ListsBest Tales Games 2023: top recommendations

Best Tales Games 2023: top recommendations

The Tales series is classified as a series of role-playing video games.

The best Tales games of series stands tall as a beloved JRPG franchise in the gaming realm. Tales of is still going strong even though it has over 15 mainline titles and a lot of spin-offs and sequels. Its strengths include likeable characters, combat systems that are always changing, and impressive graphical improvements.

Since the first book came out in 1995, loyal fans have had the chance to see both the best and worst parts of the Tales of series. Here’s a list of the best Tales of games based on their Metascores, from those with stories that have won praise over the years to those that have fallen out of favor or been criticized for having questionable parts. Below we have mentioned the best tales games.

What is the Tales of series?

The Tales of series, which is often just called “Tales,” is a long-running and popular series of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs). Since 1995, when it was first made by Bandai Namco Entertainment (which used to be called Namco), this series has been a big deal in the world of video games. There are a few things that set tales of games apart:

📚 Compelling Storylines: The stories in these games are known for being complicated and based on the characters. They often talk about friendship, being brave, and how different cultures or worlds clash.

⚔️ Real-Time Combat: Unlike most JRPGs, Tales of games have combat systems that happen in real time. In battles, players take control of a single character and can use different attacks, combos, and special moves.

🎭 Colorful Characters: The series is known for having a large number of interesting and memorable characters, each with their own personality, goals, and skills.

🎨 Stylish Art: The art in Tales of games is often bright and anime-like, which adds to the series’ visual appeal.

🌍 Expansive Worlds: These games take place in vast, fantasy worlds that are full of different places, cultures, and races.

Best Tales Games Comparison Table

The table below compares the best Tales video games, giving a quick look at their gameplay mechanics, graphics, stories, and how well they were received by critics. This thorough comparison is meant to help gamers decide which Tales game to try next based on their preferences and top priorities.

Game TitleMain ProtagonistsGameplay StyleMetacritic Score (as of 2021)
Tales of AriseAlphen & ShionneAction RPG84
Tales of the WorldVariousAction RPGN/A
Tales of SymphoniaLloyd & ColetteAction RPG86
Tales of Xillia 2Ludger & ElleAction RPG71
Tales of LegendiaSenel & ShirleyAction RPG72

Tales Of Arise

Best Tales Games


  • Stunning graphics and visual design.
  • Engaging real-time combat system.
  • Deep and well-developed characters.
  • A captivating and emotional storyline.
  • A beautifully crafted world to explore.

Since Tales of games have been coming out since 1995, fans have seen and played both the best and the worst of them. Here are the best Tales of games based on their Metascores. They range from stories that have become popular over time to ones that have been forgotten or criticized for their content. After the most recent game in the series, Tales of Arise, came out, fans’ interest in the series grew again as they looked forward to the next “mothership” game in the franchise.

Bandai Namco will release Tales of Symphonia Remastered in February 2023, which is a remastered version of one of its most popular games. The popular JRPG series has a huge number of mainline games and spin-offs that players can add to their backlog if they want to play more Tales of adventures. This list has been changed to include some of the series’ best and worst games. For now, this is one of the best Tales Games you can download now.


  • Stunning graphics and visuals.
  • Engaging and emotionally impactful story.
  • Improved combat system.
  • Well-developed characters.
  • Open-world exploration.


  • Limited post-game content.
  • Some may find the pacing slow in the beginning.
  • Limited playable character options.

Tales Of The World

Best Tales Games


  • A crossover game featuring characters from various Tales series.
  • Classic Tales of series’ combat with a twist.
  • An expansive roster of playable characters.
  • Exploration of different Tales worlds.
  • Cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

Radiant Mythology is a spin-off game in which players can make their own character and put together teams of the main characters from previous Tales games. Even though it sounds good on paper, the way it was done and the story it told weren’t as good as the main series.

There are more than 300 quests to do in Tales of the World, so there is a lot to do. Most of these tasks are boring fetch quests that you have to do over and over again. Even the biggest fans of the series will find this book hard to get through. Still, this is one of the best Tales Games you can download now.


  • Features characters from various Tales games.
  • Fun crossover storylines.
  • Rich lore for long-time fans.
  • Simple and accessible gameplay.


  • Lack of original characters and story.
  • May feel disconnected for those unfamiliar with Tales series.
  • Limited character development.

Tales Of Symphonia

Best Tales Games


  • A rich and intricate fantasy world.
  • Memorable characters and character development.
  • Engaging and strategic real-time battles.
  • A deep and emotionally charged narrative.
  • A combination of 2D and 3D graphics.

Fans loved Tales of Symphonia, and Dawn of the New World is the sequel to that game. The game takes place after what happened in the last one. In the game, Emil and Marta, who were not in the first game, try to find the people who were in the first game. During the war, Emil sees Lloyd kill his parents, and he wants to get even.

Unsurprisingly, there are a few surprises in store, and the game is better than its Metascore suggests. It just had to follow one of the best games in the series, which was a tough job. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, a new version of Dawn of the New World, came out for the PS3. Overall, this is one of the best Tales Games you can download now.


  • Engaging and epic storyline.
  • Memorable characters.
  • Classic 2D/3D hybrid combat system.
  • Rich world-building.
  • Meaningful moral choices.


  • Somewhat dated graphics.
  • Linear progression in the early game.
  • Repetitive dungeon design.

Tales Of Xillia 2 (71)

Best Tales Games


  • A direct sequel with a continuation of the story.
  • Dual-protagonist gameplay with unique abilities.
  • A moral choice system impacting the story.
  • A diverse cast of characters with personal quests.
  • In-depth character customization.

The Tales of series rarely goes back to a game it has already made, but it has made a few sequels over the years. Tales of Destiny 2 was never released in the West, and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World left a lot to be desired. However, Tales of Xillia 2 is easy to get and is a good follow-up to its predecessor.

In the second Xilla game, you can play as several of the characters from the first game, though they aren’t as interesting as the main character, Ludger. Xillia 2 has great battles, a long story, and takes care of the characters from the first game in a good way. Thus, this is one of the best Tales Games you can download now.


  • Deep character development.
  • Unique branching storyline.
  • Improved combat mechanics.
  • Meaningful choices affecting the narrative.
  • Plenty of side quests and content.


  • Limited exploration and world size.
  • May require knowledge of the first Xillia game.
  • Some players find the debt system burdensome.

Tales Of Legendia (72)

Best Tales Games


  • A unique and standalone story within the Tales series.
  • A focus on character-driven storytelling.
  • A memorable cast of characters.
  • A hybrid turn-based and real-time combat system.
  • Artistic and distinct visual style.

Tales of Legendia is a great JRPG for the PS2, but it’s often forgotten because Symphonia and Abyss are so much better. Legendia is the most out of date looking and playing of all the games in the series that came out in the early 2000s. The 2D combat doesn’t hold up very well, which is made worse by the fact that this game has random encounters, and the story takes a while to get going. Still, Legendia does have a couple of good points. The game is different from the rest of the series because it takes place on a ship, and the characters are interesting. Overall, this is one of the best Tales Games you can download now.


  • Unique and memorable characters.
  • Beautiful soundtrack.
  • Emotional and character-driven storytelling.
  • Classic turn-based combat system.
  • Rich world-building.


  • Graphics may feel dated.
  • Simplistic battle mechanics compared to later titles.
  • Linear level design.
  • Less focus on traditional Tales gameplay elements.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Tales game to start with

When starting out with the Tales of series, it’s important to start with the right game to make sure you have a good time. Here are some things to think about before you decide:

📚 Story and Place: Explore the Tales of series for different worlds and stories. Whether you prefer fantasy, sci-fi, or traditional tales, select a game with a captivating narrative and setting that suits your taste.

🎮 Style of Gameplay: The gameplay in Tales games has evolved over time. Consider your preference for real-time battles, turn-based mechanics, or a mix of both. Choose a game that aligns with your gaming style.

👥 Character Dynamics: Dive into the rich character development and interactions in various Tales games. If you enjoy stories with diverse and engaging characters, research which games boast the most compelling casts.

🎨 Graphics and Presentation: Evaluate whether you desire a modern, visually stunning experience or if you’re open to starting with older titles featuring simpler graphics. The Tales series spans a wide range of visual styles.

💪 Complexity and Difficulty: Reflect on your familiarity with JRPGs. Some Tales games are renowned for their challenging battles and intricate systems, while others are beginner-friendly. Select a game that matches your skill level and gaming expertise.


How good are the Tales games?

The Tales of series is one of the most well-known JRPG series out there. With more than 15 “mothership” games and a number of “spin-offs” and “sequels,” Tales of continues to be one of the most popular franchises, thanks to its loveable characters, changing combat systems and graphics, and many other things.

What is the darkest tales of game?

The Darkest Tales is a 2.5D platform action game. Even though it’s not completely new, the combat feels pretty good. Teddy’s journey begins when he gets a pair of scissors, which he breaks in half to make two blades that he can use at the same time.

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