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Best Weather Apps for iPhone

Being informed about the weather can help you prepare for the day and even find a good opportunity for small talk with strangers. Your iPhone has a built-in weather app, but sometimes it doesn't provide enough detailed data.

Now that we live in a world where climate change is a reality, downloading the best Weather Apps for iPhone or Android device is absolutely necessary. These days, the weather may change quickly, so it’s important to be prepared. Whether it’s the prediction for today or the week ahead, a good weather app can help you prepare for hurricanes, extremely high temperatures, or severe winter storms.

Even the built-in apps that come with your iPhone or Android smartphone by default all show temperatures and a basic forecast. The top weather apps set themselves apart by giving you more. This can include everything from radar images, radar images with hyper-local forecasts, severe weather warnings, and even air quality data. Some apps even let you track the moon’s phases or look up the weather prediction for prospective trip destinations. Below we have mentioned some of the best Weather Apps for iPhone.

Here is the list of best Weather Apps for iPhone

Dark Sky

The minute-by-minute forecasts offered by Dark Sky are its strongest point. For the following seven days, you can get such up-to-date forecasts up to an hour in advance and in hourly increments. The app’s user-friendly interface displays the current weather and forecasted temperatures, and it can even notify you before it starts to rain or snow so you won’t be caught off guard. Additionally, there is an Apple Watch software that offers the essentials, allowing you to keep your phone hidden while out and about.

But the graphics in Dark Sky are what we really like. They are slick and sophisticated, which you won’t find in most weather apps. Dark Sky is unique in the way that it approaches maps compared to other weather apps, which makes it stand out. Without advertisements, it’s much better, and the one-time cost is much more appealing than the subscription-based pricing model employed by competing applications. Overall, this is one of the best Weather Apps for iPhone that you can download.

The Weather Channel

Take a look at The Weather Channel app if you’re searching for a straightforward weather app from one of the most reputable weather providers in the United States. It’s a reliable, free, and advertisement-supported option. This is the best Weather Apps for iPhone.

The Weather Channel app offers editorial weather content, 15-minute rain predictions, information on snow intensity, and live breaking news alerts for extreme weather occurrences. You can choose a premium subscription that includes sophisticated radar and extra features if you don’t like advertisements.


RadarScope is the most feature-rich and potent weather app available on the App Store for meteorologists and weather aficionados. Nexrad Level 3 data from weather stations in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico are included in the app.

RadarScope offers severe weather alerts, a range of options for customizing your meteorological reports, as well as very accurate data visualization. The majority of people won’t require a weather app this comprehensive, but those who do will appreciate it. For now, this is one of the best Weather Apps for iPhone you can consider.

Yahoo Weather

The attractive user interface of Yahoo Weather (iOS, Android) is arguably the best incentive to use it. The software is enjoyable to use because you can set up weather pages for several cities and swipe between them. Each page has a beautiful full-screen graphic. Overall, this is the best Weather Apps for iPhone you can consider.

When viewing the weather in New York, the backdrop image will be gloomy and rainy if you are doing so during an evening rainfall because the photos are adjusted for both the time of day and the weather conditions. Swipe up to view an hourly and 10-day forecast, then scroll down to view information on wind, precipitation, radar imagery, coronavirus data, air quality, pollen count, and more.

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather (iOS) can deliver a healthy dose of snark if you’re searching for some personality in your weather prediction. Since Carrot’s wit is so essential to the app, you can adjust a slider to control the level of sarcasm it uses, from professional to “homicidal” to “overkill,” as well as the choice to allow it to utilise politics and foul language. Still, it is one of the best Weather Apps for iPhone you can consider.

Another feature of the app is an augmented reality mode that overlays the weather prediction in a view of the environment around you. You can also unlock weather-related achievements and kill time by doing “missions” to locate locations on the global map. Carrot is obviously not your typical weather app. However, it still makes weather predictions using information from the superb Dark Sky service, which includes radar, infographics, and seven-day forecasts.

Hello Weather

We are aware that not everyone has a propensity to alternate between platforms, such as semi-regularly utilising iOS and Android. But for those who already do or intend to in the future, having an app that works on a variety of devices is convenient. Hello Weather, a weather software that has been around for years and is available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, fits the description very well.

Apple Weather App

The stock Weather app comes pre-installed on Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The app automatically displays the local weather when Location Services are enabled. It’s a straightforward programmed with a simple, uncluttered interface.

The sunset times, UV index, air quality, and the upcoming day’s weather forecast are all displayed in the Weather app. To view the weather prediction for your vacation spot, you may even change your location on the Weather app. The Weather App’s greatest benefit is that it is already part of iOS and is available to you as soon as you buy a device. This is one of the best Weather Apps for iPhone you can download.

Carrot Weather

The Carrot Weather app has received praise for having a healthy dosage of personality, humour, and sarcasm. You can choose between receiving professional or more caustic weather forecasts, which are rated as excessive and homicidal. Other possibilities for personalization include getting political and even using foul language when receiving weather updates.

The award-winning Carrot Weather app uses data from Dark Sky to provide accurate weather updates, including current forecasts. Apple Watch and iOS users have widget alternatives, and subscribers can access premium services. For now, this is the best Weather Apps for iPhone.

Weather Live

To keep watch of approaching hurricanes and lightning, use Weather Live. Other apps perform the same function, but this one has more sophisticated capabilities. Do you want to know the weather forecast for the next week? Weather Live can help you learn more.

When you first open the app, the current temperature in your area is displayed along with forecasts for the minimum and maximum temperatures at various times. I appreciate how it presents the possibility of the projected scenario, giving you a % likelihood. Although the app has a straightforward interface, its comprehensive dashboard offers a wealth of information.

Weather & Radar

The best temperature calendars may be found on Weather Radar. The temperature trends and forecasts for the next 14 days are displayed in a line graph here.

The app’s search function allows you to look up a place and download weather information for it. Although I find automated location detection useful, downloading weather data can be slow. Disappointingly, whether you manually search for anything or use auto-detect, its position detection is inaccurate. Additionally, the programmed regularly disconnects from the source server.

Final Words

With the correct equipment, staying ahead of the weather and taking precautions are completely free. Thankfully, if you use the right weather software, your iPhone or iPad can serve as that tool. These are the finest weather iOS applications to remain ahead, whether you want to track current weather conditions or climatic changes or prevent getting wet because you weren’t prepared.

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