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Best Terminal Emulators for Windows

The best terminal emulators for Windows imitate the functions of hardware terminals. A hardware terminal uses a monitor and keyboard to allow users to access data stored on a system or server.

A program called a terminal emulator mimics the features of conventional computer terminals. Simply said, the best Terminal Emulators for Windows the same duties in software as opposed to the traditional terminal, which carried out tasks using hardware. Using a command-line or graphical interface, a host computer can connect to a remote computer using a terminal emulator for Linux. The program enables the host computer to run apps on the remote system in addition to gaining access to files on the other computer.

Additionally, the terminal emulator permits file transfers from the host computer to the remote desktop. The encrypted network protocol Secure Shell enables such conversations between the two machines (SSH). Clients for terminal emulators are used by developers to access the computer’s shell. The text-mode interface speeds up procedures while giving program better control over all functions. Below we have mentioned the best terminal emulators for Windows.

10 Best Terminal Emulators For Windows

Windows Terminal

Even though it has less features than some of the emulators on our list, the recently released Windows Terminal is still a significant advancement over standalone Windows terminal program. It unifies the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Azure Cloud Shell, Git Bash, and Command Line into a single integrated entity. Additionally, it significantly reduces the drawbacks of command-line tools, such as the inability to copy and paste without using sophisticated techniques. Overall, this is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows that you can download.

The fact that the free Windows Terminal will be a significant component of the Windows 11 experience is the key justification for your consideration. You enjoy a more streamlined yet contemporary terminal with the additional functionalities in place. Additionally, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are best suited for Windows Terminal. There are no delays, lags, or disruptions when using this native tool, in contrast to many third-party terminals. You can download Windows Terminal from the Windows Store.


One of the most well-liked portable terminal emulators for Windows OS is cmder. According to the program’s official website, it was created “out of pure frustration” because there were no competing products on the market. Powershell and C++ were used to write the software package.

ConEMu, a well-known console emulator, is the foundation of the free and open source software. Additionally, Cmder incorporates improvements from Clink that provide bash-style completion. By enhancing PowerShell, MinTTY, myysgit, and Cygwin compatibility, it also brings Unix features to Windows. This is the best terminal emulators for Windows.


For computing professionals, SecureCRT client for Windows, Mac, and Linux offers rock-solid terminal emulation, increasing productivity with powerful session management and a variety of techniques to speed up and automate repetitive processes. Everyone in your organization has access to secure file transfers, remote access, and data tunneling thanks to SecureCRT. This is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows.


With the help of the multilingual utility Xshell, you can connect to practically any workstation by simulating a virtual terminator. It supports several protocols, including SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN, and SERIAL, and it’s simple for program to connect to a distant Linux or Windows system using one of them. It offers a multi-tabbed, command-line interface. This is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows.

Multi-session management, work automation, support for UTF-8 coding, data safety, and security are some of its important features. Using the MIT Kerberos authentication system, it enables users to specify a master password to restrict access and keep the data safe and secure. Xshell is approximately 45 MB in size and is free for Home and School users.


FireCMD is a sophisticated command interpreter that may be used to build a UNIX-like environment on Windows. Because of its straightforward GUI, which resembles another Windows office program, it is very simple to use even for non-technical people. There are documented features like find/replace, aliases, snapshots, multiple copy-pasting, and command auto completion. For now, this is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows.

FireCMD makes it simple to change the font family, size, colour, and style as well as to resize windows, zoom in and out, and copy and paste text. As a result, the terminal program has the look and feel of a standard Microsoft rich text editor. The program can run a wide range of screens, including PowerShell, Command Line, Cygwin, Git Bash, and more. It also supports tabbed windows like Windows Terminal.

ZOC Terminal Emulator

When it comes to best terminal emulators for Windows and SSH clients, ZOC is among the best, especially for Windows-based programmers who need to access data on Unix machines. Although the software is not free, expert users will find its features intriguing.

As it incorporates connectivity to text-based servers and remote workstations, it serves as a one-stop shop for developers. Its tabbed design, which enables developers to work on numerous terminal sessions at once, is one of its key advantages. The software package can be completely altered to fit the creators’ preferences. Currently, this is the best terminal emulators for Windows you can check now.


A best terminal emulators for Windows called Alacritty has appropriate defaults but also offers a wide range of configurable options. Instead of reimplementing their functionality, it manages to offer a flexible set of capabilities with great efficiency by interfacing with other apps. The operating systems that are currently supported are BSD, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Another best terminal emulators for Windows called Hyper enables users to dial-up into several different systems utilising the SSH protocol. Web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and Electron power it. The ability to be expanded using plugins and add-ons is one of Hyper’s key characteristics.

A command-line interface, multi-tab support, tiling pane, support for different themes, a clean design, quick rendering, and split screen view are further characteristics that stand out. Hyper is entirely customizable and cross-platform.


MobaXterm is the most adaptable and customized option available. SSH, Telnet, Rsh, Xdmcp, RDP, VNC, FTP and SFTP, Serial COM, Local Shell, Mosh, browsers, files, Amazon Web Services S3, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and, of course, the standard command-line shell are all supported. This is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows.

The user-friendly interface works much like Linux and allows you to set up several SSH connections, split terminals horizontally or vertically, and use all the necessary Unix commands. MobaXterm offers a portable version in addition to a standard installer. Do not forget to copy-paste a CygUtility plugin into the same folder as you extract the zip file. If not, the emulator will crash right after it starts.

Flynet Viewer TE Terminal Emulator

A browser-based terminal emulator called Flynet Viewer TE is available for accessing important corporate processes. Access any device with no client software to Mainframe, iSeries, Unix, VMS, or Multivalued systems.

The Flynet Viewer administrative center serves as the central management interface for the terminal emulator, which is placed in a server environment and can be either on-premises or in the cloud. Without the need for Java or ActiveX plugins, Flynet Viewer functions on all devices and browsers. This is one of the best terminal emulators for Windows you can install now.

What is Terminal Emulator Software?

The features of physical terminals are simulated by terminal emulator or terminal application software. All remote terminals, including graphical user interfaces, are referred to as terminals. An environment for text input and output is a terminal. A terminal window is a word used to describe a terminal emulator running inside a graphical user interface. It gives the user access to a text terminal and its programmes, such as text user interfaces and command-line interfaces (CLI) (TUI).

Keyboards and monitors make up hardware terminals. Their responsibility is to offer access to the data kept on a mainframe or centralized computer, also referred to as a minicomputer. Software is used by terminal emulators to access the data kept in a mainframe operating system.

Who Uses Terminal Emulator Software?

IT and network administrators connect to and communicate with another system from their local device using a terminal emulator. They can use it to automate processes and manage activities on a distant device. Utilizing the information and resources kept on a mainframe or centralized computer is made easier with the help of this program.

The utility aids programmers in gaining access to the remote computer’s shell. Text-based terminal emulators provide programmers more control over features and hasten the process of creating program. It offers many more formatting choices and lets developers customize themes and fonts to suit their needs. Multiple plugins for software give developers more customization options for their apps.


Application best terminal emulators for Windows imitates the features of hardware terminals. A hardware terminal uses a monitor and keyboard to give users access to data that is stored on a system or server. The same task is carried out through a terminal emulator via a command line or graphical user interface.

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