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Best Tem­plates of Notion for the Writers

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Check Best Tem­plates of Notion for the Writers

It is difficult to hear this expression, since the world has begun to walk down the path of the digital age. Most of Earth’s population prefers to take notes digitally. It is sad to know that we are slowly losing the days when the author’s favorite tool was the typewriter and to be honest now I miss the sound of the typewriter. Speaking of successful modern IT writers, there is almost infinite platform availability and Perception is no exception.

Perception is more than just a note-taking app. From managing your work to completing small projects, everything is available under one cover. There is no limit to creating content in Notion, you can access multiple functions by creating multiple templates on one platform.

Weekly agenda

You need a very good task management system to keep track of weekly work. Then the Weekly Agenda is a good option for you. Adding a reminder function to this model completely frees your brain from your busy weekday schedule. You can store and choose the priority order of the jobs. Helps you consider scheduling, to avoid having to deal with too many things at once.

List of books

Notion’s Book is a solution for your reading this new year. Keep track of all the books you have read, are and will read. This helps you pick and choose books with similar content or by the same author. Definitely a neat storage place for those who have a daily habit of reading.

Blog post

You are blogging and need to create a site to manage all your blog posts. Notion is a good option for you. You can publish text, images, … with different textures, appropriate to the idea and content of the article. Alternatively, you can also create a home page that links to all your blog posts with a special gallery view. This option also allows you to display the author and publication date. If you choose Share at the top of the home page and turn on Public Access, you can even put the site online however you want.

Autonomous clients

Do you have to deal with multiple clients at once while writing freelance content? Client Template will help you manage these jobs at the same time. You can track all work in progress with rate, unfinished work, due date, and more details directly from the Notification Template.

Digital brain board

The purpose of the brain board, similar to a collection of bookmarks, is to store key content information from a wide variety of articles, podcasts, videos, and other information sources. This makes it possible to use them when needed.

Blog manager

Third-party notifications allow you to manage all phases of writing with a comprehensive blog manager. In addition to managing posts, you can also plan and track the progress of upcoming posts.

Recruitment proposal

Manual submission of the full proposal will take a long time for freelancers. Online tools for this monitoring are complex, expensive, and essentially not easy to use. With Notion, you can send responsive suggestions on mobile devices, manage them in a MiniCRM, and most importantly, repurpose all my content and linked content.


This is a must for all writers. Sometimes you come across useful words that you want to use in future sample articles. Notions vocabulary template can help you keep track of newly learned words in one place.


Notion provides you with a journal template with labels, date and time. The entries tab opens a blank frame that allows you to create journal entries. While it is not a substitute for professional magazine apps, it does allow you to start your own daily journey on the road to being a writer.


You want to create a perfect resume, but you are afraid to start over. Try Notion’s resume template. You will be amazed at how easy this template is to use. Alternatively, just turn on Public Access and you can send links to job seekers. You can continue to improve your resume even after submitting it.

Final remarks: Best Tem­plates of Notion for the Writers

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