VersusBlueStacks vs GameLoop: a comparison for Android games

BlueStacks vs GameLoop: a comparison for Android games

The Android emulator Bluestacks lets users run Android apps and games on their computer. It makes a virtual Android environment on the computer, so users can install and use Android apps just like they would on a phone or tablet. Bluestacks has an easy-to-use interface, options for customization, and the ability to sync apps between mobile devices and computers.

Gameloop, which used to be called Tencent Gaming Buddy, is an Android emulator made for playing games. Tencent, the company that makes popular games like PUBG Mobile, is in charge of making it. Gameloop makes it easier to play Tencent games by adding features like key mapping, game-specific optimizations, and support for multiplayer games. It aims to make gaming PC more seamless and immersive by letting people play mobile games on a bigger screen with a keyboard and mouse.

BlueStacks vs GameLoop Comparison Table

Emulation PlatformAndroid emulatorAndroid emulator
PerformanceSmooth performance on most devicesOptimized for gaming performance
Supported GamesWide range of Android gamesFocus on mobile games, especially PUBG Mobile
CompatibilityCompatible with various games and appsPrimarily optimized for Tencent games
CustomizationOffers advanced settings and controlsLimited customization options
Multiplayer SupportSupports multiplayer gamingSupports multiplayer gaming
System RequirementsModerate system requirementsHigher system requirements
User InterfaceModern and user-friendly interfaceStreamlined gaming-focused interface
Additional FeaturesMulti-instance support and macrosAdditional game-specific optimizations
PriceFree to use with optional paid featuresFree to use
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Bluestacks vs Gameloop User Interface

Bluestacks vs Gameloop

Bluestacks has a modern interface that is easy to use. It has a clean, easy-to-understand layout with a menu that looks like a taskbar on the right. This makes it easy for users to get to different features and settings. The interface is made to look like a typical Android device, with a home screen, app drawer, and notification center. The interface can be moved around with a mouse or keyboard, and it feels like Android, so it’s easy for users to get used to it and use their favorite Android apps and games.

Gameloop, on the other hand, has a simple interface that is geared toward gaming. It puts the gaming experience first and gives users a place to play just games. The interface is made for gamers by having a simple layout that puts the focus on featured games, gaming news, and updates. Gameloop wants to give users a smooth and immersive gaming experience by making it easy to find their favorite games and start them right from the interface.

Bluestacks vs Gameloop Customization

Bluestacks has a lot of options for customization, so users can make their Android emulation experience their own. Users can change settings like screen resolution, DPI (dots per inch), how much CPU and RAM is used, and even simulate how a device works. Also, Bluestacks lets users install third-party apps and APK files, so they can change the way their emulator works by adding or changing software or games. Because of these customization options, Bluestacks is good for people who like to have a lot of control over their emulation settings and want to make the experience fit their needs.

Gameloop, on the other hand, doesn’t let you change things as much as Bluestacks does. Gameloop is a gaming-focused emulator that works best with certain games, especially those made by Tencent, like PUBG Mobile. Even though the emulator lets users change basic settings like resolution and control mapping, the customization options are more streamlined and focused on making the game run better rather than giving users a wide range of options.

Bluestacks vs Gameloop Performance

Bluestacks vs Gameloop

Bluestacks has a reputation for running smoothly on most devices. It uses advanced virtualization technology and hardware acceleration to speed up and improve the process of emulation. This makes the experience responsive and free of lag. Bluestacks can run a wide variety of Android games and apps, and it has options for customization that let users set how CPU and RAM resources are used based on their system specs. Overall, Bluestacks aims to provide reliable and fast performance so that Android emulation runs smoothly.

On the other hand, Gameloop is designed to improve gaming performance. It is made to make playing popular mobile games, especially ones made by Tencent like PUBG Mobile, a smooth and immersive experience. Gameloop is designed to make the most of the system’s resources and improve gaming performance. It does this by optimizing the emulator settings and putting the gaming workload at the top of the list. It aims to give you a better gaming experience by giving you high frame rates, less input latency, and better graphics.

Both Bluestacks and Gameloop’s performance can be affected by things like the system specs of the host device, the complexity of the game being emulated, and the efforts of the software developers to make the software run as well as possible. Users may have different experiences depending on their setup and needs.

Bluestacks: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Supports installation of third-party apps
  • Synchronization between mobile and computer devices


  • May require higher system requirements
  • Some compatibility issues with certain games or apps
  • Updates and support may vary in frequency and quality

Gameloop: Pros and Cons


  • Optimized for gaming performance
  • Dedicated support for Tencent games
  • Streamlined gaming-focused interface
  • Key mapping and game-specific optimizations


  • Limited focus on general Android app compatibility
  • Less customization options compared to other emulators
  • Updates and support may prioritize Tencent games over others
  • Higher system requirements for optimal performance

Which one should you consider?

Both Bluestacks and Gameloop are used for different things and meet the needs of different users. Bluestacks is a platform that lets you run Android apps on your computer. It has an easy-to-use interface, a lot of customization options, and can run a wide range of Android apps. It is good for people who want to emulate Android in a flexible way and run different apps on their computer.

On the other hand, Gameloop is designed to work well with games, especially Tencent games like PUBG Mobile. It has a simplified interface for gaming, game-specific optimizations, and support for multiplayer. Gameloop is great for people who want to play Tencent games on a PC with the best performance possible. The choice between Bluestacks and Gameloop depends on the user’s preferences, such as whether they want a versatile Android emulation experience (Bluestacks) or a dedicated gaming experience with optimized performance for Tencent games (Gameloop).


Which is better than GameLoop?

BlueStacks App Player is one of the best ways to run your favorite mobile apps and games on a PC or Mac in full screen and for free in your browser. NoxPlayer is a free program that lets you run Android apps and games on your Windows or Mac computer.

Is Tencent emulator better than BlueStacks?

The one that is better is Tencent Gaming Buddy. Because it was made to work with PUBG Mobile. When you play with BlueStacks, both the emulator and the game will be running at the same time, which will use up more CPU resources. The game runs slower than on Tencent Gaming Buddy because of this.

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