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Best Strategy Games for Linux

The availability of strategy games is one of the most important trends in PC games nowadays. Recently, more strategy games have become available for Linux. This is important to know, since strategy games require a lot of time to play.

A Strategy Game is a game where players’ decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome of the game. These decision-making skills do not occur by accident; game designers create games to generate specific actions, behaviors, and outcomes. These decisions take place in the form of strategy, the long-term, overarching ideas a player has to winning the game that inform his or her choices as they play the game. The games often require players to make decisions similar to those done in business, such as resource allocation, spending, and using resources. This representative nature of the challenges allows to improve these skills in real life.

Strategy game development is simply about designing a decision-making competition that pits one player’s use of available resources, positioning, and planning against those of another player or the AI. This involves more than just occasionally choosing from a list of dialog options or switching equipment. Experienced players of real-time strategy games have faster information processing, apply more cognitive power to single visual stimuli, and distribute limited cognitive resources between successive stimuli more effectively over time. Below we have mentioned some of the best Strategy Games for Linux.

Here is the list of 10 Best Strategy Games for Linux


RimWorld is about founding a colony on a remote planet sometime in the distant future. A whole Western style prevails, leading to a sort of Firefly-like setting. It’s a life simulator, a genre that’s about a more action-oriented approach to strategy and management, where you manipulate the AI’s behavior rather than controlling it directly. RimWorld is somewhere between The Sims and Dungeon Keeper, although its presentation and style are reminiscent of games like Prison Architect.

It is a story generator that assures users that they will co-write all kinds of crazy tales. Three survivors of a shipwreck on a far-off planet are the first players in this intriguing strategy game, which is set in a colony. You must oversee the whims, needs, and health of your colonists while assisting them in building structures and producing materials if you want to prevail. This is one of the best Strategy Games for Linux.


XCOM 2 offers beautiful graphics and sound output along with a sophisticated in-game environment. Players can freely research and upgrade the bases, gears, weapons, and other tools using the relevant NPC’s as they level up. You have the option to build your own troops from 5 different types of soldiers. This will give you options to make your own strategies and combat tactics. You can be a part of the resistance movement and free the world from alien oppression.

This game features different types of smart enemies and numerous alien creatures to provide the players with a challenging gaming environment. It includes Steam achievements which ensure a competitive gaming platform. It’s a very thematically appropriate scenario for a game about taking four to six-person squads into battle against initially-superior alien forces, and a great backdrop for these unpredictable, tactically deep, and addictive battles. For now, this is one of the best Strategy Games for Linux.

Civilization VI

In a standard game of Civilization, you choose a famous historical leader from one of the world’s great powers, build a capital city in 4000 BC, and then try to lead your people to the present day. Each turn, you can move military units, decide what to build, choose research options to progress, and much more. Moving buildings, units, research options, and maps requires a limited number of turns based on variables such as productivity and city size, and there are only so many turns you can play, so using them wisely is one of the keys to victory. Currently this is the best Strategy Games for Linux.

There are many things to consider here. The map is divided into hexagonal tiles, and every tile has value. There could be resources like wheat or coal. It might be perfect for farmland, or it might have swampy areas that are unattractive to the masses. Every city you find has access to the surrounding tiles, so you need to consider food, water, luxury goods, and open space for building before you set up store. Movement consumes valuable turns, so you want to quickly determine where you need to go to find the ideal home.

Master of Orion

This game offers over 75 technological advancements which are completely researchable. Players can personalize their space ships with versatile designs and unique outlooks for each different race. It indeed offers mixed gameplay mechanics where you can win over enemies using diplomacy, war, infrastructural advancements, technology, and so on.

The exhilarating missions and strategy make this a game you will want to play again and again. If you purchase the Collector’s Edition, you get the previous three games in one package. The game includes a wealth of galaxies to explore, including a starry solar system and countless planets. Players will use tactics such as conquest and diplomacy to achieve victory. Master of Orion is also an unforgettable work of art that sets it apart from other games of its kind. Overall, this is the best Strategy Games for Linux you can consider.

Shadow Tactics

Aiko is a legendary female ninja, working under a shogun. You have to play the role of Aiko in the beginning, and later on, there will be different roles to play. Your battling tactics and strategy are the most effective weapon for your success in the game. There is an exciting political story behind the game. Different characters will indeed appear with different extraordinary abilities. You have to achieve power and abilities to defeat them.

Each level also swaps which characters you can control, and they end up as one of Shadow Tactics’ most surprising strengths. In a game that’s less about narrative and more about level design and gameplay, these characters are still given a lot of attention. Each of the five playable fighters are unique in their fighting styles, with different abilities to mess around with. This is one of the best Strategy Games for Linux.

Tanks of Freedom

In this indie strategy game, you control a battle tank and fight against other players and the computer. It is a turn-based strategy game. Your goal is to defend your region while defeating enemy tanks.Tanks of Freedom offers fairly intuitive 2D pixel-art graphics. Don’t let the graphics fool you, enjoy the game. This is the best Strategy Games for Linux.

Tanks of Freedom is a tactical, unit and turn based strategy war game. The gameplay goes as follows, each turn, you earn Action Points (AP) which you can use in order to move your units or have your units attack the enemy. Each movement and attack costs AP, and each unit can only spend SP up to a limit per turn. AP is earned each turn, and occupying or capturing buildings will increase the AP gain.

Total War

The gameplay has been improved with new content and comprehensive world maps. This game lets you play alone to the fullest brim or play with online friends in cross-platform multiplayer mode. It would be best to have a dedicated GPU in the system for a smooth gaming experience. Players can also utilize their merchants to make trade links with other areas gain resources and assets to increase the total economic growth of their factions.

This edition includes Alexander and Barbarian DLCs with the package. You can play this exciting multiplayer game with your friends who are using different platforms with your favorite factions. Here, you can choose from 36 different factions and expand your army freely. You will definitely like the complex in-game environment effects, such as dust clouds, heat haze, and other advanced physics-based works. It includes tactical maps, unit displays, and range markers for better combat organization in the battles.


Widelands is a free open source real-time strategy game with a single player campaign and multiplayer mode.Widelands has a single player mode with different campaigns. All campaigns tell the story of the tribes and their struggles in the Widelands universe. But the real reconciliation begins when you unite with friends via the Internet or LAN to build a new empire together or crush each other in the dust of war. Also in Widelands, artificial intelligence will challenge you. Overall, this is the best Strategy Games for Linux.

In Widelands, you take control of a clan. Gather and manage resources, explore other regions, establish trade networks with others, and set up growing settlements. This is also a cross-platform game; for Linux, it is available in the default software repos of all major Linux distros. You can also get the game directly from the official website. Eventually, Widelands will be extensible, allowing you to create your own tribe with its own set of buildings, create new worlds to play in, and create new types of worlds.

Mega Glest

It seems to start slow, but this impression changes very quickly when the first fights start. You have to manage all things at once! While you fight you have to control your workers to build up your city, send scouts to new places and give orders to newly produced units. This way, game play is a mix of fight micromanagement, strategy and general unit management. This is the best Strategy Games for Linux.

In some more advanced games you typically have to control more than 100 units and in big games this can go up to more than 300 for each player. This game is meant to be played as an RTS game and has no special focus on storylines. The AI can be made so strong that even very advanced players always have a fun challenge. But you can also play human vs. human or whatever you want with up to 8 players.


Interloper is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game that takes only 5 minutes. You win by capturing territory, not by destroying your opponent. By anticipating your opponent’s moves, you can corner them and take control of the entire map.Interloper is a unique online RTS that takes only five minutes per match, allowing you to maintain the deep concentration required in strategy games in an almost casual way. This traditional territory-based experience challenges you to guess your opponent’s moves. Ultimately, you must eventually claim the entire map.

The game looks easy, but it is actually difficult. However, the short game time does not make it frustrating. The game is two-player, and you will be fighting against AI or online human opponents on small or somewhat narrow maps, with only a handful of important assets to claim. The main unit is the sentinel, a big mama that looks like a manta ray or a microscopic bug, depending on which of the three tribes you control (the appearance and color of the sentinel distinguishes the factions). We have mentioned the best Strategy Games for Linux.

Final Words

The availability of strategy games is one of the main trends in PC gaming nowadays. More strategy games have recently been made available for Linux. This is important to note since strategy games take a lot of time to play. Therefore, spending more time playing a strategy game also means spending more time on the relevant gaming platform.

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