ListsBest Weapons in Starfield 2023: unearth the most powerful arsenal

Best Weapons in Starfield 2023: unearth the most powerful arsenal

Arm yourself for the ultimate interstellar adventure!

In the vast expanse of the best weapons in Starfield, most of the weaponry you’ll come across is subject to randomization, with stats and modifications that can greatly differ from one playthrough to the next. But even with all of this unpredictability, there are a few great guns that every player can get. You can get these coveted weapons by completing certain side quests or important story missions, or just by going to one of the many weapon vendors scattered around the game.

In Starfield, you need to be good at Piloting before you can use the best starships. However, you don’t need to be good at Piloting to use the best weapons in the game. Still, it can be helpful to improve your skills. You can get better at using different kinds of weapons by investing in different abilities in the Combat skill tree. Notably, the Ballistics skill is very helpful because it makes you much better at using many of these amazing guns. Below we have mentioned the best weapons in Starfield.

Tips for Using the Best Weapons in Starfield

To master the best weapons in Starfield, you need a mix of skill, strategy, and managing your resources. Here are some ways to get the most out of these powerful weapons:

🎯 Invest in Skills: To become a true attraction in combat, consider investing in skills like Ballistics from the Combat skill tree. Your skill points are the key to maximizing your combat prowess.

🧐 Managing your ammunition: Keep a close eye on your ammo reserves when wielding powerful weapons. High-powered guns can be thirsty, so be sure to carry enough rounds for those epic battles. Explore mods and skills that reduce ammo consumption for an edge in combat.

🔧 Upgrade Your Weapons: Transform your weapons into absolute attractions by seeking upgrades and mods. Whether it’s boosting damage, accuracy, or other attributes, visit weapon merchants regularly or complete quests to acquire top-notch parts and enhancements.

🎯 Know your enemies: Uncover the secrets of victory by understanding your foes. Different enemies have different weaknesses. Test various weapons to find the perfect match. Energy weapons may be your go-to against robots, while ballistic weapons usually excel against living adversaries.

🔫 Diversify your weapons: Don’t be a one-trick pony. Prepare for any battle with a versatile arsenal. Carry a mix of long-range rifles, close-quarters shotguns, and mid-range pistols. This diversity ensures you’re equipped for all types of combat scenarios.

Best Weapons in Starfield Comparison Table

Starfield is a highly anticipated space-themed video game. The table below shows the top 10 weapons in the game. It ranks these weapons based on things like damage, range, and special abilities. This helps players choose the best tools for interstellar battles and exploring the vast universe of the game.

Weapon NameTypeDamage TypeRangeSpecial Abilities
Deadeye (Pistol)PistolBallisticShortPrecision aiming
Heller’s Cutter (Heavy)HeavyExplosiveMediumArea-of-effect blast
Unmitigated ViolenceLaser RifleEnergyLongOverheating control
Eternity’s GateParticle Beam RifleEnergyLongArmor-piercing
The Last Priest (Melee)MeleePhysicalMeleeHigh melee damage

Deadeye (Pistol)

Best Weapons in Starfield


  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Fast firing rate.
  • Possibly equipped with scope or targeting assistance.
  • Efficient at long-range combat.

The Deadeye is a unique weapon in Starfield that looks really cool and is also one of the easiest to get. To do this, players just need to accept Marshall Blake’s offer to become a deputy during the Deputized side quest for the Freestar Collective in Akila City. They’ll also get a Deputy Hat and a Ranger Deputy Uniform along with the gun, so they can finally live out their space cowboy (or cowgirl) dreams. Overall, this is one of the best Weapons in Starfield you can consider now.


  • High accuracy and precision.
  • Fast firing rate.
  • Suitable for mid-range combat.


  • Limited damage compared to heavier weapons.
  • Limited ammo capacity.

Heller’s Cutter (Heavy)

Best Weapons in Starfield


  • Exceptional damage output.
  • Slower rate of fire but devastating impact.
  • May have an area-of-effect or explosive capability.
  • Effective for crowd control or taking down tough enemies.

Heller’s Cutter can be found in a crate on the moon Vectera, which is where the story of Starfield starts. They won’t be able to get it on their first trip, but once they’ve given the Artifact to Constellation, they’ll be able to go back to the Narion system. Once they do that, they can find Heller’s Cutter in a box. Still, this is one of the best Weapons in Starfield you can consider now.


  • High damage output.
  • Effective against armored enemies.
  • Impressive range for a heavy weapon.


  • Slow firing rate.
  • Consumes ammo quickly.
  • Can be cumbersome to wield.

Unmitigated Violence (Laser Rifle)

Best Weapons in Starfield


  • Energy-based weapon with no need for ammunition.
  • Consistent and reliable damage output.
  • May have adjustable firing modes (single shot, burst, continuous beam).
  • Effective against armored or shielded opponents.

Unmitigated Violence is the Hunter’s main gun, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s one of the best guns in Starfield. Players can get the Legendary laser rifle by killing the Hunter at the Buried Temple. If they choose to help the Hunter at the end of the Unearthed main story mission, they can’t get the Legendary laser rifle. So, if someone wants to get his gun, they should choose either the Emissary or nobody. Overall, this is one of the best Weapons in Starfield you can consider now.


  • Consistent damage output.
  • Versatile, effective against various enemy types.
  • Good balance between range and firepower.


  • Moderate firing rate.
  • Reliant on energy cells, which can deplete rapidly.

Eternity’s Gate (Particle Beam Rifle)

Best Weapons in Starfield


  • Cutting-edge technology for maximum damage.
  • Continuous beam for sustained damage output.
  • Possibly able to penetrate barriers and armor.
  • Requires careful energy management due to high power consumption.

The legendary particle beam rifle Eternity’s Gate. It’s one of the most valuable guns in Starfield and might be the best gun in the game. Players will get the weapon after defeating the Emissary at the Buried Temple, which they can only do if they choose to side with the Hunter or no one during the Unearthed main story mission. Thus, this is one of the best Weapons in Starfield you can consider now.


  • Extremely high damage potential.
  • Excellent armor penetration.
  • Long-range precision.


  • Slow charge-up time.
  • Limited ammo capacity.
  • Requires precise aiming.

The Last Priest (Melee)

Best Weapons in Starfield


  • Close-quarters combat weapon.
  • High damage potential in melee range.
  • May have special abilities or effects, such as energy discharges or stuns.
  • Ideal for stealthy takedowns or close combat situations.

To get The Last Priest, players will have to finish the side quest Infinity’s End. This quest will only start if players choose to help the Hunter at the end of the main story mission Unearthed. Players will get the Rare melee weapon if they do what the Hunter asks or if they can lie to him and make him think they did. Overall, this is one of the best Weapons in Starfield you can consider now.


  • Silent and stealthy.
  • No need for ammo.
  • Effective in close-quarters combat.


  • Limited reach, making it risky against ranged enemies.
  • Requires getting up close to enemies, putting you in danger.
  • Less effective against heavily armored foes.

How to Get the Best Weapons in Starfield?

Getting the best weapons in Starfield can really improve the way you play. Follow these steps to get your hands on the best weapons in the game:

🌟 Complete Key Side Quests and Main Story Missions: In Starfield, you can get many of the best weapons by completing key side quests or moving forward in the main story missions. Keep an eye out for quests that will give you powerful weapons at the end.

🛍️ Visit Weapon Merchants: In Starfield, you can find weapon merchants by going to different planets and space stations. Most of the time, these people sell unique and high-quality weapons. Check their stock often, because it may change over time.

⚔️ Participate in Faction Activities: Joining a faction and moving up in it can lead to chances to get special weapons. As you move up in a faction, you may be able to use weapons that are only available to that faction.

🌄 Explore Hidden Locations: As you move around the game’s world, you might find abandoned or hidden places. These places might have useful weapons you won’t find anywhere else.

🔫 Invest in the Combat Skill Tree: The best weapons don’t require any specific skills, but investing in the Combat skill tree, especially the Ballistics skill, can make you much better at using a wide range of firearms. Consider putting skill points into this area to make you as good as possible in combat.


What is the most powerful Fallout weapon?

The Nuka-nuke launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game because this modified ammunition does much more damage than the mini nukes.

Can you be a bounty hunter in Starfield?

Bounties are a good way to make money quickly. In Starfield, bounty hunters belong to the Trackers Alliance. At certain kiosks in cities, players can get missions from the Trackers Alliance.

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