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Block Contacts From Calling Your iPhone

This guide is about the How to Block Contacts From Calling Your iPhone. I will try my best so that you understand this guide very well. I hope you all like this guide How to Block Contacts From Calling Your iPhone.

You can prevent callers from contacting you on your iPhone, and not only block incoming calls, but all text messages or FaceTime communications. This is of course useful for so many reasons, whether it’s annoying or weird, and it’s easy to use.

One interesting thing to note about how iOS blocks callers is that it actually just sends the caller / contact to the voicemail box that doesn’t exist, and likewise their attempt to send texts and FaceTime companies just goes empty no matter what they’re not talking about. ‘ will not receive any notification about the user being blocked. Looks like they’re aiming for a black hole / dev / null and don’t even know what’s perfect for most purposes. If you’re unfamiliar with iOS’s built-in blocking feature, follow these steps.

How to block a caller / contact from iPhone

There are a few ways to start a contact block on iOS, the most popular way is to use the recent callers list on iPhone and add the number directly to the block like this:

  1. Open the Phone application and go to Recent
  2. Find the caller / contact you want to block and tap (i) the info button
  3. Scroll down the contacts window and find “Block this caller” at the bottom
  4. Tap Block this caller and confirm Block contact

Block contact calls and messages on iPhone

This adds a phone number or full contact card to your iOS block list, blocking all calls, text messages, iMessages, and FaceTime attempts from that user’s phone number, email, and / or Apple ID. This is really comprehensive, which makes it not only very thorough but also quite powerful if you really want to avoid a particular person.

As already mentioned, the blocked person will not be sent a confirmation that you have blocked them, from their point of view the calls will ring and the messages will be sent, they will just not go anywhere, as if the connection attempts are not taken into account.

Many users should find this useful, especially if your iPhone phone number was previously owned by someone else or if your phone number has been added to a list of marketers, persistent spammers, or other constantly annoying contact lists. Sure, you can just skip a call by muting the ringtone to mute it or sending the call to the right voicemail, but contact blocking works much better, especially when it extends beyond the Phone app and also blocks start-up attempts with FaceTime voice and video chat and SMS and iMessaging. Note with the last two connection attempts that the block will move to your other iCloud-based services with the same Apple ID, which means that a blocked contact on iPhone will also block that contact from sending messages to your Mac or iPad.

There are other ways to add contacts to your block list, but this is the simplest way. You can also do this through Contacts, FaceTime, or Messaging by searching for and retrieving a contact, and selecting the same Block Contacts option.

And of course, if you decide to unblock the caller, you can do it quickly too.

Block a contact on iPhone

The ability to block contacts directly was added as part of the iOS 7.0 overhaul, users using earlier versions of iOS have to use the old-fashioned method of making silent contact basically as a block list, a good workaround, but it works if you plan to ignore at least someone.

For desktop users, Mac users can also block certain iMessage users directly in OS X through the app.

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In this guide, I told you about the How to Block Contacts From Calling Your iPhone.

In this guide, I discuss about the How to Block Contacts From Calling Your iPhone, which is very helpful.

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