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Best Speech-To-Text Apps

Speech to text apps can be very useful for busy professionals. If you are always on the go or you think quicker than you can write, these special programs can grows efficiency and store your recordings safe and sound via the cloud.

The best speech to text apps makes it simple and easy to convert speech to text, and can be available for both desktop and mobile devices. While the best speech to text software used to be specifically for desktop only. The development of mobile devices and the explosion of easily accessible apps means that transcription can now also be done on a smartphone or tablet.

The best speech-to-text software create it uncomplicated and simple to convert speech into text, and can be obtainable for both desktop and mobile gadgets. While the best speech to text software used to be especially only for desktops, the enlargement of mobile gadgets and the explosion of simply accessible apps means that transcription can now also be carried out on a phone or tablet.

This has made the best voice to text apps more and more valuable to users in a range of dissimilar environments, from education to business. This is not slightest because the Tech. has developed to the level where errors in transcriptions are enough rare, with some services correctly boasting a 99.9% success rate from clear audio.

Speech to text apps can be very useful for busy professionals. If you are always on the go or you think quicker than you can write, these special programs can grows efficiency and store your recordings safe and sound via the cloud. Even still, this applies mostly to ordinary situations and circumstances, and prevent the use of technical terminology such as needs in legal or medical professions.

Despite this, digital transcription can still service requires such as basic note-taking which can still be simply done using a phone app, clarify the dictation process. Below we have mentioned some of the best Speech-To-Text Apps.

Here is the list of 10 best Speech-To-Text Apps

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon might be the world’s most famous transcription platform, but the Dragon Anywhere app is far from perfect. Although its voice detection is incredibly accurate, for many users it is simply too short on other features. Nuance Communications, the developer behind the Dragon group of transcription products, offers multiple pricing plans for Dragon Anywhere.

Dragon Anywhere enables the user to dictate lengthy documents with no limits on dictation time or page numbers. If you make a mistake during dictation, you can fix it or edit a previous sentence through simple voice commands such as “correct that.” The correction menu this brings up will give you a contextual list of alternative phrases to choose between.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant, which grew out of Google Now. It is available on Android devices, Apple devices, and Google Home. You can use Google Assistant to trigger apps and devices, ask all kinds of questions, make plans, and carry out a variety of useful tasks not to mention playing games.

All Android phones now ship either with the Google Assistant app already installed or it’s built into the operating system as seen on Pixel phones. In both cases, users are typically asked to submit their voice to Google Services when setting up a phone for the first time.


A group license is available, but there aren’t any cost savings in choosing this option. Each user still pays $20 to use the service, and each hour is still $6. The advantage is that all the transcribing time is pooled, avoiding a situation where multiple people each have a few minutes of unused transcription credit.

With such a good automatic system, other than avoiding the charges, what is the purpose of self transcribing? It could be argued that this job could be achieved with a media player and a word processor, but the Wreally solution does have some useful aspects that might make it worthwhile to use.


According to a company contact, Otter uses AI natural language processing technology for its automated transcription. The speech-to-text engine processes the English language, and the speaker identification algorithm learns who is speaking and when in real-time.

Otter users can import audio or video files. Supported formats include AAC, AVIm M4A, MOV, MPEG, MP4, WMA, and WMV. In addition, Pro and Business plan users can export files as DOCX, MP3, PDF, SRT, and TXT. Free plan users are limited to exporting as MP3 or TXT files.


Speechnotes is an online notepad ideal for writers, businesses, and other workers in industries that require copious notetaking. It is enabled with a transcription feature that transcribes as the user dictates into the mic. The speech recognition technology used by Speechnotes makes accuracy achievable.

The tool is also web-based and does not require any download or installation on the side of the user. Speechnotes also has colors and fonts that are designed to be legible to the eyes of users. files made with Speechnotes can also be easily exported to Google Drive. files can also be printed or emailed with a simple click.


Verbit is a closed captioning solution, which helps legal professionals and businesses in media, education and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate audio and text transcripts for hearings, learning or training content and dispositions.

Key features of Verbit include admin approvals, multichannel recording, vertical captions and audio descriptions. The platform uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe audio into text scripts in real-time. It includes the real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) for live streaming and broadcasting activities.


SpeechTexter is a free multilingual speech-to-text application aimed at assisting you with transcription of any type of documents, books, reports or blog posts by using your voice. SpeechTexter allows adding custom voice commands for punctuation marks and some actions (undo, redo, make a new paragraph).

Accuracy levels higher than 90% should be expected. It varies depending on the language and the speaker. SpeechTexter is used daily by students, teachers, writers, bloggers around the world. Voice-to-text software is exceptionally valuable for people who have difficulty using their hands due to trauma, people with dyslexia or disabilities that limit the use of conventional input devices.


Speechmatics powers applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition through its any-context speech recognition engine. Speechmatics’ speech recognition technology is used by enterprises in scenarios such as media & entertainment, contact centers, CRM, financial services, security, and software.

Speechmatics processes millions of hours of transcription worldwide every month in 30+ languages. Having pioneered machine learning voice engineering, Speechmatics is enabling companies to build applications that detect and transcribe voice in any context and in real-time.

Braina Pro

Braina is an artificial intelligence software for Windows and Android users. It allows you to use voice commands to play music, check the weather, and make notes. Braina reminds me of Google Voice since both interfaces are accurate and easy to use. Compared to Google Voice, Braina is a better personal assistant.

It helps you make notes and conduct research. However, Google Voice is a better voice typing tool because it allows you to highlight words, add tables, and pick up phone calls. Braina is perfect for busy entrepreneurs since it automates a lot of mundane tasks.

Amazon Transcribe

The Amazon Transcribe Free Tier is available to you for 12 months, starting from the date on which you create your first transcription request. Your usage for the free tier is calculated each month across all AWS Regions except the AWS GovCloud Region and automatically applied to your bill; Unused monthly usage will not roll over.

Amazon Transcribe API for both streaming and batch transcriptions is billed monthly based on the tiered pricing shown below. Tiered pricing rates and discounts vary by region and you can see the applicable rates by selecting your region in the drop down below.

Final Words

Speech synthesis tools can make your life easier. Although there are many options, Dragon Anywhere stands out from the crowd. The optimized tools will not let you down for any speech-to-text needs. Writing is one of the most common activities we do in our professional careers. Whether it is writing a blog post, responding to an e-mail, sending a newsletter or even writing a novel, writing is a slow process. Even fast writers can usually speak faster than they can type. Fortunately, you can speed up the writing process by using text-to-speech software.

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