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Best Space Games for PC

These PC space games are ready to take you into space. There's something for everyone, whether you want to explore unknown worlds or build a fleet of spaceships. On the PC, space-themed games have been around for decades.

The best Space Games for PC give us the freedom to explore the vast unknown. There are so many adventures out there that get swept up, from travelling to far-off locations to commanding our very own spacecraft and having unforgettable experiences amid the stars. There are a variety of genres and playstyles available, ranging from complex tactics to well-known RPGs and puzzle games.

Games with a space theme are nothing new. Galactic adventures have been produced by developers for many years. However, new PC gaming technology has made space games more detailed than ever before! Triple-A and independent companies are both building engrossing, lore-filled universes that can hold your attention for hours. There are a tonne of space games available for PC, whether you want realistic simulations, dramatic role-playing games, or cosmic horror thrillers. Below we have mentioned Best Space Games for PC.

7 Best Space Games for PC

Mass Effect 2

We hold all other space RPGs to the same standard as Mass Effect. The original trilogy, and second game in particular, are still masterpieces. And now that the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available, it’s much simpler to revisit the fantastic series once more. The series’ overarching storyline—a space hero strives to unify and save the galaxy from a destructive force—sounds cliche, yet it doesn’t seem that way at any given time. That mostly depends on the team you put together, each with their own personalities, objectives, and senses of humour.

You’ll eagerly anticipate every trip back to the Normandy between missions as they gradually start to open up to you in order to hear what they have to say next. As the series continued, the fighting got better, but Mass Effect 2 has the best tempo and does the best job of raising the stakes before a nail-biting, maybe heartbreaking, ending. Overall, this is one of the Best Space Games for PC you can suggest your friends.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Compared to the other games on this list, FTL is far more abstract, yet it’s still really exciting. It’s the ideal computer game. As a ship’s commander, you must lead your crew through dangerous terrain while evading your pursuers. You might find allies, meet new adversaries, find alien relics, and more along the journey. Every run is absolutely unique, and there is always a fresh issue to solve.

In order to become proficient enough to accomplish it on Easy mode, suffocate boarders by making clever use of your door controls, teleport aboard adversary cruisers, target ship weak areas, and juggle control of all your crewmates. Not for the weak-hearted. Currently, this is one of the Best Space Games for PC.

Destiny 2

Choose Destiny 2 if you can only fit one online first-person shooter into your schedule. It has everything: engaging PvP modes, significant co-op boss battles, extensive story arcs, and, most crucially, a tonne of riches. You’ll never run out of things to do, and frequently you’re juggling multiple activities simultaneously across different planets, from challenging, multi-part quests to straightforward stat padders like finishing a predetermined amount of PvP bouts. Every move you make, you can see your power grow as you give your guardian more and more deadly equipment.

In terms of shooting, Destiny 2 may be the only FPS on the market that actually makes the act of pressing the trigger more enjoyable. Guns feel substantial but not heavy, and headshots reward you with special effect showers. Although we’d suggest playing in a group, especially for the hardest raids, playing solo is still enjoyable. The best part is that the majority of the game is entirely free to play, so you could easily spend 100 hours playing it without being persuaded to pay any money. Overall, this is one of the Best Space Games for PC.

Dead Space

In contrast to Alien: Isolation, which focuses on first-person modern horror, Dead Space chooses classic survival horror that is more Resident Evil Village than Outlast. You’re forced to use a range of mining lasers to shoot off the limbs of the creatures that want to devour you because you’re trapped on a station with them. It feels claustrophobic because to the use of a close-up, over-the-shoulder camera, which is presumably how you would feel if you were imprisoned in a tin can floating in an endless, suffocating void while being hunted by aliens with knife arms. For now, this is the Best Space Games for PC.


A gripping science fiction adventure that is equal parts puzzle game and slow-burning horror comes from No Code, the company that made Stories Untold. The game’s protagonist, Dr. Emma Fisher, is the only survivor of a starship where you take on the role of an AI. Fisher’s goal is to repair the ship and put it back on course with your assistance because everyone else is missing and the ship is disintegrating. However, odd things are occurring, and you keep getting the same request from an unidentified source: “BRING HER.”

What makes Observation so distinctive is the steadily growing, frightening plot coupled with the moment-to-moment puzzle solving – new puzzles with creative UIs arrive once, never overstay their welcome, and then disappear, replaced with the next one. Using CCTV cameras and autonomous drones to navigate the station’s maze-like hallways, you must decipher environmental cues like schematics tacked to walls to determine what to do next. Each play session’s unique obstacles keep you engaged, but the captivating narrative is what draws you back time and time again. This is the Best Space Games for PC that you can consider.


You have been assigned to investigate and retrieve Odin, the station’s priceless AI, after the crew mysteriously left the Tacoma lunar transfer station. From the creators of Gone Home, this atmospheric sci-fi mystery is masterfully written, with a cast of rich, complex characters delivering a gripping tale through interactive AR recordings. Thanks to the game’s incredible attention to detail, exploring the incredibly complex station is a treat. The more you discover about Tacoma, the more mysterious it becomes. Overall, this is one of the Best Space Games for PC you can install now.

Eve Online

The 16-year-old MMO is bigger and better than ever, and every aspect of the gameplay is controlled by the player. Players build their own coalitions, and player activities control the entire economy. You find that interesting stuff simply keeps happening, from the fall of superpowers to massive PvP conflicts with thousands of ships spraying lasers across the sky, with 25,000 players online at any given time and each with their own aims. If you like this game you can get it from its Official Website.

The game’s creator, CCP, isn’t hesitant to introduce additional disruption; most recently, it invaded the game in force and shut off a crucial component of player communication, leaving everyone in the dark. It’s difficult to learn the game, but once you’re inside EVE’s realm, good luck leaving. Currently, this is one of the Best Space Games for PC.


These PC space games are prepared to take you into space. There is something for everyone, whether you wish to explore uncharted worlds or build up a fleet of spaceships. On the PC, there have been space-themed games for decades. The genre is more well-liked than ever, and with upcoming games like Star Citizen, it’s simple to get lost in the stunning nebula, enormous planets, and boundless space.

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