ArticleListsBest Vyond Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: optimize your workflow

Best Vyond Keyboard Shortcuts 2023: optimize your workflow

Time-saving Vyond hotkeys for smooth animation creation

The best Vyond Keyboard shortcuts are invaluable tools in Vyond Studio, as they can save you precious time that would otherwise be spent on clicking and dragging. By using these shortcuts, you can copy, paste, preview, and place files quickly and with great accuracy. Let’s look at a few of these tools that can speed up your work.

Let’s start by looking at the copy and paste function. You don’t have to start over with parts when you can just copy them. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when you select an item on the stage or a scene on the timeline: To copy an image on a PC, press Ctrl + C; on a Mac, press Command + C. Once the object has been copied, you can paste a copy by pressing Ctrl or Command + V. With this easy step, you can turn one tree into a healthy forest in a matter of seconds.

Vyond Studio is an online animation tool that lets you make things like GIFs, full-length movies, and more. It has a huge range of elements, materials, and characters that can be used in many different businesses. With Vyond, you can tell stories through animated movies, which is a great way to connect with and engage your audience. Below we have mentioned the best Vyond Keyboard shortcuts.

Best Vyond Keyboard Shortcuts


Ctrl + NNew Scene
Ctrl + OOpen Scene
Ctrl + SSave Scene
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + DDuplicate
Ctrl + GGroup
Ctrl + Shift + GUngroup
Ctrl + LLock
Ctrl + Shift + LUnlock
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As
Ctrl + Shift + OImport
Ctrl + PPrint
Ctrl + TTransform
Ctrl + URemove Transform
Ctrl + JAlign Center
Ctrl + EAlign Middle
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl + IItalic
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + Shift + TToggle Timing
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy with Timing
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste with Timing
Ctrl + Shift + XCut with Timing
Ctrl+Shift+ZPaste as New Scene
Ctrl+Shift+AAuto Save


Shift + KClear Keyframe
JFrame Back
LFrame Forward
HomeGo to Start
EndGo to End
Ctrl + LeftGo to Previous Scene
Ctrl + RightGo to Next Scene
Ctrl + Shift + LeftGo to Previous Character
Ctrl + Shift + RightGo to Next Character
Alt + LeftMove to Previous Keyframe
Alt + RightMove to Next Keyframe
Ctrl + Alt + LeftMove to Previous Scene Marker
Ctrl + Alt + RightMove to Next Scene Marker
Ctrl + Shift + KInsert Keyframe
Ctrl + Shift + SpacePlay From Current Time
Alt + Shift + LeftExpand Selection Left
Alt + Shift + RightExpand Selection Right
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteDelete Range
Shift + RightShift Layer Right
Shift + LeftShift Layer Left
Shift + UpBring Layer Forward
Shift + DownSend Layer Backward
Ctrl + Shift + RReverse Frames
Ctrl + Shift + MMirror Frames
Ctrl + Shift + NNormalize Frames
Ctrl + Shift + FFreeze Frame
Ctrl + Shift + LLoop Frame
Ctrl + Shift + HHold Frame
Ctrl + Shift + BBlank Frame
Ctrl + Shift + DDelete Frame
Ctrl + Shift + UUnfreeze Frame
Ctrl + Shift + Shift + FSet Loop Frame


WMove Camera
ERotate Camera
RScale Camera
Ctrl+RReset Camera
Ctrl+Shift+RClear Camera Keyframes
Ctrl+DToggle Default Camera
Ctrl+PToggle Pan Camera
Ctrl+ZToggle Zoom Camera

Vyond Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms


PreviewCtrl + Enter
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
CutCtrl + X
CopyCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
Select AllCtrl + A
DuplicateCtrl + D
GroupCtrl + G
UngroupCtrl + Shift + G
Bring ForwardCtrl + F
Send BackwardCtrl + B
Bring to FrontCtrl + Shift + F
Send to BackCtrl + Shift + B
Zoom InCtrl + +
Zoom OutCtrl + –
Fit to StageCtrl + 0
Preview from StartCtrl + Shift + Enter
Toggle Full ScreenF11
SaveCtrl + S
PublishCtrl + Shift + P
Publish and ShareCtrl + Shift + S


PreviewCommand + Enter
UndoCommand + Z
RedoCommand + Shift + Z
CutCommand + X
CopyCommand + C
PasteCommand + V
Select AllCommand + A
DuplicateCommand + D
GroupCommand + G
UngroupCommand + Shift + G
Bring ForwardCommand + F
Send BackwardCommand + B
Bring to FrontCommand + Shift + F
Send to BackCommand + Shift + B
Zoom InCommand + +
Zoom OutCommand + –
Fit to StageCommand + 0
Preview from StartCommand + Shift + Enter
Toggle Full ScreenControl + Command + F
SaveCommand + S
PublishCommand + Shift + P
Publish and ShareCommand + Shift + S


What are Vyond keyboard shortcuts?

The Vyond keyboard shortcuts are groups of keys that can be used to do different things in the Vyond animation software. They are meant to make work easier and faster by making it easy for users to find and run programs that they use often.

Can I find the full list of Vyond keyboard shortcuts in the Vyond documentation?

Yes, there is a full list of keyboard shortcuts in the Vyond literature. You can find it by going to the Vyond website and going to the part called “Support” or “Help.” There should be a special article or page in the documentation that lists all the keyboard shortcuts for Vyond Studio.

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