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Best Tips For Writing A Personal Statement

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The personal statement, traditionally the main essay on the Common Application, is the part of the application where students can have the most influence and which provides the best opportunity to tell the college a little more about themselves. While the preset questions are used for the main essay of the Common Application, they are broad enough that students can write about just about anything they want, as long as it relates to their chosen essay question. Since the expected length of the personal statement is usually short, it can be challenging to write down everything you want to say.

After all, this is the time to promote your app, and the urge to write more is likely to be strong. However, writing an engaging and concise personal statement doesn’t have to be a challenge. By following these simple tips, you can write a great personal statement that really sets you apart from the crowd: If you’re applying for a high-demand major, your personal statement can determine whether or not you get an interview. The university’s director of marketing and student recruitment.

Check out the list of top tips for writing a personal statement

Create two lists

Write a list detailing what you know about the degree you want to study and why you know it’s the right degree for you.

The second list should focus on why you are the ideal student for this course and university. Use these lists to make a more personal statement.

Describe your academic or professional ambitions.

The focus of your personal statement should be your academic ambitions and the reasons why you want to enter graduate school. It’s not enough to simply give a vague answer like “this program will help open doors to a career after graduation.”

While this may be your motivation, the admissions committee is looking for candidates who are passionate about their subject of study and have a clear idea of ​​how the advanced degree program will help them deepen their knowledge and progress, either academically or professionally. State in clear terms how and why the advanced degree course will help you advance.

talk to others

Talk to your close friends and family before you start writing. Find out what they see as unique about you. Sometimes it’s really hard to list your own strengths, so let others do it for you! Ask them if they have stories that would be helpful.

Alternatively, you can ask them what they think makes you different from other applicants. What they have to say may surprise you.

Reveal something new about yourself

We say this every year because it is one of the writing tips that students struggle with the most. When trying to showcase a specialty or passion, students can often be superfluous and spend the entirety of the essay repeating something else already included in the application. If a marching band is on your to-do list, the college already knows you like music, so don’t spend your essay writing about what it means to play the flute in the band.

Take this opportunity to give the admissions office a glimpse of something new about yourself. Whether it’s how your religion affected your education, how a mentor helped you reach your potential, or an event that shaped you today, write about something substantial that will add another dimension to your application.

Thoroughly research your choice of topic

Admissions tutors will read your personal statement to assess your suitability for the course. By attending open houses, reviewing course and module content, and researching university values, you need to be sure you can communicate why you want to spend the next three years in your chosen major.

use lots of examples

According to USA Today, giving concrete examples is more effective than speaking in abstract generalizations. For example, list academics or scholars that inspire you, mention articles that have received much praise, describe details of previous research projects, etc. In other words, the more examples you offer to strengthen your case, the more likely the admissions officer will be impressed.

Include a great opening sentence

To make a good first impression, start with something fun, interesting, unusual, or surprising, but don’t overthink it. The perfect opening sentence will come to you at some point, even if you’ve already worked hours and hours on your personal statement.

So try to give it time and let the right words come to you. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our personal statement examples to see how past UCAS applicants have chosen to open theirs.

Why should they choose you?

Even if the topic or question you need to answer is a bit abstract, be sure to present yourself in a positive light. Let readers know why they should choose you.

If you need to do some research, by all means do so. You want to know your stuff if you want to write about it. Don’t make anything up, the readers will know. For essays or scholarships that ask you questions like “why do you want to go to our university?” or “why do you deserve this scholarship?” stick to what you know and be yourself.

Be aware of word choice, tone and voice

Your essay should sound like you wrote it, so don’t overload it with long vocabulary, complex sentence structures, or a raised tone of voice if you don’t normally write or speak that way.

That said, don’t be afraid to expand your writing skills. The personal statement should showcase your best writing, so take the time to carefully craft an essay that clearly conveys your story and voice. Avoid redundant words or phrases, filler words that don’t add value, or confusing language that confuses the message.

Be original

You’ll know why you were excited about the title when you read the course information or take part in a question and answer session with one of the instructors at an open house. Use your personal statement as an opportunity to share your enthusiasm.

Offer praise in moderation

As USA Today explained at length, it’s important to explain what attracts you to the college and degree in question. However, it is important not to overly praise the institution and faculty. Such a strategy will make it seem like you are trying to flatter yourself with the faculty, which many find uncomfortable.

Facilitation is key – describe some of the strengths of the school and program, and then relate those positives to how they will help you in your academic and/or professional pursuits.

Think about your future

Mention what your long-term goals are, if there is an interesting way to achieve it, and if you have a specific path in mind. If so, try to show a spark of individuality or imagination. Simply saying you want to be an accountant doesn’t make your app stand out from the crowd.

If you’re still not sure, just talk about what you hope for in college and what you’d like to get out of your studies or college life. If you are applying for deferred entry, mention your gap year plans if you have made a firm decision to take a gap year. Most courses will be happy if you take a gap year, but will want to know briefly how you plan to spend it.

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