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Most pet owners consider their animals to be full-fledged members of the family. It is crucial to choose a sitter that best suits your demands whenever you have to entrust her care to someone else. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when searching for the ideal dog walker.

So what if you put in a lot of overtime, have a variable schedule, or can’t physically exercise your dog as needed? You should consider hiring a dog walker as a conscientious pet owner. Just like hiring a sitter, choosing the best dog walker is a serious decision because he is in charge of the safety and well-being of your dog while you are together.

Plus, you’re basically inviting a stranger over to your house. A licensed dog trainer and behaviorist based on the fact that trust and safety are the two most crucial aspects when it comes to hiring the right dog walker.

Here is the list of top tips for choosing a dog walker for your dog.

Recognize the impact of cost on service.

The price of a dog walker can differ greatly. With a professional you can pay up to £15 an hour, or you can use a service like BorrowMyDoggy to find a local dog lover who will walk your dog for free. The cost can, in any case, be a good indicator of the type of service you want.

If you want to be sure that your dog is in good hands and insured, a dog walking business is fantastic. Many dog ​​owners especially like the opportunities of group walks, which ensure that their dog receives regular, high-quality socialization. Similarly, free or low-cost services do not always indicate a reduction in quality; in fact, as a dog owner, you’ll likely develop strong relationships with your dog walker.

Does he love animals?

Between someone looking to earn some money and someone who really enjoys spending time with dogs, there is a big difference. Introduce the prospective dog walker to your dog and observe how they interact before employing them to walk your dog. Observe how the dog walker interacts with your dog, as well as how your dog responds to you.

You can distinguish a person who truly loves dogs from another who only tolerates them. You want a companion to take care of your pet to accompany you on walks. The main requirement must be love for dogs!

Do you know your area and live nearby?

A nearby dog ​​walker is more likely to be punctual and available to walk your dog when your schedule changes. To give your dog the best walk possible, you’ll also be better acquainted with local hiking trails. While some dogs prefer to alter their routes, others prefer to cover the same terrain every day.

Let him know what you prefer for your dog. Your dog walker must follow the rules that apply to dogs in your community. Even at a neighborhood park or off-leash area, you should usually ask your dog walker to keep your dog on a leash. Of course, they also have to pick up any feces they find and dispose of the bags in the outdoor trash.

Know exactly what is required of you

Being an animal lover does not make someone a good dog walker. Being a professional dog walker requires, in the words of Bethany Stevens, owner of On the Move Pet Care in Rochester, New York, “experience working with animals of various types, breeds, sizes, and personalities.” You need someone who is knowledgeable about dog behavior. Canine behavior is the way canines communicate and express things like love, fear and stress, and if a canine handler doesn’t get the special, subtle cues, the dog and anyone nearby could be in danger. according to Russell Hartstein.

Organize meet and greets

It’s time for them to meet your dog after you’ve selected a few potential dog walkers; it is crucial to observe how the two get along. Candy A wonderful way to ensure you’ve found a good dog walker, according to Pilar Godoy, the blogger behind Boogie the Pug in New York City, is to see how her dog responds when they first meet him. Godoy asks: “Is your dog happy/excited or is he shrinking?” The signals given by a dog can teach us a lot as humans. To determine if the dog and human are a good match, you might even want to take a test walk together.

Does he question you about possible emergencies?

when the walker inquires about urgent circumstances. It demonstrates your experience and ability to foresee future problems. Make sure your dog walker knows how to contact your vet so he can provide emergency veterinary care if something goes wrong while he’s out for a walk.

A walker may show inexperience if he doesn’t ask about it. Any problem habits your dog exhibits should also be reported to a dog walker. For example, do you easily pull on the leash or do you enjoy stealing street food? Or maybe you don’t like the neighbor’s dog.

Keep in mind that when you’re not around, dogs behave differently

Three big boisterous dogs that go crazy when someone knocks on the door belong to a friend of mine. She believed they would make a loud noise to scare off a dozen intruders when I got to walk with them. It turned out that when I walked through the door, all three of her dogs were silent. What a waste of her security system.

These kinds of things happen frequently. In your company, your dogs may act more brave or shy. When alone in the house and a visitor enters, friendly dogs may rush to the door while growling and barking. When mom isn’t around, shy dogs may feel more comfortable going for a walk with the meat-covered stranger.

Invite them to join you and your pets on a walk.

Ask to complete this step during the initial meeting if your dog agrees. You will want to watch the dog walker handle their dog unless they are robots or very calm dogs. Put on the harness, collar and leash, then go for a short walk with the dog walker.

You should not miss this step if your dog is prone to aggression. Anyone can talk a good game, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to keep your composure when your hyperactive dog starts a break-dancing competition with the neighbor’s dog. Join a group walk to see how they behave with your dog.

They should be prepared to show you their credentials.

Liability insurance, references, a full service agreement, and transparent, written policies and fees are all requirements for dog walkers. All dog walkers should have this gear, regardless of their employer or whether they work for themselves. You’ll want to know their cancellation policy before you hire them.

What payment methods do you accept and what are your daily and weekly rates? In what time interval will you visit every day? If my dog ​​is injured at the dog park, who will cover the medical bills? If I catch you in my evening gowns, who’s going to pay the dry cleaning bills? Everything must be documented in writing.

Authorized and Insured

Because different jurisdictions have different licensing requirements, check your local laws. A qualified dog walker must be covered by accident liability insurance and possess a business license. Some larger organizations that have employees protect you from employee theft because they are linked. This is crucial if a pet sitter will be staying at your home while you are away.

Because different jurisdictions have different licensing requirements, check your local laws. A qualified dog walker must be covered by accident liability insurance and possess a business license. Some larger companies with staff are also linked, which means you are protected against employee theft.

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