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Best Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

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The plain t-shirt is a basic in every man’s wardrobe. Due to their versatility and relative affordability, they can be worn in countless ways and in almost any situation… Except, perhaps, for a cocktail dress code. That said, the rules for wearing t-shirts are pretty simple. Start with the basic colors of white, black, grey, and navy, and you can pair them with just about anything, from jackets to knitwear, blazers, and collared shirts. Once he’s done that, he can play with prints, patterns, details and materials to create his own personal look.

Is it possible to look stunning in a t-shirt and not look sloppy or plain? Or should stylish men save the plain t-shirt for the gym and gardening? The fact is that you can look great in a t-shirt. A t-shirt belongs to every man’s wardrobe. You just have to know the secrets that hide the details to look good in it. The t-shirt may seem like a simple piece of clothing at first glance, but it is anything but…

Check out the list of the best ways to wear a t-shirt

Put on a blazer

If you can wear a t-shirt to work, wear it with a jacket over it. Tuck the shirt into your khakis or chinos and pair it with a good pair of work-appropriate shoes.

with a tracksuit

Model Paloma Essler gives her athleisure ‘fit a glamorous twist with the help of a quilted clutch bag and matching high heels. Pair it with a white crew neck tee to emphasize her necklace and finish it off with hard-to-miss earrings.

Pay attention to the dress code

In fact, many functions require the right suit and tie, or at least a long-sleeved shirt with a collar. T-shirts are an option if and only if the event is casual. Don’t try to defy the dress code and wear a T-shirt to the office or a friend’s wedding unless specifically requested to do so.

It doesn’t matter how good you look or how confident you feel. T-shirts have their own time and place, just like flip flops or denim jackets. Always respect the occasion if you want others to respect you.

Combine it with a skirt

A t-shirt can add a comfortable yet stylish look to your outfit when paired with a midi or pencil skirt. Complete your outfit with flats, wedges or ankle boots.

With a blazer and shorts

A t-shirt with the shorts might look too casual depending on where you’re going, but adding a two-tone blazer and heels definitely makes the whole outfit pop, like Rihanna did here.

Know your body type

Not everyone has guns like Chris Hems or a chest like Dwayne Johnson. These guys can rock t-shirts. So how do you look good in a t-shirt when you’re a mere mortal? You need to know the top five male body shapes and which ones you need to know about to assess your chances of looking good in a t-shirt.

The reality is that the first shirt you try on probably won’t flatter all body shapes and sizes. If you are a strong or relatively tall man, you are probably aware of the extra weight on your torso. A tight t-shirt won’t hide this very well. If you’re skinny, a t-shirt might accentuate the slimness of your arms and torso.

Wear a button up shirt over your t-shirt

For a smart casual look when out with friends or shopping, tuck a white t-shirt inside your jeans and wear a button down shirt over it.

with cool outerwear and heels

Candice Huffine looks sassy yet incredibly stylish in this ensemble. A statement leopard-print jacket and patent leather heels are sophisticated, while the baggy black t-shirt and skinny jeans keep it low-key. Genius.

Get into your shorts

For the warmer months, shorts and a t-shirt are sensible summer attire. To enhance your outfit, tuck the shirt fully or half inside your shorts and expose your belt, which can act as a fashion piece.

with a bodice

If you want more ~drama~, how about that for you? Camila Coehlo wears her white t-shirt with a lace bodice, straight-leg jeans, pink heels, and an evening bag that makes this look anything but boring. The pop of color really accentuates your shoes, while the bustier gives the shirt more attention.

Select the right fabric

The fabric of a shirt is a key factor in its quality. If you want to look amazing in a t-shirt, the material has to be amazing. Two shirts may be identical in design and color, but the one with the best fabric will far outperform the other.

As with all the clothes you buy, always read the tag on a t-shirt. Sure you check the price, but you should also look for information about the material. T-shirts are usually 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend, but there are other specialty fabrics that can serve you even better.

in a daring outfit

Draw attention to your colorful outfit by wearing a simple white t-shirt underneath, like Aimee Song here. Do you want to make it even more modern? A pair of chunky-soled sneakers will do the trick (although you’d look just as good in small heels with this style).

Make sure your shirt is spotless

T-shirts are inherently casual men’s clothing, so avoid shirts that de-emphasize formality even more. This usually means aging or discoloration and can be intentional or accidental. Some fashion-forward brands are launching pre-bleached shirts for a worn-in look. Avoid dressing like a hipster by opting for a new, spotless shirt. Your favorite band’s t-shirt from ten years ago can look like really heavy clothing. Stains and holes are also part of the life of a shirt.

It can be tempting to stick with the same old shirt. You are attached to it and it might even bring back good memories. However, you must remember the first tip, which is to take into account the occasion. The truth is, even going to the mall or running errands is worthy of a fresh, clean shirt. You never know who you’ll meet. Your old t-shirts don’t need to be wasted. Save them for gardening or cleaning the car, and when they’re out of luck, turn them into rags to shine your shoes.

Play with a French fold

For a French curve or half curve, tuck the front of the shirt into the pants, but leave the sides and back hanging loose. This trendy, club-ready look can spice up your sleepwear with skinny jeans, chinos, or even shorts.

with overalls

A pair of polka dot jumpsuits add lots of fun to a basic black tee. Plus, you’ll strike the perfect balance of fun and style when you accessorize with sneakers, a chic shoulder bag, dainty jewelry, and trendy oval sunglasses, which means you won’t look like a 5-year-old at recess.

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