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Buy: Jabra Elite 7 Pro in just $99.99 at Best Buy

Jabra continues its relentless quest for the perfect pair of true wireless earbuds with the Elite 7 Pro and its sporty companion, the Elite 7 Active. The 7 series takes the reins from the Elite 85t, but at a slightly more affordable price. These earphones were designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The compact charging case is a time saver, and the lightweight, molded earbuds almost feel like they disappear when worn. Still, the build quality feels relatively solid.

In Jabra’s MySound+ companion app, users will find a comprehensive set of controls and adjustments that allow them to tune noise cancellation and ambient sounds. Right out of the box, the Elite 7 Pro produces a muffled sound with dominant bass and mids, but you can adjust this with the app’s equalizer. The ANC feature is decent on these earphones, but can’t keep up with the competition in higher price ranges.

Call quality, on the other hand, is excellent thanks to an array of four microphones combined with bone conduction sensors. Battery life is particularly solid despite the small size, with 30 hours of total playback time with ANC enabled. The Elite 7 series uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard, although support for high-resolution codecs is lacking and Bluetooth multipoint support is due to be added in January 2022.

Their light weight and curved shape fit comfortably and securely in our ears. According to Jabra, the internal shape of the earbuds was developed using data from “62,000 ear scans. Included are three pairs of ear tips in different sizes to further enhance the fit. All three color options are relatively subtle and classy.

The case and earbuds feature minimal decoration or markings, aside from the Jabra logo and a subtle two-tone accent that sets the buttons apart from the case. As for the audio profile, the sound is heavily scooped while being overpowering and sometimes boomy in the bass frequencies, while being boosted and occasionally brittle in the upper treble: all of which reduces the clarity of the mids.

Noise cancellation is in line with the general audio offering, i.e. it is good and very usable, but not the best. While static noise is suppressed quite well, sporadic noise is not filtered too much and the end result is a considerable reduction of unwanted noise, but no elimination.

George Southwell
George Southwell
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