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Best YouTube Channels for Science Class

This list is about the Best YouTube Channels for Science Class. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best YouTube Channels for Science Class. I hope you like this list Best YouTube Channels for Science Class. So lets begin:

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There are some great science-oriented YouTube channels, all of which are specifically geared toward anyone interested in the wonders of science. What better way to discover the latest research updates, lectures from subject matter experts, and the fascinating mysteries of the world we live in than through visually captivating videos! Given your busy schedule, we understand that you may not be able to find the time to browse YouTube in hopes of finding relevant channels.

That is why we have created a list of the most fascinating science channels on YouTube for you in this post! This list has something for everyone, whether you’re fascinated by physics, fascinated by chemistry, or in awe of the wonders of astronomy. For each YouTube channel, we have included the type of topics and also one of the videos. This should help you quickly decide which channels are best for you. We hope you enjoy reading this article and find interesting YouTube channels to subscribe to.

Here is the list of the best YouTube channels for science class

The Amoeba Sisters Channel

This biology channel has been around for a while. The two sisters who produce it have developed the channel over the past 10 years, which is reflected in the style and sophistication of the animation. My students will notice which episodes are the oldest (the animation isn’t that well drawn), but the variety of videos is amazing.

Many of the videos also have associated worksheets that you can download and assign. Enjoy some time with Pinky and Petunia while teaching life sciences or genetics! They are constantly adding to the playlist and updating videos, so check back often. Kids will also enjoy a comic site from the same team.


The creator of Veritasium, Dr. Derek Muller, was the winner of the Streamy Award for Science and Education in 2017. The channel is brilliantly produced and will remind you of the types of content you can see on the Discovery channel. Derek’s channel focuses on offering Veritasium, or rather, in his words, “the element of truth” on a variety of scientific topics.

The channel captivates audiences with impressive experiments, exciting concepts, and brilliant presentations from Derek. Veritasium is a must-see YouTube channel that makes science more fun, easier for your students to understand, and engages their curious nature.

World Science Festival

The World Science Festival, as its founders describe it, features “long and short videos on almost all science-related topics, including physics, biology, the brain, robotics, medicine, space, engineering and earth. We bring together amazing minds in science and art to “Produce live and digital content that enables a wide audience to engage in scientific discovery.

Through discussions, debates, original films, lectures and intimate lounges, the World Science Festival takes science out of the lab and into the world.”


Like MinutePhysics, AsapScience uses fun and colorful doodles to delve into some of life’s most fascinating questions using science. The show answers questions like: What would happen if people disappeared? and Should we all eat bugs? It’s hard not to be tempted by some of these titles.

Each video provides such a good education that younger and less scientifically educated people should be able to understand it.

noggin of life

Pat and Ian, better known online as Life Noggin, is an American YouTube channel that educates people on multiple topics, primarily space, the human body, and even big questions. Each episode is usually 3-5 minutes long and focuses on one of the themes.

Since they are 3-5 minutes long, all videos get right to the point and answer a few secondary questions. They are all animated in a blocky style, but circles are still used when needed. The main character of this YouTube channel is called “Blocko”, and there are other characters. Sometimes there are cooperative videos with other YouTubers.


Hosted by the charming Hank Green, SciShow is your one stop shop dedicated to answering bizarre counterintuitive scientific questions. It’s the perfect channel for anyone interested in science, whether you’re an accomplished scientist or just naturally curious.

SciShow covers a wide variety of topics and the videos are packed with fun and entertaining visuals for viewers of all ages to enjoy. Some of our favorite videos on the channel include “How Do Pineapples Eat Us?”, “Unexpected Ways Scientists Use GPS” and “What If All Viruses Disappeared?” If you have a strange scientific question, SciShow may have an answer.


Part of TED Global whose mission is to spread great ideas, TED-Ed is an educational YouTube channel featuring a huge library of educational videos and animations created by a collaboration between educators and animators.

Some of the popular video content includes: Questions Nobody Knows The Answer To, The Infinity Hotel Paradox, What Is Depression, Why Do Women Have Periods, Why Do Cats Act So strange? Work and more.

periodic videos

Periodic videos fit easily into most middle and high school science courses and are great for chemistry courses. While the segments don’t teach kids the basics about chemical properties and atomic structure, you can find great add-ons here that help kids really understand what these substances are and how they’re useful. Show experiments you might not do in class, or show chemicals and equipment you just don’t have. Unfortunately, you’ll need to preview each video to judge the specific content and make sure it’s kid-friendly and classroom-appropriate.

Try to highlight one basic video per day like study groups and trends for kids. If your students are creating group reports on items, have them watch videos to find the most interesting one-minute clips to share. High school teams will love the unexpected connections between geography and chemistry: head to Australia on the spot to learn about methane and kangaroos, or to the sandy beaches of Brazil to learn about hidden xenon.

Minute Physics

This YouTube channel was created by Henry Reich. Henry studied theoretical physics and mathematics at Grinnell College and received a master’s degree from the Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics. Henry’s next adventure put him on the path to becoming a VFX artist for a YouTube channel called Freddie Wong, which launched his career as a professional YouTuber.

Since then, Henry has received Nobel Prizes for his excellent YouTube content. He uses the shorter video format to explain science and physics topics to his viewers. Henry uses fast-paced hand-drawn doodles to follow the story of the explained concept, making it easy for students to follow the explanations, which are useful and engaging.

rober mark

Have you seen those awesome videos of Glitter Bomb getting revenge on the porch pirates? That’s Mark Rober’s great mind at work, and it’s great to see his channel. He studied mechanical engineering and worked for NASA JPL for almost ten years, and his background in engineering is what makes the videos on his channel so much fun.

In addition to the various Glitter Bomb videos (including this riveting video in which he took down phone scammers targeting the elderly), the channel offers a variety of playlists for things like DIY builds and inventions, science education, and world records. .

lab 360

Welcome to Lab360! The ultimate destination for the latest space news and space documentaries from the worlds of astronomy and astrophysics.

Stay up to date with all the current discoveries from NASA, the James Webb Space Telescope, along with easy-to-explain videos on black holes, asteroids, galaxies, planets, and more. You’ll also find a collection of easy-to-perform experiments that will feed the science enthusiast in you!


The channel was founded in 2010 by Michael Stevens and has since amassed one of the biggest followings of any science channel on YouTube. Michael has the ability to break down the most complex topics and ideas in an easy to understand way.

His videos are always captivating and he has featured a variety of famous people in his videos including Sir David Attenborough, Adam Savage, (Mythbusters) Chris Pratt and others. Vsauce is a video channel that entertains and inspires his students and exposes them to Michael’s unique curiosity and his view of his world.

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