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ArticleVersusBrevo vs MailerLite: which one is right for you?

Brevo vs MailerLite: which one is right for you?

Brevo provides access control; MailerLite manages email campaigns.

Brevo and MailerLite both help businesses with important but different tasks. Brevo is an expert in access control solutions, which are a key part of keeping physical places safe and secure. You can’t say enough about how important these systems are, especially in modern businesses where controlled entry is necessary for safety and efficiency. Brevo’s technology gives organizations the ability to easily control and monitor access, which improves security and streamlines operations.

On the other hand, MailerLite is an important part of digital marketing because it is an easy-to-use and effective email marketing tool. In the digital age we live in now, it’s important for business growth and customer engagement to keep in touch with customers through email marketing. MailerLite lets businesses make, automate, and examine email campaigns. This helps build relationships with customers and get more sales.

Brevo vs MailerLite Comparison table

This table is a summary of the differences between Brevo and MailerLite. Brevo is an advanced email marketing service that focuses on automation, segmentation, and customizable themes. MailerLite, on the other hand, is great for small to medium-sized businesses because of its user-friendly design, low price, and high email deliverability.

PricingCustom pricing based on business needs.Free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. Various paid plans available.
Email Marketing✔️ Advanced email marketing tools.✔️ Email marketing campaigns and automation.
Automation✔️ Workflow automation.✔️ Automation workflows for email campaigns.
Segmentation✔️ Advanced list segmentation.✔️ Segmentation for targeted email campaigns.
Templates✔️ Customizable email templates.✔️ Pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop editor.
A/B Testing✔️ A/B testing for email optimization.✔️ A/B split testing for campaign improvement.
Reporting & Analytics✔️ In-depth analytics and reporting.✔️ Email campaign performance tracking.
Signup Forms✔️ Customizable signup forms.✔️ Easy-to-create and embeddable signup forms.
Landing Pages✔️ Create and host landing pages.✔️ Landing page builder with templates.
CRM Integration✔️ Integrates with various CRMs.✔️ Integrates with popular CRMs like HubSpot.
E-commerce Integration✔️ Supports e-commerce platforms.✔️ E-commerce integrations for online stores.
Delivery & DeliverabilityHigh deliverability rates.Strong focus on email deliverability.
Customer Support✔️ Customer support via phone and email.✔️ Email and chat support.
User-Friendly Interface✔️ Intuitive and user-friendly interface.✔️ User-friendly with a minimalistic design.
Free Plan Available❌ No free plan.✔️ Free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers.
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Brevo vs MailerLite: Ease of Use

Brevo vs MailerLite

Both Brevo and MailerLite are good, but MailerLite is easier to use. Both systems have a drag-and-drop email editor, but the editor on MailerLite is easier to use. It’s easy to add and change things, and the design as a whole is better.

Another thing I like about MailerLite is how easy it is to get started. When you sign up for the first time, you go through a step-by-step guide that shows you how to make and send an email campaign. Even if you’re new to email marketing, this is a great way to get up and running quickly.

InterfaceIntuitive, but not as user-friendly as MailerLite’sVery intuitive and easy to navigate
Email editorUser-friendly, but not as powerful as MailerLite’sVery user-friendly and powerful, with a wide variety of templates and elements to choose from
Onboarding processComprehensive, but not as comprehensive as MailerLite’sVery comprehensive, with step-by-step instructions on how to get started with all of the basics
Overall ease of useGoodExcellent

Brevo’s training process is also good, but it’s not as thorough as MailerLite’s. Brevo has a few more tools than MailerLite, which can make it harder for new users to figure out.

Overall, I think MailerLite is easier to use, especially for people who are just starting out. It is easier to use and has a more thorough process for getting started.

Brevo vs MailerLite: Email Deliverability

I’ve used both Brevo and MailerLite in the past, and I’ve found that they both have good reach rates. But I’ve found that Brevo’s delivery is a little bit better all around.

The consistency of Brevo’s delivery is one of the things I like about it. My emails have never gone to spam or not been served at all. I’ve also found that Brevo’s deliverability is good with Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, among other email sources. Brevo uses a number of methods to make sure that your emails get to the inboxes of your subscribers, such as:

  • 🔍 IP allowlisting: Major ISPs have Brevo’s IP addresses on their allowlists, which makes it more possible that your emails will get to the inbox.
  • 🛡️ Reputation Management: Brevo keeps an eye on your name as an email sender and does things to protect it.
  • 📧 Email Authentication: Brevo works with all of the major email authentication methods, so your emails won’t be marked as spam.

Deliverability is also good with MailerLite, but I’ve found that it depends on the email service. When I use MailerLite, I have had a few emails go to spam, but this doesn’t happen very often.

Overall, I’m happy with how well both Brevo and MailerLite send my emails. But if you want the absolute best delivery, I would suggest Brevo.

Brevo vs MailerLite: Integration Options

Brevo vs MailerLite

I’ve used both Brevo and MailerLite, and Brevo has more ways to connect with other apps. For instance, Brevo works with Zapier, so you can connect it to more than 2,000 other apps and services. This makes it easy to automate your marketing jobs, like adding new subscribers to your list when someone visits your website or makes a purchase.

MailerLite also works with Zapier, but it doesn’t have as many native links as Zapier. This means that you might need a third-party tool to connect MailerLite to some of the apps and services you use.

PlatformE-commerce integrationsCRM integrationsWeb service integrations
BrevoAll major platformsSalesforce, HubSpot, and othersZapier, Integromat, and others
MailerLiteAll major platforms, plus some lesser-known onesSalesforce and HubSpotZapier, Integromat, and others

I used Zapier to connect Brevo to my CRM so I could track how people interacted with my emails and do follow-up chores automatically. For example, I made a Zap that sends a follow-up email to users who haven’t opened an email in two weeks. This helped me get more people to open and click on my emails.

I was also able to track how well my email ads did by using Brevo’s built-in integration with Google Analytics. This showed me which tactics were working well and which ones needed to be changed. I was able to make better email ads and get better results because of this.

Brevo: Pros and Cons


  • Advanced email marketing features.
  • Robust workflow automation.
  • Customizable templates and forms.


  • May have a steeper learning curve.

MailerLite: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Affordable pricing, including a free plan.
  • Strong focus on email deliverability.


  • Limited integration options.

Brevo vs MailerLite: which one should you consider?

When deciding between Brevo and MailerLite, you should base your choice on your wants and priorities. Brevo is great at things like IP allowlisting, where the IP addresses of big ISPs are on allowlists. This makes it more likely that your emails will get to people’s inboxes. It is also great at managing your image and protecting your sender reputation.

On the other hand, MailerLite is great for small and medium-sized businesses because it is easy to use, has great email marketing features, and is priced competitively. In the end, you should choose between these two platforms based on your budget, your technical needs, and how important email delivery is to your marketing strategy.


Is MailerLite any good?

MailerLite is one of the best and easiest to use email marketing programs. It lets you make newsletters, build websites and landing pages, and sell products through e-commerce. Since the features go beyond email marketing, users can collect data from all channels and send emails that are more specific.

How much does Brevo cost?

Brevo’s new price plans start with the $25/month Starter Plan, which gives you 20,000 emails per month. The Business Plan starts at $65 per month for 20K emails and gives you more advanced tools, unlimited marketing automation, and landing pages. There is also a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per day.

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