VersusBrainHQ vs Lumosity: which brain training app is best for you?

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: which brain training app is best for you?

Posit Science made BrainHQ, which is a platform for training your brain. It has a variety of exercises that are designed to improve skills like memory, attention, and speed of processing. BrainHQ is based on scientific research and gives users personalized training programs and keeps track of their progress to help them get smarter.

Lumosity is a platform for training your brain that has a number of games and challenges for your mind. Lumosity was made by researchers and game designers to help improve cognitive skills through fun and interesting activities. It keeps track of how well each user does and gives personalized training suggestions based on each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity Comparison Table

FocusCognitive training for overall brain healthBrain games and exercises for mental fitness
FeaturesTargeted exercises, personalized trainingVarious brain games and challenges
Scientific BasisDeveloped by neuroscientists at Posit ScienceDeveloped by researchers and game designers
Training AreasMemory, attention, processing speed, and moreMemory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving
Progress TrackingDetailed progress reports and insightsPersonalized training recommendations
Mobile AppAvailable for iOS and Android devicesAvailable for iOS and Android devices
SubscriptionSubscription-based with monthly or annual plansSubscription-based with monthly or annual plans
User ReviewsGenerally positive reviews for effectivenessMixed reviews on game variety and effectiveness
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: User interface

Brainhq vs Lumosity

The user interface of BrainHQ is made to be simple and easy to use. It has a clean and easy-to-use layout that makes it easy for users to move between exercises and training modules. The platform gives users a personalized dashboard where they can see their training history, track their progress, and access different training programs. The exercises are presented in an easy-to-understand way, which makes it easy for users to understand and participate in the training.

Lumosity also has an easy-to-use interface that focuses on making the experience fun and interactive. The design of the platform is appealing to the eye, with bright colors and game-like elements. Users can easily move from one game or challenge to another, keep track of their performance, and see how they’re doing over time. Lumosity also gives suggestions for personalized training based on how well the user is doing and what his or her goals are.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Features

Both the brain training platforms BrainHQ and Lumosity provide a variety of ways to enhance cognitive abilities and keep your mind in shape. In order to enhance various types of thinking abilities, BrainHQ focuses on providing targeted exercises. The platform has a lot of exercises that are meant to help improve memory, attention, processing speed, and other mental skills. Neuroscientists at Posit Science came up with these exercises, which are backed by research.

BrainHQ also has customized training programs that change based on how the user is doing and give each person a unique experience. On the other hand, Lumosity has a variety of brain games and challenges that work on different parts of the brain. The platform has exercises that can help you improve your memory, focus, flexibility, ability to solve problems, and other cognitive skills.

Researchers and game designers work together to make Lumosity’s games fun and interesting ways to train. The platform keeps track of how well the user does and makes suggestions for personalized training based on what they do well and what they need to work on.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Performance

Brainhq vs Lumosity

Both BrainHQ and Lumosity want to help you improve your performance, but their ways of doing so may be a little bit different. Posit Science’s neuroscientists made BrainHQ, and the exercises in it are based on scientific research. The platform’s main goal is to give specific exercises that are meant to improve certain cognitive skills. Users can expect a structured and evidence-based approach to brain training, with exercises designed to improve memory, attention, processing speed, and more. BrainHQ’s focus on personalized training programs lets users track their progress and change the training to fit their needs.

Lumosity, on the other hand, has a collection of games and challenges for the brain that are meant to improve different kinds of thinking. Even though scientific research is also used to make games for Lumosity, the platform focuses more on making games that are fun and interesting. The games are made to be fun and interactive so that users will stay interested and entertained while their brains are being trained.

Both BrainHQ and Lumosity have gotten good reviews from their users about how well they help improve cognitive skills. But the specific results and outcomes may be different for each person because of things like their level of dedication, consistency, and cognitive abilities before brain training.

BrainHQ: Pros and Cons


  • Targeted exercises backed by scientific research
  • Personalized training programs
  • Tracks user progress for effective cognitive improvement


  • Interface and design may not be as visually engaging as Lumosity
  • Limited game-like elements

Lumosity: Pros and Cons


  • Engaging and enjoyable brain games
  • Personalized training recommendations
  • Tracks user performance for progress monitoring


  • Less emphasis on targeted exercises backed by scientific research
  • Limited exercises for specific cognitive functions

Which one should you consider?

BrainHQ and Lumosity are both well-known brain training sites that aim to improve mental fitness and cognitive skills. BrainHQ gives you exercises that are based on scientific research, and Lumosity has a bunch of fun brain games. Which one you choose depends on your own preferences, since BrainHQ is more about personalized training and Lumosity is more about fun games.


Is BrainHQ effective?

Memory tests that are widely used and accepted by doctors, called “gold standard” tests, showed that the BrainHQ exercises do improve memory in general.

How much does BrainHQ cost?

You don’t have to pay anything to use the first level of some BrainHQ exercises. You can use them whenever you want for as long as you want. But if you want to use all of BrainHQ’s exercises and get all of its benefits, you can pay $14 per month or $96 per year.

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