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Best Thing to Do in Macau

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Macau is the first European settlement in the Far East. It was settled by the Portuguese in the 16th century, during the good era of Portuguese exploration that began with Prince Henry of the Navy. The Portuguese used Macau as a port and base for the introduction of Christianity to China and Japan. Other European countries planned to occupy Macau from Portugal, the Dutch tried to invade the city in 1622 but failed.

The Portuguese ruled for more than 400 years before Macau returned to China as a China Special Administrative Region (SAR) on December 20, 1999. The official languages ​​of Macau are Chinese and Portuguese. When the Portuguese settled in Macau to spread Christianity, the first priests right now began to build Catholic churches. The first churches were made of wood and mats. In the mid-17th century plaster and stone were used for the structure of these buildings.

Along with the well-known ruins of Saint Paul, Macau’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites also include numerous churches, plazas, and other religious structures built by the Portuguese. Macau’s city center contains a concentrated collection of structures in Asian and Western architectural styles. Due to more than 400 years of cultural contacts between China and the West, these structures exhibit an outstanding fusion of Chinese and Western design. Even now, various religions coexist, from Catholicism to Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Machu Picchu.

Here is the list of the best things to do in Macau

Taste Portuguese wines at Macau Soul

If you are a wine lover and you live in Macau, or you are in Macau, then Macau Soul would be a good option for you. The wine lounge run by an elderly British couple, David and Jack, is located down the hill from the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. The couple’s intimate retreat program, which opened in 2008, has become a favorite haunt of locals and an alternative destination for tourists looking to escape the casino frenzy in Asia’s gambling capital. Once you enter the bar, you will see framed paintings, photographs and Asian ceramics.

Sit back and drink, you will find a completely different world. You’ll listen to a select selection of music, sometimes live, from swing to jazz, while drinking one of over 400 Portuguese record labels, including fine and balanced reds from the Alentejan region. In addition to wines, Macau Soul also offers a variety of homemade snacks, such as David’s Sourdough Bread and Jacky’s Madeira Bread. The couple have traveled to many places around the world and you will be fascinated by their knowledge as you talk with them. Remember that you can only use cash in this room.

Organize a photo session in the Plaza del Senado

With beautiful Portuguese sidewalks and European-style buildings, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is easily one of the best places in Macau for photos and Instagram. However, this public square is not just a photogenic destination. Deep in the narrow streets of Senate Square are blockbuster restaurants like Wong Chi Kei and Tou Tou Koi, sampler food stalls like Kam Wai Beef Offal and Silva Café, plus other shopping stalls.

This is a highly recommended place if you want to slow down your adventurous tour a bit and go for leisurely strolls, window shopping, and an unplanned lunch trip with your traveling friends.

Eat special local foods at Rua do Cunha

Rue do Cunha is a narrow pedestrian street named after the Portuguese explorer Tristão da Cunha. It is known for the shops that sell almond cake, heart of palm eggnog, coconut flakes, cherikoff sweets and peanuts, which travelers buy as “souvenirs”. For first-time visitors to Macau looking for some local street food, Rue do Cunha in Taipa Village is a great place to start. You could eat delicious local food along this street with many friends to explore the food culture of Macau. Do not forget to buy some “souvenirs” when you return.

Pay homage to Matzu at the A-Ma temple

Just when you thought you had seen the best of Macau, the city will surprise you with more of its impressive cultural heritage sites. Built until 1488, the temple was dedicated to Matzu, the Taoist goddess of the sea. Here’s a fun fact, a legend suggests that the A-Ma Temple is the inspiration for Macau’s name. When the Portuguese sailors landed and asked the name of the place, they misunderstood the pronunciation of the locals and started calling it Macao.

Just minutes from the bustling city, visit this place if you want a quick escape from the bustling urban jungle. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this temple consists of six main places waiting to be discovered: the Gate Pavilion, the Memorial Arch, the Prayer Hall, the Kindness Hall, the Guangxin Hall, and the Zenjin. .

Walk through the narrow streets of the Taipa village

Deciding what to do in Macau after your arrival is not always easy. However, if you’re arriving by plane, you’ll find that the airport is located on reclaimed land in eastern Taipa, making it a short drive to Taipa Village. In the heart of Taipa Island, the town is a small community with Portuguese-style houses and commercial buildings and Chinese temples. You’ll find colonial villas alongside full open-air markets. Taipa Village offers an alternative to the busy streets of downtown Macau. It has many of the same features as countless restaurants and shops, but on a smaller scale.

Go hiking around the fortress of Guia

If you feel full of energy, one of the things you can do in Macau is to climb Guia Hill. Guia Fortress (1622) atop Guia Hill is another iconic image of Macau. The fortress has a historic chapel with centuries-old frescoes, the first modern lighthouse (1865) on the Chinese coast, and old military tunnels. You’ll also be rewarded with stunning views of the city center. Macau Tip: From the fort, there is access to forested nature and hiking trails around Guia Hill. This is one of the green lungs of Macau where locals seek a quiet rural retreat away from the busy streets below.

The House of Dancing water show in Macau

Prepare to be dazzled by “The House of Dancing Water,” the extravagant water show presented in a state-of-the-art theater at Macau City of Dreams. The sweeping love story begins when a storm draws a fisherman to a mythical land of pirates, princesses and other characters. The action-packed show packed with awesome stunts, motorcycle stunts, high jumps and more. Colorful water jets and theatrical multimedia offer a stunning visual ensemble. You can choose between two hours of viewing each night, so it can be easily integrated into your boating schedule.

Stroll through the Senate Square

The stroll through the Senate Square is probably one of the best things you can do in Macau. They are the most recognizable public spaces in Macau. The public centers have many shops, restaurants, cultural heritage sites, souvenir shops, and various snack stalls. You can make showcases or just go explore the place. The main market square is decorated according to the current festival of the month/season. The place becomes an ideal place for a perfect shot.

Jump from the AJ Hackett Macau tower

Part of the massive Macau Tower Recreation and Convention Center, the Macau Tower is easily one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, as well as a popular tourist attraction. Standing 338 meters tall and built for telecommunications and broadcasting, the fun side of the tower includes an observation deck with stunning views of the city, as well as a number of restaurants, theaters and shops. For thrill-seekers, there’s the Macau Tower Skywalk, a thrill ride along the outer rim of the observation deck or you can experience the world’s highest bungee jump at 233 meters.

Enjoy the fresh air and views of the city at the Fortress and the Chapel of the Guide

If you want to know where to go in Macau to enjoy amazing views of the city, visit the Guia Fortress. The fort is located in the southern part of the Guia Municipal Park and has many points of interest in Macau. The park and the fortress cover a large part of eastern Macau, near the port. The main locations include the lighthouse and the chapel. The chapel was built in 1622, while the lighthouse was built a few hundred years later. You must take the cable car to get to the viewing area inside the lighthouse. From the top of the 81-meter-high tower, you can see most of the city and up to 32 km out to sea.

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