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Best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android

Automatic speech recognition technology saves time by providing accurate transcriptions in real time. Cost-effective: Most speech-to-text software charges a subscription fee, while some services are free.

Whether you want to dictate notes on the go, share spoken notes with friends and colleagues, or record messages for family members who are far away, there is a speech-to-text app for Android on the Google Play store that will meet your needs. The best speech to text software allows you to easily convert speech to text and can be available for both desktop and mobile devices.

While the best speech-to-text software used to be limited to desktop computers, the rise of mobile devices and the rapid proliferation of easily accessible apps mean that transcription can now be done on a smartphone or tablet as well. This has made the best voice-to-text applications ever more valuable to users in environments ranging from education to business.

This is not least because the technology has matured to a point where transcription errors are relatively rare, and some services can rightfully boast a 99.9% success rate on clean audio. However, it refers mainly to ordinary situations and circumstances and excludes the use of technical terminology needed in the legal or medical professions. Despite this, digital transcription can still fulfill needs such as basic notes, which can still be done easily with a phone app, making the dictation process easier. Below, we have mentioned some best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android.

Here is the list of 10 best Speech To Text Apps for Android

Dragon Anywhere

Available for Android and iOS devices, Dragon Anywhere is a premium professional tool that makes a big difference in the world of dictation apps. It’s 99% accurate and features voice editing and formatting. You can use the app for as long as you want – there is no word limit. Dragon Anywhere lets you customize industry jargon for even more accuracy. After transcription, you can share your notes via email, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. For now, this is one of the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android.

For supported versions, you can sync Dragon Anywhere to your desktop as well as perform voice work on your computer. However, this will also require you to purchase the desktop version of Dragon. Its precision and rich features certainly come at a price. But this account can be a worthy business investment if you frequently think of ideas on the fly or need to take down meeting minutes.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is capable of doing a wide range of things, from answering questions and keeping you informed about the weather, to playing music apps, searching for movies, and even translating languages. In fact, we’ve found that Google Assistant has a better understanding of what you’re asking for than Alexa, which sometimes returns irrelevant information. Google is also easier to communicate with, as it interprets natural language better than competing systems.

Of course, you can use the assistant to control your smart home, including smart lights, thermostats, Nest cameras, and doorbells. There are also Google Routines. This allows you to control multiple devices with a single command, although routines lag behind Alexa in that you can’t run them based on other smart devices. This is the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android Devices.


Google’s Gboard tops the list for its very accurate voice typing and smooth typing. You can speak at a normal speed and Gboard can keep up. If you see that Gboard has made a mistake, you can always use the text editing feature. Click on the colorful letter G and select “edit text”.

Gboard also has other great features such as GIFs, a sliding sticker pack, Google Translate, and supports a large number of languages. By sliding on the space bar you can move the cursor, and by doing the same with the back button you can erase different words at the same time. Overall, this is one of the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android.


The best feature of Speechnotes is perhaps the punctuation keyboard. Many people are uncomfortable dictating punctuation (for example, you usually need to say: “Hi, mom, comma, please pick up the kids”). The punctuation keyboard adds on-screen buttons for the most frequently used characters, allowing you to dictate faster and more naturally.

It also offers emoticons and symbols. Other useful features include Bluetooth support, a home screen widget for instant dictation, and offline note taking. The app also offers continuous recording. Unlike many other dictation apps, this means you can take long pauses between sentences to gather your thoughts and the app will keep listening. In this time this is the most popular Speech-To-Text Apps for Android.


SpeechTexter is a free app available on the Google Play Store that you can use to create text notes, SMS, emails, or tweets using the words you speak. There is also the ability to create your own commands for specific punctuation, as well as add unique words to the app’s dictionary.

The software allows you to work with more than 60 languages, while the recognition rate is about 95 percent for English. The app requires an internet connection for optimal performance as accuracy is lower offline. This is one of the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android Phones and Teblets.

Google Keyboard

The main purpose of Google Keyboard is not to convert speech to text for users. The main purpose of this app is to provide Android users with a more convenient and easier way to type. However, even though speech to text is not its main feature, Google Keyboard is still the best speech to text app for Android phones.

On this time this is one of the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android. Google is always at the forefront of new technological developments, and it’s doing the same with Google Keyboard’s speech-to-text feature. Google software can transcribe very complex accents. It can also understand complex terms and correct grammar when converting speech to text. That’s why it’s one of the best speech to text apps.

Live Transcribe & Notification

Live Transcribe and Notification is a part of Google Research that uses Google’s state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition and noise detection technology to convert speech into text in real time. The app transcribes in real time; the text appears on the phone screen as you say the word. All in all, this is a great speech-to-text app for Android. So, these are the ten best voice to text messaging apps for Android. If you think we missed an important app on the list, please comment on the title below.


Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps for iOS and Android. This is the recommended solution for note-taking, document sharing, and voice dialing. For those who need an all-in-one collusion, Evernote is the best choice. You can create PowerPoint documents and share notes with colleagues for collaboration.

It also allows you to sync across devices for easy access. The app is available as a free version with paid storage upgrades. You can purchase various packages with more memory. The voice to text feature is built into your phone’s features. Overall, this is the best Android Speech-To-Text Apps.

iTranslate Converse

Created by the same developers behind the popular iTranslate app, iTranslate Converse is as close to real-time translation as you can get, which is handy if you need to communicate with clients who don’t speak the same language as you, or if you you are going abroad. All you have to do is install two languages. Then touch, hold and speak into your phone.

The app picks up the language you speak and then gives you a translation – yes, even in noisy environments. The application is able to recognize 38 languages. After the conversation is over, you can download the full transcriptions. Of course, this isn’t always perfect, but it’s faster than looking up translations through a personal assistant app. Here you will check the best Speech-To-Text Apps for Android.

Voice Notes

Voice Memos is a simple and effective application that works without any problems. The app doesn’t offer a wide range of features, unlike other voice-to-text apps. But it knows what it does best and sticks to it. It is easy for users to use and can easily understand speech even when the phone is not open.

In addition, voice memos can recognize 119 languages, which means that they can be used in many parts of the world. Moreover, the application is completely free. Users can get the premium version, but it doesn’t offer anything special and is mainly meant to support the app developer. That’s why it’s one of the best speech to text apps for android.

Final Words

Whatever it is, why the Google Play Store is filled with the best speech-to-text apps to meet your needs. In this article, we will share some of the best speech to text apps that you can use on your Android device. Automatic speech recognition technology saves time by providing accurate transcriptions in real time. Cost-effective: Most speech-to-text software charges a subscription fee, while some services are free.

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