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Best Vegan Places in US

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In America, there has probably never been a better time to go vegan. Chefs across the country are preparing meals that are based on fruits and vegetables to promote well-being, and people are getting used to dishes made exclusively with vegetables. In short, if you ask to “leave the cheese out”, no one will look at you sideways. With chefs of all kinds opening vegan restaurants, a list of the best seems necessary. Think of this list as a personal wish list that also serves as a guide.

Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in America, offering a variety of cuisines, cooking styles, and overall dining experiences, all worth the trip. If you’re a die-hard herbivore or just want “something healthy,” check out these great vegan restaurants. Gone are the days of putting every vegan restaurant in the country on a single sheet of paper. More vegan restaurants are opening every day, and some of the best cities in the country have vegan restaurants for every cuisine and occasion. These are some of the most vegan-friendly cities in the US.

Here is the list of the best vegan places in the US.

plum bistro

Growing from a modest vegan bistro south of downtown Seattle to three restaurants and a food truck, this franchise was created with the idea of ​​improving America’s food environment by increasing the availability of vegan dining options. The menus at each site differ significantly, but all include organic ingredients that do not contain animal products. Plum Bistro’s cuisine is influenced by American classics with a twist, resulting in unique cuisine.

aunts and uncles

Aunts et Uncles, which opened a few months after the outbreak, serves Caribbean-inspired vegan fare in a cafe that looks like a small independent retail establishment. Plant-based classics like plantain mofongo and sautéed vegetables are on the menu, as are imaginative reimaginings of lobster rolls and meat pies, as well as French breakfast, wildflower salad, burgers, the links and the pasta. Additionally, the restaurant serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from the coffee, tea, beer, wine, and kombucha families.

The Hamptons – Yama Q

If your friends want to have a sushi night, don’t worry about a shortage of selections because fish is no longer your friend. Yama Q not only serves excellent sushi, but his dinners are out of this world. Vegan Tofu Lasagna is gluten-free, vegan, and flavorful, with tofu, cashews, shitake mushrooms, broccoli, and marinara sauce. There are plenty of plant-based options on the menu at The Hamptons, from edamame hummus to cold buckwheat noodles, Impossible Sausage and more.

thank you mother

Created by the same people who created the Cafe Gratitude world, this gorgeous vegan restaurant is without a doubt one of the most Instagrammable vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. The black-and-white tiled bar, white walls, and vaulted white ceiling provide a clean backdrop for the restaurant’s colorful vegan Mexican delights, and pull-down lighting, hardwood floors, and a backlit bar complete the romantic vibe. There is also outdoor seating in a beautiful dog-friendly courtyard. Before you dive into the flight of tacos, Jamaican flautas, and the best cocktails you’ve ever seen, pull out your phone’s camera.

elegant radish

Like bipartisanship these days, there aren’t many vegan restaurants in DC, but that’s changing thanks to chefs Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby. With Fancy Radish, plant-based empire builders extended their reach from Philadelphia to the nation’s capital. People are too busy eating their faces over impossibly melty and oddly dairy-free rutabaga fondue, BLT sandwiches starring shiitake “bacon” and twists of “carbonara” ramen to discuss politics in this casual setting. Each dish reflects the couple’s culinary philosophy, which is to showcase vegetables without the vegan jargon. It’s the most convenient method of getting your veggie fix without having to mash up a tub of salad.

candle 79

The Candle 79 deftly elevates vegan cuisine from its humble origins to a level of haute cuisine. The restaurant is a wonderful component of the Manhattan dining scene, located on New York’s exclusive Upper East Side. Candle 79 tries to be as eco-friendly as possible as well as being vegan. The restaurant serves only organic, plant-based foods in a setting that incorporates environmentally friendly architectural and decorative components, as well as cooking and cleaning supplies.

miami plant

The Plant Miami serves innovative plant-based foods. This restaurant not only specializes in certified vegan and kosher meals, but also emphasizes conscious cooking. Only the brightest, cleanest, most organic produce makes it to your plate, thanks to a local resource known as Paradise Farms. Horacio Rivadero, Executive Chef, and Veronica Manolizi, Pastry Chef, create a menu based on seasonal ingredients and South Florida influences. To enhance the nutritional offerings, these culinary minds use a wide range of superfoods, medicinal herbs, historic spices, and 67 different types of edible flowers. Try one of the many biodynamic and organic alcoholic pairings with truffle noodles or tartufada.

The land of Kush in Baltimore, MD

The Land of Kush is not only one of the best vegan restaurants in America, it also has the best quick bites in Baltimore. The menu is packed with grab-and-go alternatives, including the Live Kale Salad, which is one of their best-selling salads. Many of their chicken selections, such as Chickun Tenders and Chickun Salad, are also customer favorites on the menu. Chickun is created from seasoned breaded soybeans instead of genuine chicken. If the menu isn’t enough to entice you, the service will.

The Gold Leaf Collective

While it may not be as upscale as other vegan spots, it’s hard to pass up Colorado’s best vegan restaurant, as rated by Food and Wine, and while it may not be as sophisticated as other vegan spots, this one screams quirky and adorable in a hipster way. The Silver Seed, which is still in business, started out as a food truck and has grown into this ultra cozy hangout. The modest area is well designed and incorporates natural features such as a branch display in one corner and various wood accents. The atmosphere makes it easy to relax while you hone your photography skills and sample some of Gold Leaf’s delicious food. The Mac & Shew, Lion’s Mane Po Boy and Seitan Philly with house fries are also fan favorites.

Pat Greer’s kitchen

To be honest, we all live in Pat Greer’s sustainable universe. The Dallas native has always been health conscious, growing seeds on her paternal grandparents’ farm, picking lush figs and stocking a large pantry of canned vegetables since she was a little girl. He took those memories with him when he moved her land-driven efforts to Houston and opened one of Montrose’s most popular restaurants. Herbivores and carnivores alike can stuff their faces with fudge blocks and almond-peanut butter rice treats, eat black bean-filled tamales and hearty bowls, and try a carb-free hamburger salad.

Fox and Fig Cafe in Savannah, GA

In a southern city like Savannah, Georgia, where grilled meats are the norm, Fox & Fig Cafe stands out when it comes to vegan barbecue options. Nacho Mama’s Nachos and Chipotle Mac are two dishes that put a new spin on classic comfort foods. “We loved the mac and cheese platter so much that we ordered it again later in the week,” adds Lindini. Becky F. adds, “By far the best vegan mac and cheese we’ve ever tasted.”

the Angels

As one of the top vegan cities, Los Angeles is a vegan food lover’s dream. Not only are there vegan restaurants in every neighborhood of the huge city, Los Angeles also has one of the largest collections of vegan food trucks on the road. And if you’ve got a vegan craving but want to spend the day outdoors, there’s a vegan pop-up event in or around Los Angeles most days of the week.

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