listening experience.

On the other hand, this soundbar does not support Bluetooth and does not have an HDMI port. Instead, you can use your Wi-Fi connection to stream your favorite jams. The wide soundstage is thanks to the side-firing speakers working in tandem with the stereo speakers. Although you can’t turn it off, it creates an expanding effect on the soundstage and feels almost as wide as home theater tower speakers.

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Sonos Beam Gen 2 (White)

The speaker itself looks sleek and goes well with almost any TV. It’s not the biggest soundbar out there either, so it’s likely to fit most TV stands one way or another. However, it’s worth checking the dimensions if you have a specific room in mind. (25.6 x 2.3 x 3.9 in.) The fabric weave of the original Sonos Beam is swapped out for a solid grille that’s more durable and easier to clean. We liked the looks and agreed with the practical reasoning, although some Sonos fans were reportedly very fond of the cloth finish.

It’s available in black or white, so fitting it into your chosen spot is relatively easy, but no crazy hues are offered. There are several touch buttons on top of the soundbar that allow you to manually pause and play, or access a microphone for voice control. On the back there is an on/off switch, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port. The fact that there is only one HDMI port could be a slightly frustrating shortcoming.

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Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is a 3.0 soundbar with a small, compact design. It’s a smart soundbar with a built-in voice assistant that you can easily add to your Sonos ecosystem with the Sonos S2 app. Like other premium bars on the market, it has a room correction feature to optimize audio playback based on your room’s unique acoustics – although this feature is only available with iOS devices.

With this feature enabled, it has a neutral sound with a touch of extra brightness in the highs, suitable for conversational content like TV shows, as well as many genres of music. The standalone bar struggles to reproduce the deep rumble in the bass, but you can always add a separate subwoofer to boost bass response, as well as satellites to enhance surround sound.

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Final Words

The most well-known brand in music streaming hardware is Sonos, and the company sells a wide selection of Best Sonos Soundbars with many practical functions. In addition to supporting a large number of well-known music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, many devices also come equipped with voice commands for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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